Cardiology Medical Billing Services

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Robust Billing Solutions for Streamlined Collections

MedBillingExperts is a leader in providing comprehensive billing, collections, and practice management services for cardiology providers. Our robust billing service has helped several cardiology practices maximize their revenue potential in the shortest possible turnaround time.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals, including former cardiology practitioners, who understand the business challenges of cardiology providers. We leverage this experience to develop customized billing solutions that help you meet the end objective of minimizing accounts receivable days, reducing denials and optimizing collection results.

Some of the things our expert cardiology billing professionals do include:

  • Providing full account receivables management
  • Performing 12-hour claims processing
  • Checking system based eligibility
  • Conducting quarterly coding updates
  • Performing system-based claims scrubbing
  • Handling all billing calls
  • Conducting regular quality assurance checks
  • Holding weekly meetings to discuss progress and go over reports
  • Providing customizable monthly reports

Specialized Cardiology Billing Services

We have experience working with various cardiology sub-specialties, including:

  • General clinical cardiology
  • Echo-cardiology
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Nuclear cardiology
  • Surgical cardiology
  • Transplant cardiology

Extensive knowledge of these and other sub-specialties has allowed our billers and coders to meet the demands of a wide variety of cardiology providers, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and multi-specialty groups.

We Are Different; Here How

  • HIPPA compliance
  • Multi-speciality expertise
  • Significant reductions in A/R days
  • 25% increase in collections in the first few months
  • 40% savings
  • 97% claims paid on first submission
  • Personalized service
  • Complete data security
  • Sharp reduction in denials (Minimal financial disruption due to ICD-10)
  • Transparent procedures and charges
  • 24/7 web-based access

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