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Comprehensive Rehabilitation Transcription Services for Moving to a New EHR Software

The Client

A well-established group of physicians based in Avon, Indianapolis.



The client wanted to move to a new EHR software for enabling better billing and revenue cycle practices. For this they had to process around 3000 encounters related to rehabilitation care, obtain detailed transcription of each of these encounters and sync them in accordance with the software needs. And they approached us for a solution.


Solution :

Keeping in mind the various requirements of the client, we formed a team of skilled transcriptionists with sufficient experience in transcribing rehabilitation care documents. Two highly experienced and tech-savvy staff members were assigned to lead and train the team on client's EHR software. They trained the team members on the areas they were going to use, thus helping the employees cut down the time required in learning process. Problem areas in using the EHR were identified and arranged by order of importance to tackle important issues first. A strict pre-implementation feedback was maintained to identify and correct snags at an early stage. Once the team hit the production floor we provided real-time guidance to ensure knowledge is applied correctly and consistently. All this helped us to streamline the process and deliver 3000 high quality rehab transcription reports in the quickest possible time.



As mentioned above our team of highly experienced medical transcriptionists was able to deliver high quality rehab transcription reports and sync them in accordance with the software requirements in quick time. All this meant that the client was able to-

  • Seamless transition to the new EHR software
  • 40% savings on operating costs
  • Increase in overall revenue
  • No backlogs

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