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Streamlining Demographic and Charge Entry Process

The Client

A renowned specialty care service provider located in Georgia, USA



Managing patient demographic proved to be a complex task for a growing number of reasons. The client had to tackle issues like:

  • Wrong entries due to transcription and transposition errors
  • Duplicate entries
  • Differently stored patient demographics in diverse applications
  • Continuously changing patient data such as address, phone numbers, expired patients, marital status, insurance coverage etc.
All these made the demographic and charge entry process slow and error-prone.


Challenge :

Transforming an immature process into a streamlined one was a steep task. The foremost challenges were to

  • Identify outdated, incomplete, and incorrect data
  • Evaluate the extent to which the mistakes of one area had spread to other parts of the organization.
  • Tailor a reliable technique to capture and update patient demographic profiles.


To address problems in specific workflows settings we did the following:

  • Compare the existing data with nationwide refreshed data
  • Rectify errors, fill gaps and correct outdated demographics
  • Cross-check for errors across different parts of the client’s health system

Once these were addressed, we developed a customized solution to enable the client periodically scan patient registries and master indexes for duplicate records and data problems.


With the help of our services the client was able to bring about the following changes to their demographic and charge entry process:

  • Simplify the demographic entry workflow
  • Correct flawed entries with up-to-date matching with refreshed data
  • Reduce returned claims with accurate processing of insurance information
  • Improve collections and payments
  • Reduce risk levels
  • Lower stress level for employees

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