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Our Kareo billing services enable you to streamline your billing and reimbursement processes by levering the multifaceted features of the Kareo medical software suite

Professional Kareo Billing Services Delivered by Kareo Experts

MedBillingExperts leverages the immense potential of Kareo, a feature rich medical billing software to enhance the efficiency of payments and claims for medical institutes and private practices. We provide a tailor made service that matches the needs of medical practices, irrespective of their specialty. Our expertise with the customization and implementation of customized billing processes using kareo has helped our clients make significant improvements in reducing denied claims and turnaround times of reimbursements.

The Scope of Our Kareo Billing Services

We provide a diverse range of services using the diverse features of the Kareo Billing Software. Here is what you get with our service

  • Fast onboarding process through customization of Kareo
  • Integration of Kareo medical billing software into existing business data
  • Data importing services to assist client with patient demographics and insurance list management
  • Integration of medical practices with insurers data
  • Personalization of Kareo features according to client medical billing needs

Some of the other aspects of our services as a global Kareo billing services are as follows:

  • Coverage with a wide variety of Insurance organizations including Medicare, Blue Shield, Medicaid and more
  • HIPAA compliant data security assurance
  • Close to 100% accuracy in medical coding and billing practices
  • Bespoke implementation of Kareo based on the needs of your organization

Our Kareo Billing Process

  • Step1 : Understanding of the operational structure of your medical billing process. We plan the implementation and support based your requirements
  • Step 2 : We customize the features and functionality of Kareo based on your patient check in and payment posting process. All features of the software are optimized for your organizational requirements
  • Step 3 : We receive all charges securely using FTP protocols. The charge entry process uploads billing information on Kareo
  • Step4 : We prepare claims on the billing software and submit them to the insurer. We closely monitor the progress of the claim
  • Step5 : Based on a pre-determined schedule, we follow up with the insurer for the payment. We complete payment posting and log updates on Kareo

How Kareo helps for Practice Management

Here are some reasons why our clients have chosen us as a premium Kareo billing services company:

Customized Billing Analytics

We leverage the statistical features of Kareo to provide you with analytics support for your billing process. We use features of the tool such as ‘easy-to-access’ reporting to improve the efficiency of your claims and bills

Dashboarding and Reporting Services

We create customized dashboards that include specific metrics based on your requirements. Our dashboard and reporting services will give you insights with claims management and streamlining your billing process


We provide complete accountability for the integrity of the information in your billing system. We bank on multi-tier verification and information validation to ensure close to 100% billing information accuracy.

Some Of the Other Benefits that You get Are:

  • Spot and eliminate lost or missed charges
  • Go paperless by streamlining your billing process and digitizing your electronic charting, patient scheduling, billing and reporting with Kareo
  • Manage your patient data and store your documents online
  • We provide your practice with an easy-to-access reporting and dashboard for easy understanding of the financial health of your billing service

Looking for an expert Kareo Billing services company to help you adopt the diverse functionality of Kareo? Outsource Kareo Billing Services to us for a comprehensive solution.

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