Insurance Verification in Medical Billing

Reduce Ineligibility, Improve Cash Flow

Insurance Eligibility Verification Made Accurate and Fast

MedBillingExperts has over 13 years of experience in helping healthcare practices reduce their accounts receivable cycle and increase revenue. We have primarily achieved this by blending our domain expertise with advanced functioning methodologies to keep non-payment, rework, delayed payments and ineligibility at bay.

While our experience in insurance eligibility and benefits verification insulates you from costly write-offs and denials, our superior process workflow reduces your time to generate clean claims. In addition, our expert insights can help you drive top-line growth thus enabling you meet market demands and customer satisfaction hand in hand.

What will MedBillingExperts’ team do for you?

  • Ensure benefits for all patients prior to submitting to the insurance company for approval
  • Verify patient information with the insurance carrier
  • Verify patients’ insurance coverage on all primary and secondary payers
  • Complete appropriate criteria sheets and authorization forms
  • Contact the insurance companies via phone, facsimile or online portal to obtain approval for your authorization request
  • Contact insurance agencies for appeals, missing information to ensure accurate billing

Explore Here Our Insurance Verification Services

Document Checking

All the documents that we receive from the healthcare organizations as well as the insurance providers are thoroughly analysed and verified against the list of the necessary documents. This process helps us to properly authenticate and organize the documents as per the needs of insurance companies.

Verifying Patient's Insurance Coverage

We check and validate the coverage details of individual patient with the primary as well as secondary payers either by contacting them directly or verifying via official online insurance portals.

Patient Follow-up

We are leverage all modes of communication to promptly contact the patient to seek details regarding additional, incorrect and missing information whenever required. This way we can keep a tab on all the information and cross-verify those details before the final submission.

Final Submission

Our final submission report covers complete benefit breakdown along with other crucial details related to member ID, group ID, start and end dates of the insurance coverage, co-pay information, and so on.

Other Related Services We Provide:

  • Obtain Pre- Authorization Number
  • Obtain referral from PCP
  • Enter/update Patient demographics
  • Remind patient of POS collection requirements
  • Inform client if there is an issue with coverage or Authorization
  • Medicaid Enrolment

Our Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

  • Receive schedules from healthcare organizations via fax, email or EDI
  • Verify coverage on all Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Payers via phone calls to Payers or through Payer Web Sites
  • Contact patient for additional information whenever required
  • Submit final report on insurance eligibility and benefit verification along with details related to:
    • Type of plan and coverage details
    • Medicare coverage
    • Payable benefits
    • Co-pays
    • Co-insurance
    • Deductibles
    • Patient policy status
    • Effective date
    • Plan exclusions
    • Health insurance caps
    • Out of network benefits
    • DME reimbursement

Why Outsource Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Services to MedBillingExperts?

Here are some of the benefits that you can reap, when you outsource insurance verification services to an expert offshore insurance verification company such as MedBillingExperts:

  • Up to 40% reduction on operating cost
  • Guaranteed 99.98% accurate verification services
  • 30% improvement in account receivable time
  • 30% quicker turnaround time
  • Complete insurance data security and 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Increased number of clean claims
  • Increase in cash collections by reducing write-offs and denials
  • Robust infrastructure

When you outsource insurance verification services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with an expert patient insurance verification company that is focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of your process.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing insurance verification services to MedBillingExperts.

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