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In-depth knowledge about insurance payers' policies and dynamic governing guidelines is key to an effective ASC billing practice. MedBillingExperts has over a decade of experience of tendering holistic ambulatory surgery center coding, billing, and other high-value ambulatory surgical centers services. Our core team comprises medical billing specialists who have received certification from the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) and are experienced with ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems. They have executed ASC billing services while negotiating varying insurance policies and multiple guidelines controlling out of network, and contracted insurance payers.

As a leading ASC billing company, we bank on expert and experienced ASC billers to provide cutting edge ASC medical billing services. We leverage advanced software to automate certain aspects of billing processes. This enables us to streamline workflows and minimize coding errors. As a result, we guarantee our clients 100% reimbursement on ASC bills.

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Our Robust
ASC Billing Services
Enhance Your Revenue Cycle Performance.
Here's How:

  • Leverage modern IT solution to collect accurate financial data in the front end. Such data include physician activity, service mix, surgical implant usage, and others
  • Routine follow up on ASC billing claims and ensure claims are billed within timely filling limits. Ensure that all the reimbursed claim amounts match with the amount mentioned in the contract
  • Use electronic payment solutions such as Electronic Remittance Advice and Electronic Funds Transfer to ensure accelerated reimbursements
  • Ensure that account receivables (AR) pile up does not cross 15%. In case it does, prompt and corrective measures are taken to update ARs
  • Keep a track and learn from denial reasons. Apply these lessons to educate ASC medical coding and billing staffs to ensure that such errors are not repeated

The Complete ASC Medical Billing Services Process That We Follow

Requirement Analysis

Evaluate clients’ revenue cycle performance, AR status, and other financial records to understand their challenges


Develop a team of ASC billing experts, assign them to the client, and create a deadline to complete all billing tasks


Billing Data Validation

Assign quality control team equipped with advanced software to validate correctness of billing data

Dispatch Report

Generate and send detailed reports to clients that summarize all billing tasks undertaken till date


ASC Billing Services We Specialize in

Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

As a prominent ASC billing company, we routinely evaluate your fee schedule. We do this to ensure that the amount sent to insurers matches the permitted limits. Our team tallies CMS defined reimbursement limits with your fee schedule to determine if your fees are in alignment with other ASCs. An effective fee schedule review is essential to optimize your revenue cycle. We review and amend all insurance contracts to increase claims reimbursement in a cost-effective way.

asc fee schedule review and analysis
asc insurance eligibility verification

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our team verifies a patient's eligibility for insurance coverage via phone, facsimile, or online portal prior to their visit to a provider’s location. This is to ensure that all the visiting patients have a valid insurance coverage and are thereby, eligible for ASC services. Our team also ensures the authenticity of their coverage. We do this by tallying coverage details provided by patients with the details taken from the insurance carrier.

Claim Submission

We are a leading ASC billing company with a proven track record of error-free claims submission. Our intensive manual and clearing house scrubbing of claims aids us in submitting accurate claim files. This eliminates the chances of any errors in the file and the need to re-submit the claim files. We ensure claims data submission on time. Our team will aid you in determining the exact reimbursement value from insurers.

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payment posting

Payment Posting

Our team leverages cutting edge medical billing software to enter all the charges. The software furnishes a comprehensive and composite view of all financial records including payments from patients, EOBs, and insurance checks. We ensure posting payments that match with the actual amount. Our vigilant scrutiny ensures that you adhere to all contractual terms and get fully reimbursed for the services you have provided.


Our ASC medical coding team will help you with ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding including ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-AM, ICD-10-CM, and CPT-4 medical coding. They are expert in converting medical procedures, diagnoses, and services into universally accepted medical codes.

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asc billing account receivable

Accounts Receivable Management

Our team of AR management experts minimize the number of accounts receivable (AR) days of the claim. They do this by pursuing insurance payers for every unpaid claim and ensure that they are fully paid. We follow-up with patients till the time they settle their due amounts. This is essential to ensure availability of funds.

Our Specialties

Why are We an Industry Authority in ASC Medical Billing Services?

Regulatory Compliance

Our service framework is in strict alignment with all the pertinent HIPAA protocols. We conduct constant audits to check our level of regulatory compliance

Enhanced Data Security

We use VPNs, encrypted servers, and SSLs to send and receive data. Systems of employees who handle client data are monitored 24/7 by our data security team

Constant Upskilling

Our experts undergo routine skill upgrading programs to keep them updated on third party payers’ varying policies and dynamic coding, and billing regulations

Rigorous ASC Claim Audits

We regularly audit all the ASC billing claims to detect errors and ensure that those are not repeated

Improved Accuracy

Our billing experts will provide you with robust ASC billing analysis to help you make informed decisions

High-end Technology

As a leading ASC billing company, we are equipped with the most advanced billing software. It aids us in providing prompt and accurate billing services

How We Help You Streamline ASC Billing

Educating on Patients’ Responsibilities

We inform patients on their payment responsibilities or out-of-pocket expenses to get a surgery done

Track Code Changes

Our coding team tracks all code changes and promptly implement them to ensure accurate ASC claims submission. This reduces chances of claim denials

Alignment with CMS Requirements

We help you meet all the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirements to get all procedures paid by the authority

Know What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Managing Director Oncology Center, San Francisco

"The pandemic had severely impacted our revenue interests. We had our ARs piling up. Claim reimbursements took a major hit because of incomplete and erroneous medical records sent to insurance carriers. Incorrect payment posting further impacted ARs. It was at moment this this when MedBillingExperts took a systematic approach to fix all the issues we were facing. They helped us clean our AR inventory in less than 3 months and we earned over USD 200k from the aged inventory. We look forward to more such partnerships with you."



Chief Financial Officer, Multispecialty Hospital, Texas

"We were incurring a lot of out-of-pocket expenses because of patients bailing out on surgeries at the last moment. After a lot of considerations, we partnered with MedBillingExperts who had quite a reputation as a skilled ASC billing company. They seemed to understand our core issue from the onset of our partnership. The team had set an active communication channel to update patients on surgery charges upfront before our surgeons booked the OT. They also tracked changes in patients’ health status that can hint at them retracting from undergoing a surgery. We witnessed a dramatic change in our yearly expenses, and we credit it all to MedBillingExperts team!"


ASC Billing Services Through Our Lens

Mental Health Billing Process

Our Process

Add Our ASC Billing Process

Our comprehensive process flow helps ASC providers to file claims maintaining codes specificity. Take a look into our holisticASC billing services.

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We Helped a Florida Based Medical Group Improve Their Medical Billing Process

Case Studies

We Helped a Florida Based Medical Group Improve Their Medical Billing Process

Repeated coding errors, insufficient follow-up on claims, and factors alike were severely impacting our client’s medical billing process. Our team of experts took a well-defined approach to address these challenges. We were able to reduce A/R backlogs to less than 10% and establish a well-defined medical billing process. Read this case study to know more.


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