What do we generally do when we need to transcribe a document? We go to Google Translate or other online translation tools, upload the document and get the translated version back. What happens when you rely on these very tools to translate medical documents? The results can be catastrophic. This is because online translation tools are only fit for light translation say understanding words spoken in a foreign land. The biggest drawback with automated translation is that it comes without any quality control, resulting in vague, unnatural and off the mark translation. So relying on these tools for translating medical documents can lead to disastrous outcomes. Instead, opting for a partner with rich experience in transcriptions can benefit you in many ways. But the crux of the problem lies in choosing the right partner. Certain attributes can help you find the best partner. These include:

1. Experience: Make sure that the medical transcription service provider you are considering has extensive experience in the field. After all, you deserve to feel confident that you’ll be getting high-quality translations at all times, and you can ensure this by not being associating with a partner who has little exposure to the field. Experienced transcription service providers always employ certified transcriptionist, which means you can rest assured about the quality of deliverance.

2. Turn-around Time: Generally medical transcription service providers offer turnaround time that is in the range of 24 hours to their clients; while there are others who provide medical transcriptions in even lesser time, but with some additional charges. Do bear in mind that shorter turnaround time does not always translate into quality transcripts and select the one that suits your needs, rather than opting for the one with the shortest turnaround time and lowest price.

3. Billing Methods: This is arguably the most puzzling aspects of outsourcing medical transcription and the reason is quite simple – the variety of options. Some charge by the line, defining a line as a fixed number of characters or keystrokes, while others charge based on the number of physical lines or the number of words in a document. Experts’ advice you to assess all the option and select the one that best meets your needs.

4. Electronic Records Compatibility: Documentation in electronic format has been made mandatory by the government. Hence a good partner will always adheres to this regulatory need.

5. Hidden Costs: A reliable medical transcription service provider will never charge extra fees or have hidden costs. Find out if he is making you pay anything extra other than the quoted cost-per-line rate for any service. If not, you can trust him blindly.

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