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MedBillingExperts offers meticulous discharge summary transcription to many well-known hospitals and clinics in the US. Our impeccable track record of providing error-free discharge summary transcription services, coupled with our ability to turn in things in quick times and at unbelievably low cost, has helped our clients realize their business goals with ease.

Scope of Our Discharge Summary Medical Transcription Services

Our discharge summary transcription services include the following:

  • Emergency room notes
  • Complete diagnostic notes
  • Prescription
  • Medical tests
  • Medical history
  • Admission/discharge transfer (ADT)
  • Discharge summary dictation reports

We Follow a Meticulous Discharge Summary Transcription Process that Delivers Results

Our discharge summary medical transcription process can be outlined as follows:

1. Receiving Audio/Text Files:

We receive audio/text files of the summary via encrypted email or SFTP transfer. This includes medical test reports like x-ray, scan etc.

2. Transcribing Reports:

Our team of expert medical transcriptionists, transcribe the reports after listening to the audio files or reading the handwritten notes.

3. Quality Check:

Once the reports are ready, it goes through a two level quality check process. During this process, we also keep an eye on compliance with international standards such as HIPAA/ HL7.

4.Collating Data:

The transcribed reports are collated and are arranged in a standardized template format as per your specific requirements

4. Submittng Transcribed Document:

The transcribed summary documents are sent to the client within 24 hours via secured FTP server or encrypted emails.

Why Outsource Discharge Summary Transcription Services to MedBillingExperts?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll gain when you outsource discharge summary transcription services to an expert discharge summary medical transcription company like MedBillingExperts:

99% Accuracy Rate

By combining our experience and expertise with high-end technology and a proven three-step quality assurance process, we deliver a highly efficient discharge summary transcription that can churn out transcriptions which are 99% accurate.

Extra Quick Turnaround Time

Leveraging our delivery centers in India and Philippines, we offer robust and reliable discharge summary transcription services within an industry leading turnaround time, which can as less as 4 to 12 hours.

Skilled Transcription Teams

We have a hind picked team of 500+ discharge summary transcription experts who have a 6+ years of experience in handling all the rigours associated with the industry. We also conduct periodic in-house transcription training session to ensure that all personnel are up-to-date and in-line with the high standards of quality that we have set.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Services

At MedBillingExperts, we pride our self in delivering 100% HIPAA compliant medical transcription services that churns out quality results day-in and day-out. We also ensure that our entire medical transcription team undergoes regular HIPAA training.

Customized Services

We not only deliver transcriptions in the format of your choice, but we are also capable of delivering them in the software or destination of your preference, including faxing copies directly to your physicians, transcribing directly into your EMR software, printing on-site at your facility, etc.

  • We guarantee 30% savings on costs
  • We provide 98% accuracy in transcription
  • Quick turnaround time ranging from 4 to 24 hours
  • 500+ experienced discharge summary transcriptionists with in-depth medical knowledge and knowledge of HIPAA rules
  • Complete medical data security, with uncompromising privacy policy
  • Over 10 years of experience in providing discharge summary transcription services
  • Toll-free telephone dictation
  • Unlimited customer support services
  • No long-term contract required

When you outsource discharge summary transcription services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with a discharge summary medical transcription company that is unmatched when it comes to speed, accuracy and reliability.

Contact us today and discover the advantages of outsourcing discharge summary transcription services to MedBillingExperts.

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