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High-Quality Back-Office Services for a Medical Billing Company to Process Clean Claims

Expert healthcare back-office support is critical for medical billing companies to deliver error-free billing services. An error free bill leads to clean file submissions and guarantee 100% reimbursement for medical services. MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in providing a range of healthcare back-office support services for medical billing companies in USA.

Our experts stay concurrent with the ever-dynamic healthcare regulations. We combine our up-to-date knowledge and expertise to deliver quality services in the face of evolving regulatory changes.

As a specialized back-office service provider we also bank on cutting edge technology to reduce operational backlogs. This boosts the chances of generating more revenue.

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We Cut
Through Medical Billing Challenges to Keep the Revenue Flowing. Here's How.

  • Assist staff to achieve point-of-service collection for patients who have the possibility of not paying in full.
  • Keep an up-to-date record of the payment portion done by individual patient and the frequency of payments.
  • Proactively communicate with patients about their payment responsibility and the viable payment options for patients to deal with increasing out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Track pending and paid account receivables after every quarter to compare the number of the present with the previous year.
  • Stay updated with all the changes in medical regulations that impact billing and coding protocols.

The Comprehensive Healthcare Back-Office Service Process That We Follow

Eligibility Verification

This is the first step of our support process in which we verify patients’ eligibility to see whether they qualify to meet the minimum requirements of their insurance provider.

Capture Patient Demographic Data

We collect all the important demographic data such as gender, date of birth, ethnicity, postal code, and blood type and then segregate it for effective record keeping as well as further statistical analysis.


Charge Posting

Our experts enter the correct dollar value to each patient account based on the codes assigned by our team of certified medical coding professionals.

Electronic Claims Submission

We perform quality checks to see if all the data is in keeping with the payer’s guidelines before electronically submitting the bills in their required format.


Payment Posting

We verify whether the payment obtained from the payer matches with the dollar value charged by the physicians. The payment is then electronically posted to the medical billing system.

AR Follow-Up and Denial Management

Our team of experts’ follow-up with insurers to understand the reasons for short pay or denial of payment. We use the EHR to justify the invoice for a higher reimbursement amount.


Comprehensive Reporting

We analyze your electronic health records (EHR) to provide critical reports and insights for proper understanding of incoming cash flow. This includes a detailed Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement.

Medical Billing Services We Specialize in

AR Management and Follow-up

We assist medical billing companies to follow up on ageing ARs for faster and full reimbursement. Our AR experts help you with collections, AR calling, claim denial analysis, following up on pending claims, and tracking unsettled balances. We reduce overheads, increase productivity, and resolve disputes with our Accounts Receivable services. Medical billing companies leverage our services to review and record invoices, prepare ageing AR reports, and deliver customer notices.

AR Management and Follow-up
Denial Review and Management

Denial Review and Management

Fixing payment issues is a massive challenge that takes considerable effort to overcome. Our professionals follow-up with insurers to check whether your claims meet the necessary preconditions or fall short. Be it erroneous data or partial documentation, we gather information that trails us to the cause of the denial. After locating and resolving the shortfall, we file claims according to the payer’s required format and guidelines. Our denial management services increase payment recovery for clients and partners by augmenting process management and improving root cause analysis.

Medical Claims Processing

Our medical claims processing support services cover a range of sub-services starting from patient demographic entry, document scanning, claim adjudication to curating the Explanation of Benefits, claims follow-up, filing claims, and data indexing. By relying on our medical claims processing services, you can cut the volume of rejected claims significantly. We dedicate a team of experts who undertake a multi-tier quality correction process to ensure minimal to no errors while executing these services.

Medical Claims Processing
Insurance Verification Service

Insurance Verification Service

Our team of billing experts ensure that the submitted payer details and other benefits information entered into the system is accurate. We check whether the patient is actively covered by a medical plan and if the coverage includes treatment, consultation, medical equipment, procedures, prescription drugs, etc. Our goal is to reduce unexpected payment complications by addressing the problem before its occurrence.

Medical Transcription Services

We tap into our decade-long experience in the industry to deliver accurate and reliable transcription services for any type of medical records. From SOAP reports, procedure notes, and operative reports to discharge summaries, clinical trials and research, audios related to every kind of medical record can be transcribed in as little as 12 hours. Our highly skilled transcriptionists are very familiar with different physician dialects and healthcare terminologies. This empowers them to ensure that the transcriptions you require are completed accurately.

Medical Transcription Services
Medical Records Indexing

Medical Records Indexing

One big challenge facing a medical billing company is sorting large volumes of treatment information and demographic data. Our medical record indexing services enable them to sort and segregate specific information from such volumes of data. We enable faster retrieval of patient files from one location for seamless healthcare document management. All documents are initially scanned into the system and then transformed into images for simpler digital storing. They are then indexed and stored in billing companies’ electronic health record (EHR) or practice management software. We combine precise manual processes with proven quality assurance and quality control mechanisms to offer simple, fast and efficient scanning, indexing and archiving services.

Our Specialties

Why Do We Have Industry Authority in Healthcare Back Office Support?

Generate Greater Returns

We help medical billing companies focus on revenue generating activities and free-up their time to drive greater revenues and keep operations profitable at all times.

Minimize Operating Costs

Medical billing companies avail our services at low costs. It is because we operate out of global delivery centers situated in regions that are home to low cost but quality manpower.

Accelerated Turnaround Times

We guarantee shorter service turnaround times as we have our experts operate from multiple global delivery centers situated across Asia, and North and South America.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our workstations have intrusion detection technology, 100% IT redundancies, robust firewalls, and 200% backup power capabilities to deliver the most cutting-edge offshore services at all times.

100% HIPAA Compliance

We are 100% HIPAA compliant and keep ourselves updated with all the latest HIPAA requirements. Our clients bank completely on us to stay fully compliant.

Rapid Scalability

With operations round the globe and massive pools of skilled talent we can scale operations up or down in a seamless manner in the shortest possible time.

How Do We Drive Efficiency in our Healthcare Back Office Support?

Top-Down Payment Error Identification

Errors in billing is common and can happen inadvertently. Our team of experts ensure that there are no errors with a top-down quality checking process. This ensures an error-free electronic submission of both primary and secondary claims.

Align with Dynamic Regulations

Regulatory requirements change constantly which is why stakeholders struggle to stay up to date with mandates. Our team stays updated with every change in healthcare regulations. In the process we help medical billing and coding companies stay compliant with the latest rules.

Review and Evaluate Billing Metrics

Reviewing billing metrics as per changing needs is also a critical requirement for efficient billing. We continuously review and evaluate billing metrics such as claims first pass resolution rate, collections after each visit, total collection rate, and others to help you uplift performance.

Know What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Director A Prominent Medical Group, Florida

"Inconsistent and erroneous workflows had severely dampened our revenue generation prospects. Ageing ARs were leading to revenue leakages. Our in-house team were already stretched between other multiple administrative work. This was when we decided to partner with MedBillingExperts to streamline our billing operations. Right from the onset, they took a top-down approach to fix not only the issue in hand but other operations that needed fixing. The team streamlined our medical billing practices. They established a robust reporting system to help us get an all-round understanding of our cash flow. The result is a reduction of outstanding ARs to less than 20% and an efficient, adaptive, and compliant billing system."



Chief Financial Officer, A Leading Orthopedic Specialty Center, California

"Our ask was to establish an all-round medical billing solution that will be in strict conformance with HIPAA, CMS, and NUCC regulatory standards. We decided to rely on the expertise of MedBillingExperts and till date we don’t regret our decision. The team communicated with physicians on our behalf to maintain electronic records of patient information that was supposed to be used while filing claims and sending to payers. Starting from enabling electronic claims submission to accurate charge capture, MedBillingExperts had done what was beyond our expectations. All the work was done with minimal or no handholding from our side. However, they ensured that they keep us on loop every time they draw an action plan. We could not have asked for more."


Healthcare Back Office Services Through Our Lens

Mental Health Billing Process

Our Process

Our Healthcare Back Office Service Process

Our custom-built and comprehensive healthcare back-office service process help medical billing companies overcome the real-world billing challenges and ensure clean claim submissions. Take a look at our process.

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