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MedBillingExperts is a leader in providing comprehensive third-party mental health billing outsourcing services. Our robust revenue collection process has helped several mental health service providers maximize their revenue potential in the short turnaround time.

We have a team dedicated to mental health medical billing services. We house the industry best mental health coders and billers who are specifically trained to offer cutting edge data-driven solutions to improve your revenue generation. Our team consists of experienced professionals, including former mental health practitioners, who understand the business challenges of mental health practices. We leverage this experience to develop customized billing solutions for your needs, thereby making it easy for you to meet the end objective of minimized accounts receivable days, reduced denials, and optimized collection results.

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We Help
to Submit
Cleaner Claims.

  • Get all the necessary patient details before contacting the insurer. These details include insurance coverage, address, contact number, SSN, and others
  • Electronically submit all the claims. Every file is audited to identify and fix any error before their submission
  • Continuously track the status of the submitted claims and do follow ups to ensure the payments are made on time
  • Keep services compliant with the 4 distinct categories of mental health CPT code and HBAI codes
  • Guide physicians to bill services as psychotherapy, consultations and psychiatric diagnostic interviews that are typically charged at a lower rate

Our Complete Mental Health Billing Process Flow

Information Collection

The process begins with collecting patient information and their insurance coverage details for clean claims submission

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Verification of the policy details for inclusions and exclusions and confirming the same with carrier

Medical Coding

Coding is done based on the four distinct divisions of mental health CPT codes to clearly outline the ailment and the medical approach


Charge Entry

All the mental health CPT codes are thoroughly mapped with the medical services given to a patient. This helps to appropriately enter the charges for the services

Submission of Claims

The detailed claim documentation is submitted following all the processing guidelines set forth by the patient’s insurer



Mental Health Billing Services We Specialize in Include

Our dental mental health billing services helps you to make your mental health billing more streamlined and better managed:

Claims Processing

We start our process by gathering critical patient data like patient demography and insurance coverage details. We organize the document in accordance with the insurer’s standard practice. This ensures accurate documentation and also determines the active status of the insurance coverage. We provide information on co-insurance, co-payment, and deductibles. We back up our data transaction with robust network security protocols. Our team of experts track aging reports, revenue cycle, and other relevant KPIs to ensure seamless billing. We also support automatic crossover and secondary claims filing.

mental health billing claim processing
mental health billing service payment posting

Payment Posting

We track all the invoiced charges that patients owe to a psychiatric consultant. After receiving the service reimbursements from the patients and the insurer, we post the payment on your medical billing system for claims reconciliation. Following this, all the necessary payment adjustments and transfers are made to the secondary payers. Our efficient payment posting solution ensures that all the collectibles in the billing system are tracked. The stored payment details can be accessed any time for future reference.

Follow-up and Claim Appeals

Instances of a partial payment or a delay is quite common, but we help you avert it. We constantly follow up with insurers to inquire about the claim status. Upon finding the reason for denial, our AR specialists help you file a claim appeal. Our experts provide you updates constantly on every stage of the submitted claims and denied claim files. This unburdens your practice from the worry of getting a full reimbursement for the services you have provided.

mental health billing follow up and claim appeals
mental health billing patients benefits verification

Patients’ Benefits Verification

Prior to a patient’s visit, we communicate with insurance providers to check the status of the patients’ coverage. We tally the coverage information provided by patients to the data provided by insurers to determine the coverage validity. This also helps us to understand the kind of services that are covered. We then communicate the list of benefits to the mental healthcare providers to help customize a health plan as per the benefits. Out of pocket expenses, visit limits, deductibles, and other such details are conveyed to the patient before they visit. This helps them avoid any surprise fee in the invoice.

Patient Billing

We send out invoices on our client’s behalf to patients through direct mail or an email. We update them about the bills over a call and even resolve queries related to their account and billing. Our team send out payment reminders routinely to patients who delay on payment. We send dunning letters requesting them to clear all the dues through our referred licensed collection agency approved by you.

mental health billing patient billing
mental health billing digital data management

Digital Data Management

Our digital data management service helps mental health service providers to access and track all the unresolved claims, payment balances, and financial reports anytime and anywhere. In case you are too busy to communicate about these data over an email, we facilitate you with a secure access to our digital system. You can access and view all the KPIs within a single dashboard.

Reporting and analysis

We create multiple reports after the completion of a monthly billing cycle. These reports enlist total payments received and charges for an entire year till date. These reports can be leveraged to determine and analyze payment trends. This will help you to identify areas in your service plan that can be improved to maximize revenue generation.

Review Denial Decisions

Our Specialties

Why Are We Considered an Industry Authority in Mental Health Billing Service?

Mental health code experts

Our coding experts ensure that every psychotherapy code used is based on the amount of time spend with patients or their families.

Regular Training

We train our employees routinely on the dos and don’ts of using unspecified diagnosis codes.

Controlling code specificity

Our coding experts ensure that the usage of specific codes like 90837/ 99215/ 90853 matches with an insurer’s usage of procedure technology codes.

Help completing a treatment plan

We help bringing completeness in a treatment plan that must include patients’ mental health progress notes and their long-term treatment plan

Easy Data Access

Your customers can check the status of the unpaid claims, balances, or financial reports through our online system 24/7.

High Quality Customer Service

We answer all medical health billing related queries by phone or mail. Our skilled professionals are available round-the-clock to assist your patients.

Compliance to regulations

Our team stays updated with new regulations, coding changes such as the new ICD-10-CM updates, and insurance requirements.

Robust Data Security

We use secure servers and FTP to download and transfer patient data. The data files are protected with clear text passwords that can be accessed only by authorized users.

Superior technology

We use state-of-the-art VPN technology, power backup, intrusion detection technology, built-in IT redundancies, autonomous Internet Leased Circuits, and many more.

How Do We Make Your Mental Health Billing Services More Efficient?

Thorough Claim Auditing

Our audit team ensure that a claim document has unspecified diagnostic codes only to denote conditions like substance abuse and depression.

Proper claim file review

We will help you review your claim file documentation to avert any error and ensure a 100% reimbursement on time.

Issue patient statements

Patient statements comprise the payment method and our contact number which a patient can directly dial in case of any medical health billing-related queries.

Know What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Troy Robinson Director of Operations, Psychiatric Consultation Clinic, Boston

"Our previous experience with a third-party billing services vendor was far from being satisfactory. Communication was the biggest issue. We missed important updates on our claim status. Overcoming our initial inhibition, we availed Mental health billing services from MedBillingExperts. Since then, our journey had been extremely valuable for our accounts and our operation. They exhibited proactivity in following with our claim status and chasing after late payers to clear their dues on time. This helped our core medical team to take their head out of the administrative tasks and focus on medical care."



Stacy Stevenson Chairman, Mental Health Center, North Carolina

"It will not be an exaggeration to say that MedBillingExperts had turned around our entire mental health billing system. Their experts had handheld us through our billing system issues. Now we see better numbers in our collection and lesser account receivables. We have taken cues from their organized process flow to apply on our other administrative functions. Their constant help had unburdened our front-end staff from critical medical billing tasks and focus on what they are good at. We are looking for a long and an endearing partnership with MedBillingExperts."


Mental Health Billing Services Through Our Lens

Mental Health Billing Process

Our Process

Our Mental Health Billing Process

Our well-defined process flow helps mental health caregivers to file claims maintaining mental health codes specificity. Take a peek into our comprehensive mental health billing services.

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Meeting Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Verification Challenge

Case Studies

Our Comprehensive Mental Health Billing Services Helped Our Client Address Billing Related Complexities

Different coding conventions and instances of upcoding created several complexities for our client while filing claims for psychiatric services provided to patients. Our end-to-end mental health billing solutions helped our client to address these complexities and reduce the claim denial rate. Read this case study to know more.


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