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Transcription Services by Cardiology Experts

MedBillingExperts has extensive experience in helping cardiologists document accurate and timely cardiology reports. We specialize in end-to-end cardiology transcription which includes history and physical examination transcription, consultation transcription, operative reports transcription, discharge summary transcription etc.

As a specialty, cardiology is witnessing complex changes, each spawning new and equally complex procedures. This has led to a rise in the types of reports dictated, thus requiring increased transcription needs with increased turnaround times and accuracy levels. Our dedicated medical transcriptionists have the skill and experience needed to meet these challenges.

Our Cardiology Transcription Services

Some of the specific cardio transcription services we offer include:

  • Stress test reports
  • Echocardiogram reports
  • Cardiac catheterization reports
  • Balloon angioplasty reports
  • Stents reports
  • Cardioversion reports
  • 2-D echocardiogram reports
  • Doppler assessment reports
  • CABG reports
  • Stress thallium tests reports

How We Do It

Our cardiology transcription process goes through the following steps:
  • We receive audio/text files of the report/document via encrypted email or SFTP transfer. This includes medical test reports like x-ray, scan etc.
  • Our team of expert cardiology transcriptionists, listen to the audio files and transcribe the reports.
  • The transcribed docs go through a 2-level quality check process after which they are arranged in a standardized template format as per your specific requirements
  • The edited documents are sent to the client within 24 hours via secured FTP server or encrypted emails.

Why Outsource Cardiology Transcription Services to Us?

Here are the reasons why our clients choose us as their outsourcing partners:
  • Our cardiology transcriptionists have at least 6+ years of specialty experience
  • We can transcribe your diagnostic reports between 4 -24 hours depending on the volumes, turnaround time goals, etc.
  • We take every transcribed document through multi-level quality check to ensure 98% accuracy
  • We accept files in any format
  • We leverage state-of-the-art transcription tools
  • Our services are HIPAA compliant
  • We provide services at 30-40% reductions in costs

Contact us now and outsource your cardiology medical transcription requirements.

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