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Is your practice struggling to get the right teleradiology interpretative services because of lack of qualified staff or lack of specialty expertise? Is report consistency or turnaround time commitments still your top concerns? It’s time you stop this tradeoff for cost savings and settle for a bargain that promises you the best of both worlds, You should look for a teleradiology service whose service delivery in terms of quality and time is equivalent to or exceeds the service standards that you commit yourself to.

We at MBE deliver teleradiology reporting service with the help of key process flows, where every step is professionally monitored and validated. Our resilient workflow management is designed to guarantee complete and consistent information right from image reading to the reporting process, all within timely turnaround times.

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We Help You Overcome Common Teleradiology Challenges. Here’s How

  • Our services are divided into several key sub-process flows that help us monitor the end-to-end process from image reception to safe report submissions.
  • We rely on advanced software like BI for automated validation checks. This helps in improved data consistency, efficiency and communication.
  • A well-developed and stringent internal peer review process with dual review of examinations in real time
  • Complete utilization of QA Data for developing internal training material and carrying out quality audit checks.

Our Detailed
Teleradiology Processes Revealed

1Preliminary Reporting Services

Diagnostic Tests

Carry out diagnostic tests and required imaging at the hospital

Images Uploaded

Upload images into the PAC system

First Tier of Review

Diagnostic images are reviewed by a team of radiologists


Second Tier of Review

Junior radiologist evaluates and interprets images

Third Tier of Review

Senior radiologist evaluates the images and reviews the prior interpretation

Preliminary Report

Report containing final interpretation is emailed or submitted to PAC system

2Certified Reporting Services

Diagnostic Tests

Complete diagnostic tests and required imaging at diagnostic center or hospital

Images Uploaded

Upload images into the appropriate PAC system

Diagnostic Image Review

Diagnostic images are reviewed by a team of trained radiologists

First Tier of Review

Junior radiologist examines and interprets the diagnostic images

Second Tier of Review

Senior radiologist reads and verifies accuracy of prior interpretation

Third Tier of Review

Board Certified radiologist reviews the interpretation and signs off

Final Report

Generate final report and submit it to the PAC system

Final Report Distribution

End report is sent to the hospital or physician for final evaluation

Teleradiology Services We Specialize in Include

Ultrasound Medical Imaging

Our team of experts have considerable exposure to ultrasound imaging technology. We provide remote interpretation for radiographic images after validating our findings through a set of reviews. We ensure that the images are of the best quality and enable practitioners take treatment-specific decisions fast. Along with sharp medical imaging we provide accurate interpretations for every ultrasound image. Our clients leverage our ultrasound medical imaging services to ensure that treatments can be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Ultrasound Medical Imaging Services
Teleradiology Reporting

Certified Reporting

We help you generate certified reports that contain a thorough evaluation of anatomy and minute detailing of complex findings. This includes reporting on discrepancies and inconsistencies in the shortest possible time. Our experts are thoroughly trained in the interpretive and analytical skills of imaging investigations. We ensure accurate interpretations for all imaging modalities to improve patient care and boost patient satisfaction ratings. Our teleradiology services provides timely, actionable, and accurate reports of imaging investigations to optimize patients’ safety and care at all times.


We provide PACS services to electronically store medical images in the cloud to grant users quick access to patient reports and records, view and retrieve those images easily. This reduces the chances of image duplication. We also assist in the management and distribution of these images with proper archiving, storing, retrieving, and distribution of electronic radiological reports. Our PACS services leverage secured systems and networks to affordably store studies, electronic images, and reports acquired from diverse modalities and ensure 100% HIPAA compliance.

PACS services to electronically store medical images
certified radiologists

Second Opinions

Our team comprises of experts and board-certified radiologists from other teleradiology companies specializing in different imaging modalities. They leverage their experience to provide second opinion on critical reports so that critical findings and observations stand validated. Our second opinion services is designed to validate observations on particular condition or injury. Our clients have leveraged our second opinion services to make observations sound, arrive at correct diagnosis faster, and prevent unnecessary procedures and surgeries from being performed.

3D Rendering of Fractures

We provide 3D imaging of skeletal fractures to help you with acute fracture management. The digitized radiographic images are readied keeping in mind the need to assist doctors better visualize the orientation and magnitude of the fracture. We help medical practitioners get the most clear and accurate images of the fracture along with correct interpretations. At the same time, we ensure the 3D rendering of skeletal fractures is completed on time and in strict keeping with quality expectations.

3D imaging services
Clinical Annotations of medical images

Clinical Annotations

Our experts will accurately analyze medical images and provide supplemental information about an image that can be used to come a conclusive decision. With this service we reinforce coordination, and awareness. Our experience in processing and analysing patient images will help you get annotations faster than you expect. At the same time, we ensure accuracy through multi-tier quality analysis. Our clients have fallen back on the supplemental information to expedite treatments and improve outcomes.

Our Specialties

Why We Are the Market Leader in Teleradiology Services

Sophisticated Technology Capabilities

Highly advanced communication and image transfer systems with state-of-the-art equipment

Extensive Training

Training physicians involved in studying images to meet the specific preferences of teleradiologists

Rigorous Quality Audits

Involve all physicians associated with imaging interpretations in regular quality audit process including report documentation

Accurate Validation

Reliance on proper validation checklist (missing images, insufficient visibility, etc.) for faster detection of incomplete requests and decreased overall turnaround time

Extensive Security Measures

Well-developed policies for protecting medical information. Use of firewalls and secure transmission modes for communication such as VPN, SSL and encryption techniques

Enhanced Compliance

Rigid documentation protocols to meet HIPAA and ACR requirements

Read Our Clients Latest Reviews

Jennifer Pitts CEO, Imaging Technology Healthcare Facility, Delaware

"As a medical imaging firm, we were striving to meet growing market demands of a reduced turnaround - 1 hour to 15 minutes. MedBillingExperts’ efficient RIS/PACS solution with closely integrated tools such as speech, intelligent display protocols and other clinical applications enabled this for us. Their service helped us increase billing efficiency by 50% in the process."

Bryan Kaufman Manager of Clinical Imaging, Medical Imaging Healthcare Firm, Florida

"We needed a partner to help us eliminate all our medical imaging backlogs. We hired MedBillingExperts because we were impressed by their systems to efficiently organize and share images, teaching files, and reference case information. Their workflow helped us save 60% of our time, which translated into huge cost savings."

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Teleradiology Process

Our Process

The Teleradiology Process We Follow

We follow a strict process to guarantee error-free teleradiology solutions. Follow the diagram to know what makes our process fool-proof.

Our Process
Teleradiology Services are Growing in Prominence


Why Teleradiology Services Are Growing in Prominence

If you thought teleradiology is popular because of cost savings, you are wrong. The benefits of outsourcing far outweigh the cost factor.

Key Attributes to Look for in a Teleradiology Service Provider


Key Attributes to Look for in a Teleradiology Service Provider?

Key attributes of leading teleradiology service providers range from meager discrepancy rates to customizable solutions that deliver results based on the way you administer care. Read more to understand why these attributes are critical.

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We Helped a Medical Imaging Firm Cut Turnaround Times to Less Than 24 hours

Case Study

We Helped a Medical Imaging Firm Cut Turnaround Times to Less Than 24 hours

A California-based medical imaging company needed to reduce their turnaround times to less than 24 hours to get rid of their massive backlogs. With our assistance they met their objective and even cut costs by 40%.

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FAQ’s on Teleradiology

MedBillingExperts teleradiology services involve the international standard interpretation and reporting of images of all modalities by a board-certified radiologist from one location to another. We provide emergency case reporting, second opinions, sub-speciality radiologists, and strong data analytics support for our clients.

Usually, we can start providing teleradiology services in as little as 2 days from the day you sign the contract with MedBillingExperts. However, the actual timeframe will vary on your individual circumstances and credentialing requirements, as well as how soon you can get the contract signed.

Firstly, our teleradiology experts will review the implementation process and then conduct a technical evaluation to install all the software and hardware that is required. Our client is then briefed on how to order reports before the process goes live.

No. The agreements we sign with our clients are simple and straightforward and only require a 30-day notice period to call off the services prematurely.

Our services are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and our systems, infrastructures, and processes are all designed to ensure complete data security and confidentiality for our clients.

The reporting radiologists can communicate with the referring physicians through a multitude of convenient ways, including via a toll-free number or by email. You can rest assure that someone will get back to you within a few hours if you send an email.

You may send your studies in many ways. One way would be to send your files through your PACS using a remote login or we can help you with our PACS (called ERADS) which is easy to use.

We offer our reporting expertise in subspecialties such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, US, nuclear medicine, to name a few modalities.

For the most part, emergency and STAT reporting involves a Turnaround Time (TAT) of less than 90 minutes. For special cases, the TAT would be that which was agreed upon with the client when signing the service contract.

Yes. We send preliminary reports automatically, however. If they are requested, we can email them to the client immediately, whether the case happens to be urgent or not.

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