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MedBillingExperts specializes in developing scalable healthcare IT outsourcing solutions for optimizing your operations. Our healthcare software developers have wide experience in developing rich custom-made mobile apps, smart custom dashboards, and advanced automated solutions to make healthcare delivery processes much more efficient and cost and time effective.

As an Expert Healthcare IT Outsourcing Company, We Serve Following Segments

  • Payer
  • Provider
  • Pharma
  • Care Management Organizations
  • Government Health Organizations

Comprehensive Range of Healthcare IT Outsourcing Services that We Provide

With 800+ IT consultants, technical architects and service professionals, we can be the work horse that can assist you throughout healthcare IT landscape — from acquisition to implementation and support. This includes:

  • Planning : You can bank on our IT strategists and technical architects to come up with interoperable and secure IT systems.
  • Management : Free up internal resources by handing off network operations and cloud hosting to MedBillingExperts.
  • Deployment : Track and manage your budget and schedule on any rollout — even across complex, multi-facility health systems.
  • Refresh : Protect your technology with warranty, replacement and repair services.

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Some of the healthcare IT outsourcing services that
we provide include:

Advanced Healthcare Analytics

There is plenty of medical data out there that is becoming a liability to data centres, without contributing to anything in any way. However, with the help of advanced analytics, that information can be interpreted into something that has practical value. We have a team of Business Intelligence and analytics experts that can provide you with actionable information to help recognize areas of expansion, accelerate decision-making, and make business processes more efficient.

Customized EHR Services

It has become important these days to digitize medical and health records. This is not just a regulatory mandate, but also forms the bases of health information technology framework. We can provide fully customized EHR (Electronic Health Records) services that makes the data entry process smooth, keeping all the data secure and accurate. We can scale and tweak our EHR offering as per your individual business requirements, that too in a cost-effective manner.

Upgrade of Existing IT Infrastructure

Your existing IT framework may not be as advanced to get all the benefits of latest software these days. This is where we come in. We can fully comprehend your existing healthcare IT systems and enhance your infrastructure to leverage most benefits, keeping your business requirements aligned to it.

Healthcare IT as SaaS

We understand that as a healthcare business, you would like to keep your attention focused on your core competencies, rather than worry about maintenance issues, IT lapses, functionality problems, etc. This is why we offer healthcare IT services online as Software as a Service (SaaS), giving us remote access from cloud to keep your backend running.

Health Information Systems for Rural Hospitals

Setting up health information framework for rural hospitals is the toughest challenge. However, MedBillingExperts can carefully evaluate the current setup to come up with and install viable medical IT solutions that can fit into the existing framework and overcome the challenges.

24/7 IT Support

Our specialized 24/7 IT team lends you uninterrupted support to help you flawlessly manage your large ERP facility. Unlike other healthcare IT companies, we guarantee steady functioning of your healthcare IT systems, providing you round-the-clock backup and maintenance services.

Improving Service Efficiency through Information Exchange

We believe that when information exchanges hands in timely manner, it can have a productive influence on service quality. Our experts understand the importance of seamless flow of information throughout channels. This is why we offer communication network across departments and devices that can allow digitized data to pass through flawlessly. This allows medical practitioners to get access to patient information without losing any precious time.

Data Migration

A large scale migration of healthcare data requires not only technology, but also knowledge and resources to carry out the intricate job. MedBillingExperts has experts, trained specifically in migration. They will evaluate your existing documentation practices and then digitize your medical records without any errors. At the same time, we ensure that the migration project doesn’t interfere with your ongoing work process.

Other Related Healthcare IT Services that Companies Can Outsource to Us

Mobile Apps for Healthcare IT Services

We specialize in developing customized mobile apps to help doctors and hospital staff stay connected to patients’ records as well as emergency protocols on the go, which is one of the key differentiator that sets us apart from standard healthcare IT outsourcing companies. We also help you build apps that would empower patients to take a more active role in their care. Our mobile apps will help you:

  • Real time reports for patients and in-house staff
  • Simplify employee collaboration to ensure better results
  • Focus more on patient care and critical documentation
  • Integrate voice, images and text messages for improved communications
  • Improve responsiveness and patient satisfaction

Some unique features we try to build into the apps include:

  • Browser and native support
  • Access control
  • Device registration and management
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Fool proof security

Custom Healthcare Dashboards

We help you build high level healthcare dashboards to monitor KPIs across your practice, clinics, hospitals, departments, and regions. We customize the dashboard with functionalities and metrics particular to your requirements in order to address specific interoperability issues. With our dashboards you can do the following features:

  • View all your reports at one place
  • Drill down from any chart or table
  • Get real-time inputs
  • Export any single chart or table to .xls, .csv, and .png
  • Custom built widgets for specific use cases
  • Responsive design options
  • Wide range of styles and themes
  • Get advanced filters to zero-in on the right information

Healthcare Automation Services

Our healthcare automation solutions are designed to help you improve cash flow by streamlining workflow, reducing wastes and enhancing predictability of outcomes. We ensure this by developing solutions that integrate some of the following:

  • Advanced scheduling
  • E-prescription
  • Electronic medical record
  • Insurance claim management
  • Inventory management

Why Outsource Healthcare IT Services to MedBillingExpers?

When you outsource healthcare IT services to us, you can benefit from the following:

When you outsource healthcare IT services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll will essentially partner with a healthcare IT company that is essentially focused on employing state-of-the-art software and online medical information technology to provide best of the class healthcare IT services.

Contact us today and discover the advantages of outsourcing healthcare IT services to MedBillingExperts.

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