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Get Access to Rich Visuals for High Quality Engagement with Our Medical Animation Outsourcing Services

MedBillingExperts is a premium medical animation outsourcing company with over 13 years of experience in creating animations for medical marketing, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Driven by a team of expert medical illustrators, scriptwriters and sound engineers, we have been turning complex medical concepts and theories into simple and stunning 2D/3D visuals.

If you are looking for a hassle-free experience from concept to finish, our knowledge will prove to be a treasure trove. Aside from excelling in creating hi-resolution realistic animations, we make sure our illustrations are properly referenced and regulatory-compliant. What you get in the end, is a story, rich in visuals and high on engagement.

As an Expert Medical Animation Outsourcing Company, We Offer a Diverse Range of Animation Services

We handle everything from research and script writing to motion graphics. Whether you’re a medical school that wants videos and stills as teaching aids to teachers or a pharmaceutical company that is in dire need of an explainer video to show how your product works, our team of experienced animators can work with your medical experts to provide highly engaging animation products.

Since our inception, we have sustained an elite team that meets our clients’ needs to the tee by offering creative consult, personalized service, and an expertise for working around tight timelines. And unlike other medical animation companies, we have taken special care to make sure that we are thoughtful, responsive, and easily accessible to the client at every point of time. All this has helped us to forge long-lasting relationships with the clients, which is why our former clients often keep coming back to us to collaborate on new projects.

Common medical animation services outsourced to us:

  • 2D/3D Animation: Lets you create 2D/3D computer graphics to show physical, physiological, surgical and other medical topics in deep details
  • 3D Character Animation: Lets you present concepts with the help of animated characters in 3D format
  • Healthcare Visualization: Lets you tell stories about patient health (both individual and general) with the help of rich visuals and clear language
  • 3D Walk-through: Lets you create 3D medical model for a virtual tour
  • 3D Medical Animation: Lets you create computer generated images to represent medical issues
  • Multimedia presentations supported by titles, music and voice-overs

Our End-to-End Medical 2D/3D Animation Process

medical animation process

Our Medical Animation Services: How We Go About

The Ideation Phase

We start every project with an in-depth research of the topic, irrespective of whether you are looking for novel ideas or approach us with a story idea of your own. Next, our team consisting of highly experienced subject matter experts and animators conduct a feasibility test by aligning our resources to your technical requirements and proposed deadlines to ensure that the project is delivered within the stipulated time frame.

The Storyboard Phase

3D animation storyboard is created by our medical and graphic teams in close collaboration based on which Q&As, discussions and approvals happen. In case of a feedback, it is quickly integrated into the design to save time, cost and money. The rudimentary storyboard images are the first impression of how the idea is taking shape. In some cases, it even represents what the final 2D animation will look like.

Look and Feel

During this stage, our graphic team develops the look and feel of the animation film. The still images from the film are used for further discussion that can help fine-tune the graphical features and incorporate feedback, if any.

The Final Medical Animation Video

The film is concluded with sound design and editing to present a homogenous design throughout. The length of the film depends on the voice-over recording. The final product can be delivered in any desired format.

Medical Animation Services: We Specialize in The Following

Our outsourced medical animation services can carter the following specialties:

  • Pharmaceutical animation
  • Medical training and planning animation
  • Cellular and molecular animation
  • 3D emergency care instructions
  • Medical device animation
  • Animation for explainer videos
  • Medical stock animation
  • Medical procedure animation
  • High-resolution stills for medical education

Medical Animation Fields

We create visualization for the following fields:

  • Cardiovascular animation
  • Neuroscience animation
  • Anatomy animation
  • Biology animation
  • Pharmacology animation
  • Immunology animation
  • Oncology animation
  • Microbiology animation
  • Urology animation
  • Dermatology animation

Here’s Why You Should Outsource Medical Animation Services to MedBillingExperts?

Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource medical animation services to MedBillingExperts:

Creativity: Our medical animations and illustrations are not a product of concepts alone. It is an aesthetic representation of medical services that can be comprehended by wide range of audiences. Our animations and illustrations will be retained by your viewers for longer. Expect more conversions from your potential customers as we offer 19% higher cognition than other monotonous surgical films.

Customization: Being counted among the best medical animation companies in the industry, we understand the importance of customization and strive to develop medical animation that varies from a standard medical video in many ways. Our research is not only based on the information that is already available. Our teams will thoroughly understand your requirements and breathe life into your project with quality and accuracy through your perspective.

Increased Sales: It is difficult to motivate the sales teams if they do not feel excited or confident about the product they are selling. Therefore, it is important to equip them with right information. We help produce artistic medical animation films that generate an exciting buzz around the product that aids your sales rep create a genuine interest in the product, subsequently increasing the final sales.

Complex Ideas Explained: Your business goal could be anything from expansion to training; the key, however, lies in breaking complex technical ideas down to understandable pieces of information. Our team of medical and graphical experts help you achieve this feat by developing highly engaging medical animation videos that will relay your message with a touch of human element.

When you outsource medical animation services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with a medical animation company that is essentially focused on providing striking, detailed, accurate, and high-quality medical animations and illustration without burning a hole in your pocket.

Contact us today and discover the advantages of outsourcing medical animation services to MedBillingExperts.

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