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The key to fail-proof DME billing services lies in In-depth knowledge of DME billing guidelines. MedBillingExperts, has a team of experienced professionals with complete understanding of the complications involved in filing DME claims. We leverage their in-depth knowledge to streamline DME billing process and guarantee you maximum reimbursements in shortest possible times.

Billing DME claims require adherence to a strict quality framework. The constant change in regulations in DME billing requirements require constant upskilling of coding team. Our team of experts stay updated with changing requirements toensure accurate DME billing submissions. They also assist you document practices in keeping with the guidelines mandated by Medicaid and Medicare. Our streamlines practice has assisted our clients achieve 97% clean claims on first submission.

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We Cut Through DME Billing Complexities to Ensure Maximum Reimbursement.
Here's How:

  • Constant process monitoring from the start to the end of a medical care
  • In-depth review of DX and CPT codes to ensure they are accepted
  • Insert appropriate modifiers and set DX codes properly to ensure correct documentation
  • Process DME billing documentation after providers establish the need for a DME device
  • Ensure obtaining waivers/ABN duly signed by patients and entering the same in patients' medical charts

The End-to-End DME Billing Process That We Follow

Timely Documentation

Collate invoices and other critical transaction documents for analysis. Documentation is made to clearly establish medical necessity of a particular equipment

Insurance Coverage Verification

Get insurance carriers inspect patients’ DME requirements and confirm coverage for the same. This is done prior to patients getting the prescribed DME devices


Proper Code Entry

Assign the right HCPCS Level II codes for billing DME claims. Review the equipment codes to ensure it is correct and provide necessary paperwork to insurers

Claims Follow-up

Do continuous follow-up with insurers to know the status of claims reimbursements and ensure those are fully paid on time


DME Billing Services We Specialize in

Accurate Data Entry

Our team of DME billing experts gather all the necessary information pertaining to Durable Medical Equipment from providers. They enter the data with high accuracy into a database to ensure that mistakes are not made during the billing process. This data is meticulously collected and held in our database for effortless retrieval and error-free billing. Our experts go to great lengths to ensure that all the relevant data has been entered with precision to speed up claims processing. This drives an efficient and seamless billing process.

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dme filing of claims

Filing of Claims

We have industry expertise in billing DME claims. We bank on this expertise to provide extreme scalability and flexibility in filing claims. Each carrier has their own specific billing requirements. We re-order claims documents and invoices according to the insurance carrier’s preferences. After we ensure that the documents have been thoroughly completed, we file the claims electronically in the format advised by the insurer.

Statements for Practices

We make DME process in medical billing more precise by sending statements via mail based upon unique specifications of practices or facilities. Our experts dispatch routine statements that are accurate and concise. We ensure that these statements are of high quality, so that all errors are identified and corrected prior to being dispatched.

dme billing paymentand audits

Payments and Audits

After we receive payments and explanations from clients, our team posts every minute details in our databases. They conduct stringent EOB audits to ensure correct data correctness. This has a direct bearing on claim reimbursements. After ensuring that all the data is accurate and error-free, we proceed to update the values in the database for record-keeping purposes. We also communicate the details contained in the EOB to you. This is done to ensure that the reimbursed amount matches the ones on record for final settlement.

Denial Management

In case of faulty payments or denials from insurance companies, we file appeals and ensure that the correct reimbursement is received by your practice. Our DME billing services experts help you with effective denial management. They will help you to navigate payment discrepancies that are difficult to resolve without detailed knowledge of carrier-specific claims guidelines. In cases where you are denied payment or found severely underpaid due to non-compliance, we find, and fix the flaw. Then we file an appeal to ensure that you are adequately reimbursed.

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dme billing customized report

Customized Reporting Schedule

We customize and generate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as per the requirements of the practice. Our reports help you better understand the DME billing services. These reports come complete with detailed descriptions as well as an analysis of your practice’s overall financial performance. You can generate reports based on simple parameters by using the relevant filters.

Our Specialties

Why Do We Have Industry Authority in DME Billing Services?

Stringent Data Security

As an ISMS certified organization, we take strict measures while transacting data. We use encrypted servers, VPN, secured FTP,and cloud networks protectedby firewalls to prevent data exposure

Access to Experts

We are home to certified experts. Our experts have in-depth understanding and experience in billing DME claims with DSM-5, ICD-10, and ICD-11 coding conventions

Modern Technology

Our team of experts are backed up by the most advanced DME billing software. We customize our technologies to fit into your business requirements within a short span of time

Round-the-clock Access to Financial Data

We enable a 24/7 access to all your billing records via the Internet. This helps you to have tighter control on every record every time

Electronic Filing of Claims

We file all your DME claims electronically to avoid unnecessary paperwork. This enables us to facilitate safer, more accurate, and faster claims filing

Optimal Reimbursement Efforts

Our team of DME billing experts handle claim preparation for secondary insurance claims that do not crossover automatically

How We Drive Accuracy in DME Billing

DME Coding Audits

Our team of experienced coders regularly audit transcriptions of lab reports and physicians’ notes. Qualified auditors constantly screen HCPCS, CPT-4, and ICD-10-CM coding in claim documents

Improved Document Management

Our clients share documents digitally which we scan, index, and classify in digital formats. This ensures safe document handling and anytime access to documents

Regulatory Compliance

We have a team of DME auditors who audit every DME files to ensure it is compliant with DME regulatory obligations

Know What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Co-Founder, Surgical & Ambulatory Care Center, Minnesota

"Every year we were letting go of a major chunk of our revenue because of our in-house team’s inability to tackle several complexities related to billing DME claims. Certain insurers had reservations against covering a set of DMEs while Medicaid and Medicare had their own limitations of paying for valuable DMEs. Several complexities related to insurers’ reservations. Our team had to juggle with regular administrative work and the increasingly complex DME process in medical billing. After a lot of speculations, we decided to partner with MedBillingExperts and that was perhaps the best business decisions we have ever taken till date. The team had turned around our revenue cycle with their touch of expertise. It has been 4 years and our partnership with MedBillingExperts is still going strong. Thank you, team!!"


Chief Financial Officer, DME Manufacturing Company, Oregon

"We are a start-up DME services provider with limited staff. We did not want to miss out on any opportunity of getting paid for our services. Knowing the general complexities of DME billing services, we decided to outsource this function to MedBillingExperts. The team had taken end-to-end responsibility of the entire with much intervention from our side. We are thoroughly impressed by their proactivity in terms of aligning their process flow with the regular coding changes and legal obligations. Their sense of extreme professionalism by keeping us at the top of all the financial records every week. We could not have asked for more. You are doing an amazing job."



DME Billing Services Through Our Lens

Our DME Billing Process

Our Process

Our DME Billing Process

We customize our end-to-end DME billing process flow to suit our clients' specific needs This ensure on-time claims reimbursement. Have a look at our process.

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WA Comprehensive Solution to Overcome Challenges in ACR & Medical Billing Process

Case Studies

A Comprehensive Solution to Overcome Challenges in ACR & Medical Billing Process

Improper coding was negatively impacting our client’s revenue generation. We dedicated a coding team to assist the client witness a revenue collection growth from 53% to 61%. Read this case study for more details.


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