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Our Lytec Billing Support Services is designed to ensure timely reimbursements and improved business sustainability

MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in assisting healthcare providers manage their billing requirements with the help of Lytec Billing Software. Our expertise in handling Lytec have assisted many big and small healthcare providers optimize their revenue cycle management needs.

Our team of coders understand how to use the software good enough to make medical billing easy and error free. As a result most of our clients have leveraged their services to manage denials in a pro-active way. This has led to timely reimbursements and improved business sustainability. Our Lytec billing services have also helped our clients keep a tab on business performance anytime and anywhere.

Why Choose Lytec Software for Billing

Lytec is a market-leading practice management system software used by major US-based healthcare providers. Besides improving cash flow it has gained wide acceptability for its usefulness in increasing office productivity. The biggest advantage of using this software is that it covers all financial aspects of a practice. Since its launch, the application has undergone many timely upgrades, which has made it all the more user friendly. Some of the other benefits of using this software include:

  • Make Online Appointments 24/7
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Real Time Claims Status
  • Automate your Insurance Letters & Appeals

Billing professionals have particularly found this software useful because the latest version of it helps them move credits and adjustments between billings; enables them see the patient co-pay in the unpaid transactions grid; enables billers see exact days left for timely filing and billed claims along with overdue ones and lost more.

The Scope of Our Lytec Medical Billing Services

Our proficiency in this software will assist you in optimizing medical billing requirements in a smooth and easy way. These primarily include:

  • Send timely and clean claims to carriers
  • Address carrier responses quickly to ensure timely inflow of cash
  • Resolve faulty paid accounts by contacting payers, and executing appeals
  • Identify opportunities with the help of advanced analytics

This aside, we leverage our experience with Lytec Billing Services to:

  • Provide guidance to departments about pre-billing holds and denials
  • Plug process gaps with appropriate recommendation
  • Collaborate with RCM and other teams to boost revenue and reduce outstanding AR
  • Help managers manage initiatives at the operations and market level

Why Choose MedBillingExperts for Handling Lytec Software Requirements?

Our Lytec Billing support services ensure your billing needs are settled in the right way. Our hands-on experience in using the software guarantees accuracy and efficiency. Our services will deliver the following benefits

Integrated Billing Services

We integrate our billing process with your Lytec billing software to ensure maximum claims at reduced costs.

Comprehensive Expertise

We help you make use of every feature of Lytec including real-time insights to analyze drilled down revenue trends.

100% Accuracy

We have an excellent track record of using the software to get claims processed the first time.

100% HIPAA compliance

We are 100% HIPAA compliant and hence guarantee strict data security.

Complete Coding Knowledge

We train our experts to stay abreast of billing regulations and coding practices.

Outsource Lytec Billing services to us to get rid of tall he headache associated with billing regulations; incessant claims follow up, and improper coding issues.

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