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Advanced Medical Data Entry Services to Enable Personalized Treatments

MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in providing customized medical data entry services for healthcare organizations’ unique needs. We have wide experience in collecting healthcare data across a range of sources to make communication between doctors and patients more efficient and improve the quality of patient care. Our specialized healthcare data entry services have assisted providers offer personalize treatments, improve treatment methods, and provide holistic views of patients.

Having dealt with diverse data entry requirements, starting from data capturing to data extraction/mining to data archiving, we understand data entry like the back of our hand. This enables us to deftly manage and digitize all the information related to patients, appointments, account details, insurance, claims, admission, diagnosis, prescriptions, billing, and reimbursement data with utmost efficiency. Our clients prefer to outsource healthcare data entry services because of our proficiency in getting things done right in the first attempt.

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We Help You Streamline Healthcare Data Entry Services.

  • We assign optimum staff to handle you data entry needs. This ensures accuracy and completion of project on time
  • Our standard operating procedure of double checking all the data entered eliminates chances of errors and data re-entry
  • We identify all internal and external sources of data inaccuracy and continuously monitor the movement of data across various databases
  • Bank on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) tools to automate critical data entry tasks.
  • End-to-end data security measures like authentication, access control, encryptions, data masking, backups, and recovery etc

Our End to End Medical Data Entry Process

We follow a well-defined and structured process workflow that is the secret behind our simplified but accurate service delivery.

Requirement Gathering

We sit with you to understand your needs and get an idea of the volume of medical data that needs to be digitized

Data Verification and Validation

Once we get access to the data our quality analysts verify the datato check for entry mistakes, missing fields, inconsistencies etc.

Data Entry Service

Our data entry experts will scan the medical documents and select the data to create a digital version


Format Conversion

The digitized documents are converted into a format as desired by you


Data Validation

Our quality experts will run their eyes through the docs to ensure no data is lost during the operation and that the data entered is correct

Result Transmission

The validated documents are transmitted to you through a secure FTP or VPN.


Our Medical Data Entry Services Cover
Your End-to-End Needs

Our medical data entry service streamlines and simplifies the capturing, mining, and archiving of medical records
in a systematic and structured manner.

Payment Reconciliation Services

Our data entry services help you remove the complexity in payment reconciliation that primarily arise at various stages of treatment and settlement involving multiple stakeholders. With our services we ensure there is no unposted cash so that you don't have to face any liability issues. Our clients leverage our service to enter payment reconciliation data in an accurate and timely fashion. This has in turn helped them improve their reporting and forecasting abilities and kept their operation efficiency at optimum level.

Payment Reconciliation Services
Patient Demographic Entry Services

Patient Demographic Entry Services

Our patient demographic entry service is designed tohelp you improve claims processing accuracy. We specialize in checking and validating patient data and ensuring they are complete and updated before entering them into the system. Following up on missing data and updating it is also part of the process. After the data entry is complete, we carry out multiple round of quality checks for accuracy and completeness. Our streamlined process ensures this task is completed and delivered on time.

Account Receivable Entries

Our data entry services for accounts receivables helps you keep a check on claims denials by taking care of incomplete/incorrect data entry and incorrect medical coding. We review all the claims before submission to ensure data is correct and duly filled. In case of denials, we review the claims form to identify if there is any wrong entry of data or figures and duly correct it. We help our clients be up to date on accounts receivables data entries by following the best data entry and quality check practices.

Account Receivable Entries
Charge Entries

Charge Entries

With this service we help you enter charges into your medical billing system based on specific rules. Our experience in handling the charge entry processfor multiple medical specialties and various medical billing systems gives us the expertise to handle charge entry with assured efficiency. Our vast exposure for different kinds of charge entry requirements particularly medical billing information entry and assignment of charges for codes guarantees zero errors and helps in realizing clean claims.

Hospital Data Entry

Our hospital data entry service helps you enter data into your health information system. Our clients bank on us to make this task accurate and time bound. Other duties associated with this service includes collecting data from different sources, upkeeping of electronic records and logs, filing necessary paperwork, running reports etc. Our data entry specialists have experience in supporting medical offices, hospitals, or laboratories. Our clients leverage our lab data entry services to update clinical tests and lab records.

Hospital Data Entry

Insurance Data Entry Service

Our insurance data entry service for hospitals and clinics helps in entering, digitizing, and processing insurance data for a variety of purposes, including payments, filing, record keeping, audits, reimbursements etc. Extracting and inputting data from medical insurance claim forms is also a part of the process. Our hands-on experience in handling insurance data has helped us develop a procedural approach to enter data accurately.

Insurance Data Entry Service

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Medical Data Entry Services

Full Compliance

We are a HIPAA compliant company and follow the best data entry practices in keeping with industry standards.

Assured Data Security

Our service delivery is based onbest-in-class security structure comprising strong grade encryption, globally distributed infrastructure, continuous threat monitoring etc.

Rigorous Audits

Regular audits of data entered into our system helps in identifying errors in the system and streamlining the process for efficiency.

High Accuracy

As one of the top most health care data entry service providers, we maintain high levels of accuracy by carrying out quality checks at every phase of the data entry process.

Advanced Technology

We bank on advanced OCR driven tools like Adobe Acrobat reader DC, Omnipage tomake data entry less time consuming and more accurate.

How We Help you Streamline Medical Data Entry

Patient Eligibility

We check the system to validate' the policy status, claims address and demographics of every patient

Contact Payer

We get in touch with the payer to collect necessary insurance coverage details and other benefits information

Get Prior-Authorization

After verifying the coverage, we seek prior authorization for carrying out the procedures

Read What Our Clients have to Say About Us

Samantha Boon CRO, Medical Billing Provider, Minnesota

"Our front office staff was facing difficulty in collecting Insurance eligibility verification information from patient's electronic medical record. This was because of staff shortage and inexperience. We committed errors in entering details like insurance ID and group number, policy start and end date or in understanding policy limitations. This led to delays and denials. To sort this issue out we approached one of the most top rated medical data entry service providers, MedBillingExperts. Their well-developed insurance verification process to helped us reduce denials and write-offs. We recommend MedBillingExperts for outsourcing all your insurance eligibility verification requirements."

Greg Mathew CEO, Private Clinic, California

"Our team of verification specialists had to juggle between verifying patient eligibility with other tasks such as recording patient check-in and checkout details, answering calls etc. It took us some time to realize that this multi-tasking was causing us to lose nearly 30 per cent of claims to denials and rejections. MedBilling Experts detailed eligibility verification process helped us free up our staff from this critical task. What we had instead was a more focused approach to patient eligibility verification with more precise and time-bound outcomes. MedBilling experts is indeed one of the best medical data entry companies."

Medical Data Entry Management Through Our lens

Our Complete Medical Billing Process Explained

Our Process

Our Complete Medical Billing Process Explained

Get a peek into the step by step process we follow to ensure our insurance verification service yields optimum results for your specific requirements.

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