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Ambulance transport claim is considered as the root of EMS billing services. However, at times incomplete or erroneous documentation result in denials of ambulance transport claims. The burden of the denial has to be borne by the provider. Such errors or slip ups mostly happen due to miscommunication and absence of a robust QA process.

MedBillingExperts is a frontrunner in providing end-to-end third-party EMS billing services. Our team of dedicated EMS billers bank on a meticulous form review and well-defined collection process to assist healthcare providers avert claims denial in EMS billing. Our team consists of experienced professionals, with expertise in reviewing ambulance forms for accuracy and completeness, obtaining prior authorizations for ambulance transports, preparing transmit claims using billing software, submitting and following up on medical claims, work on unpaid accounts etc. We capitalize on this extensive experience of ours to provide customized billing solutions attuned to your needs.

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How We Ensure Effective EMS Billing Services for You

  • We use EMS billing software that eliminates common reimbursement issues. Our team of certified QA experts adds added layers of scrutiny to ensure service accuracy
  • Our assigned reimbursement rates are in strict compliance with the listed charges in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website
  • We train our callers to ask the right questions such as why they need an EMT and name of the patient’s insurer
  • Our billers actively work on unpaid accounts through billing, claim refiling, customer contact, collection agency
  • Prepare and monitor monthly collection and billing financial information and statistics

Our Complete EMS Billing Process

Verification of EMS
Medical Code

We provide prior authorization support for repetitive Medicare patient and verify patient’s insurance eligibility

Submission of Electronic Insurance
Claim and Follow-up

This stage involves entering charges, cash posting, direct deposit payment collections from payers, and claims follow-up


Assistance with Enrolment

While dealing with patient requests, we provide enrolment assistance, re-validations and enrolment updates

Accounts Receivable Recovery

We follow up on old AR accounts to help improve collections

Our EMS Billing Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

EMS Billing

We follow the gold standard industry guidelines and maintain the highest professional standards to provide you top-notch EMS medical billing services. Apart from billing, scopes of our services address the smallest of details related to revenue collection and recovery and claims to ensure maximum reimbursements. We provide a streamlined follow-up service to ascertain that all simple and complicated claims are addressed in the most comprehensive and updated fashion.

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Claims Recovery Services

Instances of unaddressed claims are common given the mounting complexities in EMS billing. We, at MedBillingExperts are aware of such instances and its repercussions on revenue generation. We align our comprehensive claims recovery services with a well-structured and streamlined strategies to conduct a thorough audit of your receivables history that aids in unlocking potential areas to improve.

Debt Collection Services

Challenges pertaining to bill payments are endless. Thereby we take a different route from following up with unwilling customers for unresolved payments. We try to pitch mutually beneficial payments solutions which are based on the podium of professionalism and compassion. We have the requisite capacity to scale every length to help you to claim every dollar that you are entitled to.

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Fire Recovery Billing Services

Outsourcing fire recovery billing services to us will help you to ensure an accurate and effective bill generated for fire inspections, emergency incident response, paramedic response, fire cleanup and rescue, and other incidents pertinent to fire billing collections. We delegate a team of fire billing experts who plays a key role in helping you to maintain your partnership with your local fire department. They are crucial in all the stages related to cost recovery.

Our Specialties

Why are we considered as an Industry Authority in EMS Billing Services sector?


Our pricing model allows charges based on hours, amount of work, amount of payment collected, etc. We customize our pricing based on your needs.

Data Security

We use secure FTP for data transaction and authorization passwords. We conduct regular audits to safeguard the security of your data.


We have received the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification and ensure 100% adherence to HIPAA guidelines.


We leverage a three-step quality assurance process to eliminate the likelihood of billing errors and ensure maximize reimbursements.

24/7 Availability

You can get your queries resolved anytime because we are available 24/7 through our global presence.

Better Productivity

Our systematic approach to EMS claims rejection redressal will ensure you don’t have to bear the burden of a denied claim.

Know What Our Clients Have to Say About Our EMS Billing Services

CFO Emergency Healthcare Clinic, Minnesota, The US

"Our debt and AR recovery were taking a serious hit because of the lack of professional expertise. The burden of this serious revenue leakage had an impact on our profits. After a careful evaluation, we decided to outsource our requirements to MedBilling EXperts. Our main ask was to resolve the EMS billing and AR recovery issues within the shortest possible time and at affordable rates. What impressed us was them following a systematic process which started with their proper understanding of our issues, letting us know a specific project turnaround time, and the complete transparency of process. Our collection percentage increased from 43% to 70% within a span of 6 months. We witnessed improved cash flow owing to an increased AR collection ratio."


Chairman EMS Billing Agency, North Dakota, the US

"We sought a complete rehaul of our existing EMS billing services framework as delay in receiving patient information from hospitals and information incongruencies have often slowed down our service. We had to regularly deal with irate kins of patients receiving inaccurate EMS bills which was a major blow to our reputation. We decided to seek external help from third party service providers to help us with this situation. MedBillingExperts knew exactly where we were lagging behind which was technology. But to implement new software meant inducting newer infrastructure which was a costly proposition for us. MedBillingExperts used their EMS billing software which brought visible accuracy and acceleration in payment posting, billing workflows, and claims processing. We witnessed a 5X improvement in our revenue cycle performance which was more than what we expected from them."


Clean Claims On First Submission




HIPAA Compliance


Increase in Collections

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