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We, at MedBillingExperts provide customized medical transcription outsourcing solution to address the specific needs of our clients. Our pool of qualified and experienced MTs take your workflow, preferences, and specialty into account to tailor solutions that are effective and long lasting.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing offshore medical transcription services to a range of healthcare providers — from small clinics and community hospitals to large, multi-specialty hospitals. We ensure seamless and worry-free medical transcription outsourcing service by aligning our practice management systems with your records system, by recruiting certified and trained people to handle our processes, by carrying out multi-layer quality check, and by guaranteeing turnaround time to all our clients.

Superior Quality Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services Delivered by an Expert Team

One of the key reasons why MedBillingExperts is ranked among the best offshore medical transcription companies in the industry is the quality of our transcriptionists. We hire MTs with deep subject matter expertise and experience, and arm them with the most advanced tools and dictation software. Also we ensure that every member of our medical transcription team is qualified enough and committed to providing the high level of medical transcription outsourcing services that our clients deserves.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Company that You Can Trust

When you outsource medical transcription needs to us, you can be assured that all your confidential data related to patients are safe and secure. This is because we are a medical transcription company that is committed to adhering to the highest standards of privacy and security in accordance with HIPAA/HITECH. Our stringent security measures include strict authentication protocols, comprehensive audit trails and 128-bit encryption.

We have also gone beyond the security standards required of medical transcription companies by putting in place an in-house team dedicated to ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Our Specialties

In addition to the standard services offered by medical transcription companies, here are some of the medical transcription services that differentiate MedBillingExperts apart from the rest

IME / Records Review

MedBillingExperts has over 12 years of experience in helping hospitals, physicians and other healthcare practices with their QMEs, IMEs and other medical records reviews. Be it from a simple worksheet, handwritten notes, dictation, or any combination of the above, we can produce accurate medical, hospital, and diagnostic records, and can even organize and list them directly from the medical chart.

Medical Scribe

MedBillingExperts’ offshore medical scribe services can go a long way in helping you recover the time and money spent on EMR physician data entry.

With our services all you have to do is simply record your clinical notes as you are used to doing, and we take care of the rest – right down to auto-populating your EMRs.

With MedBillingExperts’ medical scribe services, you get:

  • An easy way to record notes, populate patient records, and manage EMRs
  • 24X7 medical scribe services without the added expenses hiring a new staff
  • Accurate documentation and record keeping
  • More private and comfortable environment for patients

Surgical Centers

MedBillingExperts can take the complexity out of surgical chart entry and retrieval of information. Using our digital ink technology, physicians can easily dictate or fill out surgical forms from the operating room, which will then be automatically captured and filled into the patient’s chart. The surgical staff can retrieve these notes at any time, without having to call anyone and request a copy.

ALF/Hospice/Nursing Notes

MedBillingExperts’ medical transcription services enable you to create professional medical notes related to nursing, ALF and hospice, on the go.

WC/Personal Injury/Auto

Leveraging our experience in helping physician’s document personal injury, auto accident and Worker’s Compensation cases, we can create medical records that will stand up to the rigors of the courtroom.

Specialist Consults & Letters

MedBillingExperts’ medical transcription outsourcing services enable you to generate clear and accurate notes pertaining to healthcare, making your consulting practice the go-to partner for referring physicians.

Robust Medical Transcription Process that Produces Optimum Results Every Single Time

When hospitals and other healthcare practices outsource medical transcription services to us, they get access to an end-to-end transcription process, wherein the offshore medical transcription team is divided into two tiers. Tier 1 is mainly made up of transcriptionists, while tier-II comprises of quality assurance associates, client account managers, proof-readers and editors. And when you outsource your medical transcription needs to us, we assign a dedicated team to your organization so that our team gets acquainted with your physicians and your processes. This helps us to adapt our service to fit to your unique workflow and address challenges like scalability, speed and work culture.

The steps involved in our medical transcription outsourcing services include:

  • The account manager first retrieves the audio and other resources such as dictations from the client, and assigns it to the designated tier 1 transcriptionist
  • The transcriptionist listens to the audio, transcribes it by using specified templates and finally submits the transcription to the proofreading team
  • The proofreading team carries out a word-by-word analysis of the transcript and sends a feedback to the tier 1 team
  • Based in the feedback, the tier 1 team modifies the transcript and forwards it to the quality assurance (QA) team
  • The quality assurance team checks for any deviations in quality by using random sampling technique and send their review comments to the tier 1 team and proofreaders
  • In the end, the reviewed and corrected medical transcriptions are sent to the account manager who carries out a final check to make sure that everything is in appropriate shape. And once this is done, the final documents are sent to the client
Medical Transcription Process

Here’s Why Client’s Outsource Medical Transcription Services to Us?

We know quality matters the most to you and so have set standards to our process to meet this need. We assign your task only to experience and skill, so that accuracy is assured right from the word go. Every transcribed document is reviewed against few established quality assurance goals to ensure you always get exactly what you want. And the very foundation of our work process — a synergistic partnership between reviewers and transcriptionists — guarantees you consistency every time you turn to us.

Quality comes guaranteed because of the following:

  • We review the transcribed report always against the actual dictation
  • The review is carried out in keeping with industry-specific standards
  • Each review evaluates risk management issues along with documentation standards of healthcare compliance agencies
  • Strict adherence to quality goals recommended by AAMT
  • Continuous feedback for performance improvement

When you outsource medical transcription services to us, we will also help you:

  • Get Access 100% HIPAA compliant medical transaction services
  • Reduce the turnaround time to less than 24 hours
  • Provide uncompromising levels of data security
  • Get the delivery of your files in the format and destination of your choice

When you choose MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with an offshore medical transcription company that is focused delivering timely and accurate transcriptions for your every healthcare need.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing medical transcription services to MedBillingExperts.

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