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The Client

The client is an internal medicine practice in Florida, specializing in non-surgical illnesses



The client’s business was on the downslide because of serious billing issues. Full reimbursements were hard to come by, due to incorrect and delayed billing submissions. The client approached us to optimize and simplify their billing system for seamless reimbursements.


Given that there was delays in filing claims, our biggest challenge was to identify the shortcomings and eliminate them to reduce delays. Furthermore, the challenge of bringing higher reimbursements required us to build a solution which would reduce wrong and duplicate entries. Also, to ensure sustainability, the solution had to provide real-time financial data for improved decision making.


Solution :

We have always banked on the advanced software to streamline processes for our clients. In this case, we found that the client’s billing system was too time consuming, which severely impacted its efficiency. To overcome this problem, we used the Medisoft software to integrate the client’s EMR and billing systems so that uploaded patient data could be seamlessly transferred between systems. This saved on administrative time and efforts. This also helped the client to drastically reduce chances of incorrect data entry. With an integrated system, billing documentation became efficient and thorough, and reporting became a lot simpler.



Our solution helped the client reap the following benefits:

  • Smoother clinical and administrative workflow
  • Complete control over improperly coded procedures
  • Identify operational gaps with ease
  • Complete access to critical information for better decision making
  • Higher reimbursements for treatments performed

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