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Healthy revenue flow is the lifeline of any healthcare facility and this explains the need for efficient Accounts Receivable in medical billing. However, with the involvement of multiple stakeholders and the ever-increasing complex nature of the healthcare industry, AR can be a drain on the resources of healthcare facilities. Most medical practices are understaffed to handle the plethora of backend tasks necessary tocut down costs, reduce medical billing errors, and improve cash flow, and as a consequence, their focus on patient care gets diluted.

At MedBillingExperts, we have devised the ideal way to deliver customer-centric medical accounts receivable services to enable healthcare businesses to identify and mitigate all causes of revenue leakage. As a leading healthcare BPO company, our results-driven collection procedure helps generate faster payments across the entire credit portfolio of your healthcare facility. You can also outsource accounts receivable services to us for customized solutions for receivables that demand specialized treatment and strategic follow-ups. By outsourcing accounts receivable servicesto us, you get full control over the complicated and resource-hungry processes just by paying a fraction of your current costs. Over the years, we have helped several large and emerging healthcare facilities to shorten their revenue cycle and improve their cash flow, and we hope to do the same for you.

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We Help You Overcome
the Obstacles
to an Optimized Accounts Receivable
Here's How

  • Scrutiny of accounts receivable balances and segregation of collectible and non-collectible amounts to help you bill co-insurance/deductible amounts to payers.
  • By outsourcing accounts receivable services to us, you get aprecise analysis of billing operations to pinpoint and resolve issues that lead to claim denials or incorrect payments.
  • Thorough review of accounts to come up with a suitable action plan. Identification and analysis of patterns in codes, procedures, or any operational problem.
  • A complete health check-up of your organization's A/R aging report by reviewing the adjustment policy of provider and identifying claims requiring immediate adjustments.
  • Identification of claims that are under the filing limits of the carrier and the ones that failed to get paid as per the contract. Resubmit all such claims with the necessary documents.

Outlining Our Meticulous Accounts Receivable Process

Claims filing

File claims to the right insurance carrier

Tracking status

Follow-up with the carrier to track claims status

Identifying denial causes

Analyze and act upon denied claims by identifying the cause



Connect with the carrier or the patient for additional information


Re-submit the corrected claims to the insurance carrier

Final payment

Monitor the status of refiled claims until they are paid


Types of Accounts Receivable Services We Provide

Medical Billing

We apply state-of-the-art technologies, including the cloud, to equip you with end-to-end medical billing services.Our team comprising AHIMA and AAPC-certified coders and other specialists is well-acquainted with the changing billing and coding regulations of the industry, and has tailored the billing services to better handle claims related to Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, and others. Our medical accounts receivable solutions cover all aspects of medical billing ranging from patient enrolment and eligibility check to coding, billing, accounts reconciliation, and AR collection.

account receivable medical billing
account receivable cash management

Cash Management

We leverage digital medical accounts receivable services to eliminate your struggles of manually managing and reconciling cash originating from a wide range of sources. We make cash handling a seamless experience for you by automating the daily bank reconciliation process by combining the general ledger, the patient accounting system, and bank the account. Our custom cash management solutions help your finance staff to identify exception items, track payments, manage documents,and cash records for auditing,thus allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Bad Debt Analysis

We are aware that the patient's share contributes over a quarter of the revenue of the healthcare industry and that their responsibility is not only at the time of the service. We ensure the collection of payments from patients throughout the revenue cycle to keep you free of bad debts. Our experts help your team to gather billing and insurance information before your care team provides its service to apatient. We calculate the patient's share of the treatment, verify their coverage and insurance bills, and consult them to help you realize an improved revenue cycle performance by cutting down on bad debts and denials.

account receivable bad debt analysis
account receivable credit balance services

Credit Balance Services

Our credit balance services have been designed for an accurate analysis of your account transactions, EOBs, patient notes history, ERAs, and others to help you with truly effective credit management. For optimum outcomes, we adhere to industry guidelines while checking patient credit balance and initiating refunds. We review insurer's contract details, recover the permissible amount, and make corrections if payments are posted incorrectly. We use relevant backup documents to prepare comprehensive patient or insurance refund packages for an improved experience. As a reliable provider of accounts receivable services in USA, we help you enhance the ease of self-pay transfers and secondary insurance billing.

Insurance Verification

Our seasoned team of insurance specialists is well-equipped to assist you in the verification of health insurance documents through meticulous analyses. We verify the primary and secondary payers of the patient’s coverage and collate the paperwork in the order as demanded by the insurer for faster reimbursements. Our accounts receivable outsourcing services team stays in constant touch with both the insurer and the patient and follows-up with the latter for any incorrect or missing documents. For that, we follow standard SOPs, training programs, and Quality Assurance (QA) inspections that are in line with the insurance best practices that help us offer quality services.

account receivable insurance verification
account receivable denial management

Denial Management

We have medical accounts receivable service professionals who are quick to spot any errors in rejected claims and resubmit such claims without any delay. They follow a rigorous process of reviewing data sources, verifying medical coding, and identifying repetitive errors to fine-tune the entire workflow. As an accounts receivable outsourcing services firm,we keep track of submitted and resubmitted claims and take the necessary actions to ensure accurate processing and payment recovery. We also offer detailed financial reports to give you a complete and clear picture of the financial health of your healthcare business.

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Medical Accounts Receivable Management Services

One-stop Destination

Be it following-up on outstanding claims, initiating collections, tracing denial causes, or tracking pending receivable balances, we have your back. Our robust process ensures a low denial rate while helping you with enhanced visibility of outstanding cash values.

Faster Turnaround

Dedicated account managers and 24x7 delivery centers to optimize your healthcare revenue cycle. Improved productivity and consistent communication with the customer base with round-the-clock operations from 8 global delivery centers.

Superior Capabilities

Being a reliable name in accounts receivable services in USA, weboast of the latest infrastructure to mobilize resources for complex projects to ensure faster deliveries. We can scale our resources to meet your changing business requirements and keep you ahead of the curve.

Flexible Engagement

We offer a wide range of service models so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Our AR management services enable you to realize a significant reduction in operating costs and complexities.

Data Security

As an accounts receivable services in USA, we are a HIPPA-compliant company certified by industry authorities. We deploy stringent measures to ensure the highest degree of protection for your information. For that, we embrace digital measures such as restricted access and data encryption.


Besides tackling your current business challenges, we enable you to create a roadmap and an action plan to face upcoming changes in accounts receivable in medical billing. To that end, we help you derive the best from technologies such as automation and analytics.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Teaming up with MedBillingExperts for outsourcing accounts receivable services has been the best decision in terms of our finances. Not only has our inward cash flow ramped up significantly, but we have also been able to control leakages in our revenue cycle. The end-to-end solutions provided by the experts at MBE helped us to get a grasp over the surges in our billing requirements. We got insights into our books in ways that we hadn't anticipated, giving us a fresh perspective to improve our business. The quality service that we have received has convinced us to continue working with MBE in our future endeavors. Their collaborative spirit is much appreciated at our organization.

Before getting MedBillingExperts on board, my practice was being overwhelmed with billing-related issues every now and then. It wasn’t simply a matter of sorting the accounts receivable log anymore and I knew my staff needed help. That is when I decided to bring in the expertise of MBE and their demonstrated track record of improving AR. Through their evaluation and analytics, my team and I were able to get a thorough understanding of the bottlenecks in our system. The MBE team managed to win my trustand this has been one of the most profitable collaborations I have had with a healthcare accounts receivable outsourcing services firm.

Accounts Receivable Cycle Through Our Lens

Our Complete Accounts Receivable Process Exposed

Our Process

Our Complete Accounts Receivable Process Exposed

Have a look at how our results-driven A/R services help you establish an efficient revenue cycle by managing the process end-to-end from the filing of claims to receiving of payment.

View our Process
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How Lack of AR Management Can Harm Your Revenue in Hospitals?

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We Helped a North Carolina based Orthopedic Specialty Streamline Their Billing and AR Services

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We Helped a North Carolina based Orthopedic Specialty Streamline Their Billing and AR Services

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FAQ's on Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services

In the healthcare sector, the term accounts receivable is used to refer to the amount of money that a Payers and Patients owes to a healthcare provider. The balance which is due for payment within a year can thus be termed as accounts receivable. This covers the healthcare services which the patient has availed under credit terms and can be taken care of by medical accounts receivable service providers.

In terms of medical billing, AR calling refers to the communication which is carried out to get information on the outstanding claims from patientsand the insurance provider. This helps to follow-up with the billing process and get the necessary information for successful billing. Efficient AR calling by medical accounts receivable representatives can lead to faster disbursement of payments and hence improve the overall AR.

Lowering the time consumed in closing AR can significantly improve collections in the healthcare sector. This can be achieved by getting valuable insights from an AR analysis, better management of claim denials, and taking special care to reduce errors in the filing of claims. All of these services can be readily availed from professional accounts receivable serviceswho are experts in the field.

The fundamental ways in which the accounts receivable process is carried out include the establishment of a credit application process which helps to verify the eligibility of the individual receiving the services. This is followed by proper documentation and a review of the claims being filed. Additionally, the AR process should comply with regulations and guidelines at every step of the way. The processing of AR becomes significantly more manageable when an accounts receivable outsourcing services provider is enlisted.

Accounts receivable is the total sum of bills while billing is the process of submission and following up with the claims in order to receive the payment. AR is the process that oversees the billing and ensures that the maximum potential of inward cash flow is being met. An accounts receivable service specializes in maximizing the revenue potential of a healthcare provider.

As a leading outsource accounts receivable services provider, we have expertise in handling all kinds of AR needs of our clients. We are well-equipped with both mainstream and new-age software solutions that help us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art services in their AR management requirements. Our robust systems can take on surges in operations while maintaining customization standards for the ease of business processing. To ensure uninterrupted operations, we have built-in IT redundancies as highly reliable back-up power.

We leverage our years of experience to provide the best of services to our clients. While maintaining consistent back-office support for AR management, we ensure that our client’s revenue generation undergoes a significant upsurge. Our industry experts put together their efforts to ensure ceaseless services directed towards lowering the AR days and increasing the efficiency of the claims process.

Our services can be integrated to your needs within a few weeks. As our offerings can be customized to the requirements of our clients, the time to get started can be less or more than the stipulated period. Once our services are set up to your needs, the rest of the process becomes much smoother. We strive to deliver the best AR services to our clients with quick turnarounds.

All of our accounts receivable representatives in medical billing services adhere strictly to HIPAA guidelines. We ensure that our processes and services maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our services and facilities aim towards compliance with the current industry best practices. We take great pride in being a global provider of AR management services that are thoroughly HIPAA compliant.

We use the secured CISCO VPN Tunnel to Client in addition to secured Cisco Intelligent Switches and Cisco Network Assistants which are optimized for LAN. Our Cisco PIX Firewall blocks all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, and ICMP. We also use 128-bit SSL encryption for all our systems which ensure data security for our clients. Our tiered security system provides access to data only upon proper authorization.

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