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MedBillingExperts EHR transcription service is designed to make EHR transcriptions easy, accurate and timebound. We help you save the hassle involved in navigating through complex templates, and in the process, speed up the speech to text process.

Our EHR interface is compatible with every type of EHR system. This makes it very user friendly and adaptable. Additionally, physicians can use our interface to complete documentation while leaving the auto-population of data in EHR to us. So, a boost in business productivity is always on the cards.

Our EHR Transcription Service

We can

  • Work directly, accurately and securely in your EHR system
  • Integrate seamlessly into all EHR systems
  • Improve record accuracy by not only transcribing a report, but also making sure that every patient service is assigned an appropriate ICD-10 code
  • Easily integrate voice capture and transcription workflow, as well as import documents directly into your EHR system
  • Keep all patient details secure and maximize workflow production by using EHR system’s messaging function
  • Work with any EHR template that a client may have or develop a system-compatible templates customized for each client

Why Outsource EHR Transcription Services to Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your outsourcing partner:
  • We have a track record of providing high-quality transcription of EHR reports with a fast-turnaround
  • Our services are HIPAA compliant
  • Our expert team of EHR transcriptionists are handpicked, with each individual having 6+ years of specialty experience
  • We offer competitive pricing to ensure 30 to 40% reduction on operational costs
  • We work with every EHR software and can merge the dictations into the EMR system of your choice

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