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MedBillingExperts is a premium medical animation service provider with over 10 years of experience in creating animations for medical marketing, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our team comprises expert medical illustrators, scriptwriters and sound engineers with profound experience in turning complex medical concepts and theories into simple and stunning 2D/3D visuals.

Our creative illustrators and animators have strong proficiency in animation packages including Maya and 3ds Max. Besides, they have thorough knowledge of human anatomy and its functioning. They combine this extensive knowledge and experience to create a range of assorted animations for diverse medical requirements. Aside from excelling in creating hi-resolution realistic animations, we make sure our illustrations are properly referenced and regulatory-compliant. Our clients include major health care providers, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the US.

Types of Medical Animation Services

We provide a range of animation services to our clients most of which are customized as per their requirements. We analyze your business requirement and based on our understanding tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. Our cumulative experience in assisting diverse clients has enabled us to grasp the business profile of different clients and deliver services accordingly.

We specialize in the following animation services

  • 2D/3D Animation: Lets you create 2D/3D computer graphics to show physical, physiological, surgical and other medical topics in deep details
  • 3D Character Animation: Lets you present concepts with the help of animated characters in 3d format
  • Healthcare Visualization: Lets you tell stories about patient health (both individual and general) with the help of rich visuals and clear language
  • 3D Walk-through: Lets you create 3D medical model for a virtual tour
  • 3D Medical Animation: Lets you create computer generated images to represent medical issues
  • Multimedia presentations supported by titles, music and voice-overs

Our End-to-End Medical 2D/3D Animation Process

medical animation process

Animation Services for Diverse Medical Fields

Every medical field has a requirement for top-notch animation service. Developing animation for each of these fields is equally complex and challenging. Our in-depth understanding of the scientific and biological principles of every medical field helps us to develop highly engaging animations for all medical fields.

Some of the fields in which we have wide experience include:

  • Cardiovascular animation
  • Neuroscience animation
  • Anatomy animation
  • Biology animation
  • Pharmacology animation
  • Immunology animation
  • Oncology animation
  • Microbiology animation
  • Urology animation
  • Dermatology animation

We Serve the Requirements of All Stakeholders

Medical animation is required by all stakeholders of the medical industry to meet diverse requirements. Our clients have leveraged our services to explain complex concepts to medical students, practicing physicians, patients and even high school students.

Some of the niche services we have catered to include:

  • Pharmaceutical animation
  • Medical training and planning animation
  • Cellular and molecular animation
  • 3D emergency care instructions
  • Medical device animation
  • Animation for explainer videos
  • Medical stock animation
  • Medical procedure animation
  • High-resolution stills for medical education

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Animation Services

There are multiple reasons for outsourcing medical animation services. These include reduced training costs, quick turn around times, competitive advantage, and advantage of leveraging cutting edge technology to build advanced animations. However, the biggest advantage is getting access to a talent pool that guarantees quality work.

Developing countries like India and the Philippines have a huge talent pool of skilled animators with highly creative imagination skills. These skilled professionals have wide exposure to creating animations which has helped them develop the fine skills needed to meet animation requirements of all industries including the medical industry.

Why Outsource Medical Animation to MedBillingExperts

  • Over 10 years of experience in developing quality and type bound medical animations for different stakeholders of the medical industry
  • Access to a team of animators trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, cell biology and molecular biology
  • On-time production with easy production review to ensure satisfactory work
  • Strict focus on high quality visual effects with concise scripts and clear narration
  • Collaborative approach with complete transparency during designing and scripting stages
  • Up to 40% reduction in overall production costs

Contact us today and discover the advantages of outsourcing medical animation services to MedBillingExperts.

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