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Payment posting in medical billing is a critical part of revenue cycle management. It helps providers get a fair estimate of reimbursements trends and overall financial status. Besides, it helps in addressing denials in the most effective ways. It is because of these reasons that it is important to have an efficient payment posting service in place.

MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in providing reliable and cost-effective medical payment posting services to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. We assure our clients quick turnaround time with the help of a well-defined posting process. Our clients, which includes large hospitals and mid-sized and small practices bank on our expertise to accurately post insurance payment data from ERAs, post insurance checks from EOBs, and post patient payments. We follow the best payment posting practices and information security mandates to meet your business requirements as per industry standards.

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Help You
Streamline Payment

  • Identifying denials for medical necessity, non-covered service, service not authorized, etc. and prevent them from occurring again
  • Updating patient responsibility when there is a difference between allowed amount and payment amount
  • Writing off the difference between actual claim submitted and claims received
  • Conducting routine payment reviews to keep receivables updated
  • Tracking payment patterns to identify inconsistencies and trends

Our End-to-End Payment Posting Process Flow

Our payment posting in healthcare is based on few well-defined steps that assist our clients to identify patient responsibility, adjust outstanding payments, write-off dues, initiate refunds etc.

Verify Payment Details

Meticulously verify every minute patient details mentioned in EOB (Explanation of Benefits) such as billed amounts, adjusted amounts, allowed amounts, denial information, co-pays, etc.

Patient Payments

We enter all payments made by patients in the form of checks or cash or credit cards as co-pays or deductibles for services not covered by payers.

ERA Processing

We receive remittance advice electronically, review them and post payments directly. We quickly sort paid and unpaid ERAs for easier accounting.


EOB Processing

Keying in details of a particular claim in respective patient accounts to reconcile them. We carry this out as per client-specific rules.

Posting Denials

Posting claims denials and transferring the balance to patient accounts or re-billing to secondary insurance company.


Our Medical Billing Payment Posting Services Cover Your Complete Needs

Our services are designed to help you get an accurate understanding on reasons for denials, front-end patient collection process and non-covered services. Our services include:

Analyse Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

Our trained and experienced team of payment posting executives key in every details of the patient such as name, account numbers, control numbers, service dates, procedure codes and so on. They analyze all the data to uncover crucial payment related patterns such as percentage of insurance receivable, denials, amount outstanding percentage, and so on.

Analyse Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
Post Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA)

Post Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA)

With this posting service we help you process high volume payment transactions electronically. Our task entails loading the files into your RCM system, checking for errors and discrepancies, and correcting the mistakes with the help of available functionalities in the ERA tool. Our ERA posting services is designed to eliminate manual efforts, cut down on posting errors, and increase the overall efficiency of your payment posting system.

Post Payments Manually

With manual payment posting service, we capture payment figures from scanned copies of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) documents and post them to corresponding patient accounts. We bank on the best manual payment posting practice and business-specific rules to ensure accurate payments, write-offs, balance transfers and adjustments are accomplished. After the posting is done our experts liaison with the denials department to initiate the process of collecting dues.

Post Payments Manually
Post Patient Payment

Post Patient Payment

We assist our clients in posting patient payments so that the dues not recovered from payers are realized from patients. We do this promptly to ensure there is no inflated AR for your practice. Our experience in handling payments received from patients through different modes such as checks, cash, and credit cards help us to resolve credit balance issues or transfer pending balances to secondary insurers in a seamless and timely fashion.

Post Denials

With our denial posting service we post denials into your practice system and at the same time initiate actions such as billing secondary insurance, adjusting balances, keying in the balance receivables into payer accounts, initiating write-offs as per your policies and lining up denials to denial management queues. Our experts have complete knowledge of ANSI denial codes and different payer codes and therefore bring more efficiency into your payment posting process.

Post Denials

Track Cash Inflow

Payment posting in healthcare comes with the additional responsibility of assisting a practice keep proper track of their cash inflow. As a leading payment posting provider, we assist you to monitor and track all outstanding account receivables on a real-time basis. In the process we enable you to keep a tab on cash inflows and initiate actions to remove all bottlenecks to cash inflow.

Track Cash Inflow

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Payment Posting in Medical Billing

Inputs Based on Analytics

We provide inputs on overall revenue trends which includes non-covered services, denials, prior authorization, co-payment, deductible and front office collections.

Develop Policies for Write-off and Adjustments

We develop well defined policies for adjustments and write-offs. This helps us draw your attention to uncommon contractual adjustments that may impact your revenue cycle.

Expedite Denial Management

We keep a track on denied claims and waste no time in forwarding it to the denial management team for on time evaluation and re-submission to payers.

File Claims with Secondary Payers

Our services assist you to identify and process claims with secondary payers and ensure you get paid for any remaining balances.

Manage Knowledge

We store all your business process rules in our practice management systems to ensure we are always on top of the updates and assist you be up-to-date.


We provide access to dashboards that give you real time inputs on cash flow status and areas that require improvements.

How we Help you Streamline Payment Posting

Payment Entry

Receiving and applying the payment to appropriate patient account.

Payment Processing

Analyzing EOB’s for over payment or under payment of amount Identifying Patient Responsibilities.

Payment Adjustments

Match the actual deposit amount with payment posted and shift balance to patient account.

Read What Our Clients have to Say About Us

Shelton Snugs Head, AR Department, Children’s Hospital Washington

"There was a distinct disconnect between our payment posting process and AR management. As a result, our AR team was wrongly prioritizing outstanding amounts leading to delays in collection and sometimes write-offs. Medbilling Experts helped us get over this problem. Their well-designed payment posting process ensured timely reporting and rerouting of all underpaid and denied claims to the appropriate team for re-submission and follow up with patients. This reduced the workload on our AR teams"



Jhon Samuel CEO, Primary Care Clinic, Arizona

"Medbilling Experts Payment Posting process is detailed enough to lend precision to the overall process. Our requirements were so heavy that they decided to split their teams to handle different aspects of the process. While one team matched the data between EOBs and ERAs, the other took care of the postings accurately, mapping and adjusting payments as per the payments received and then passing the doubtful ones to the denials team. This brought about such efficiency, that at the end of each day we had a clear picture of our financial status."


Medcial Payment Posting Through Our lens

Our Complete Medical Billing Process Explained

Our Process

Our Complete Medical Payment Posting Process

Explore how our end-to-end payment posting service helps you get full control of under payments, patient denials, and denial management.

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Reduced Claim Rejection Rates for a Leading Family Practice

Case Study

Reduced Claim Rejection Rates for a Leading Family Practice

With our easy-to-use reporting system, we assisted our client deal with denials both qualitatively and quantitatively. This established a seamless workflow for billing process efficiency.

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