The US Government’s decision to make it mandatory for doctors and other healthcare practitioners to digitize medical records had stirred a hornet’s nest. Most healthcare service providers were of the opinion that given the time constraints they face, maintaining digital records would make their task all the more time consuming and difficult. And there is truth in this argument. To get an idea about the volumes of data that a hospital handles, consider the case involving the University of Colorado Health. The hospital system currently handles 75,000 patients, and is expected to add more than 3,700 new patients each month. How can a hospital system handle such a huge cache of patient information, without sacrificing profits?

The answer lies in outsourcing the task of maintaining and organizing medical records to a proficient scanning and indexing service provider.

Outsourcing this crucial task is a reliable, timely and cost-effective way of producing perfectly structured medical files, easy to ingest chronological summaries and instantaneous file navigation to all source documents. And here are some of the benefits of having one on your side-

A medical scanning and indexing service provider understands the very essence of organizing medical records and provides a highly customized medical record management services. This ensures that you can quickly pilot through the archives and easily access the necessary information, without any fuss.

Also thanks to these services the task of handling even the most contrasting medical records is fairly simple. You get to enjoy the services of specialized medical document reviewers for mining clinical data, even from notes written by hand. And that is not it! Embedded quality control mechanisms employed by these service providers guarantees precision of highest order at all times. You can also savor the services of sophisticated applied technology for consistency. This technology will also assist you in accommodating every key aspects of your case, which can be very beneficial in identifying lost medical records and generating medical billing summaries.

Scalability is another key benefit that will ensure that you can handle any amount of new case files on a timely basis. Reduced overhead, elimination of workflow interruptions and last but not the least, productive and happier staff are some of the other key advantages of hiring a proficient medical scanning and indexing service provider.


A shift to outsourcing medical scanning and indexing services can bring about a radical improvement in your bottom-line. You can be more successful and effective in rendering proper healthcare, and offer better value to your patients.


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