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MedBillingExperts has several years of experience in providing hassle-free offshore physician billing services for practices of all size. We tap this experience to build an effective billing process that will accurately compensate your practice in the shortest amount of time.

We combine the expertise of our senior accounts receivables team with advanced technology to remove redundancies across your revenue cycle. From doctors billing to claims processing and from collection to denials management, we optimize the entire gamut of physician billing process to guarantee maximized financial returns.

Our Specialties

Well-defined Doctors Medical Billing Process: The Secret Sauce of our Success

We follow a meticulous and well-defined physician billing process that can be outlined as follows:

Diagnosis Coding

Our comprehensive medical coding services includes dictation and EHR template review and analysis by AAPC certified coders proficient in HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10. We also support coding of surgical dictation.

Claims Submission and Tracking

We submit claims electronically every day to ensure quick reimbursement.

Insurance Verification & Authorization Alert

We carry out batch and real-time eligibility verification to know if a patient is eligible for the insurance. We also do the needful in cases where prior authorization is required.


This includes maintenance of paper and online applications and furnish the documents to facilities and payers.

Aggressive Claims Denial Management

This includes pursuing payers on unpaid claims, appeal submission on underpaid and denied claims, preparation of financial, billing, insurance, and aging reports etc.

Payment Posting

We review payments received and post them to patient account. We also monitor EOB.

Patient Balance Follow-up

We send statements to patients with outstanding balances. We also send reminders directly to patients.

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MedBillingExperts is More Than Just a Physician Billing Company

MedBillingExperts simply offers the best services available to maximize revenue for your practice. Leverage our knowledge and experience to streamline your practice and maintain a steady cash flow.Our Physician Billing Outsourcing Services Provide:

Physician Billing Outsourcing Services

Built-in Practice Management

Oversee everyday details pertaining to your practice using our state-of-the-art physician Practice Management System. The system is affordably priced and can be availed at nominal rate, provided specifically for clients who make use of our medical billing service. Included in this service are Patient Registration and Scheduling of Appointments with a single physician or multiple spread over many locations. Other features of this service include Insurance Verification, Check In/Out of Patients, Forms for Encounters, a text and email driven Recall System and detailed receipts. These components make the service an attractive option for physicians who are looking to streamline the operation of their practice.

Physicians using the PM system have complete access to work done in each part of their practice, which helps minimize clerical errors as a single data pool is provided both to the front office and billing staff. Easy access to accurate patient data also helps keep down cost of our billing services.

Seamless Integration With Any EMR

Our PM system can be integrated and used with almost any top tier EMR system, and clients can take advantage of the linkage to ensure their practices operate smoothly. Patient demographics along with appointment data are transmitted to the linked EMR and data related to charges is received automatically without any active intervention by operators.

Why Outsource Physician Billing Services to MedBillingExperts?

When you outsource doctors billing services to an expert physician billing company like MedBillingExperts, you can reap the benefits of following:

Accurate and On Time Billing

Collections are processed on time and diligently to ensure that payments due from patients and insurance carriers are received within a time frame stipulated by clients.

State of the Art Record Management

Records are managed impeccably, and industry leading processes and software are employed to ensure that charges and payments do not fall through the cracks.

Efficient Follow Up of Aged Claims

Aging claims are sifted through periodically and these are followed up routinely to ensure that payments are collected within specified time frames. Regulated processing of Secondary claims ensures that these are sent soon after payment of the primary claim is made, while Patient statements are created and dispatched regularly.

Detailed Examination of Each Claim

Ever claim is matched with an appropriate diagnosis that is payable and in case of denials we launch thorough investigations to ensure the appeal is successful. Our service is fashioned so that claims are not neglected by billers and each is addressed in a timely manner so that they are paid.

Superior Customer Service

Always available during working hours, our customer service provides patient with help pertaining to their accounts and ensures that they have a friendly and courteous experience.

Electronic Processing, Cloud Scanning and Storage

Our reliance on efficient and fast electronic claim processing shortens the revenue cycle while records are scanned over the web and stored in the cloud.

Staff with Deep and Varied Experience

We have staff trained in a wide variety of software and hardware and they are capable of handling newer electronic and older paper claims. Staff expertise also extends to billing, coding, account keeping, collections, calculating compensation for workers, aging, contract management and credentialing.

Personalized Attention to Client Needs

Senior staffs are assigned to every client, and they ensure that all issues and suggestions are handled on time and routed for follow-up to a team of experts who assist in gathering information and problem solving. Physicians therefore benefit from the expertise of various individuals in a team which has been filtered through manager and specialists.

Very Low Rejection Rates

Our rejection rates are low and we have a system of checks and balances along with a process of scrubbing, which ensure claims are paid without undue effort on part of the physicians and practices.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing Physician Billing Services to MedBillingExperts

When you outsource doctors billing services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with an expert physician medical billing company that has incomparable expertise in streamlining all areas of medical billing and coding.


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