Imagine being rushed to a hospital with a severe pain in your lower abdomen. A CT scan, discovers a tiny tumor in your small intestine and the doctor advices you to undergo a surgery. The word, “surgery,” leaves you shell shocked. In fact it’s just not you, but every person who gets to hear this would get equally terrified.

But thanks to the advent of medical animation services, things are set to change for the good. With the help of a 3D animated format it is now possible to educate patients about surgical need i.e. how the inner organs are not working properly and how things can be set right with a surgical intervention. A proper understanding of the malfunction and possible remedial measures can dispel the fear associated with surgery, and greatly reduce anxiety levels which in turn can help in faster healing. Experts are of the opinion that by showing, doctors can help patients open up and become more cooperative. At the same time it boosts the patient’s confidence in overcoming the ailment.

For instance consider the case involving a woman from California, who had a huge tumor in her skill. The tumor was present right under the brain and standard removal process required the doctor to physically lift her brain out of the way. However this process was deemed to be very risky and the doctor insisted the patient to consider an unheard of minimal invasive operation, wherein the neurosurgeon would access the tumor through the patient’s left eyelid and remove it using a micro drill. Though the procedure shook the patient to the core, much of their fear got dispelled once the process was explained through 3D animation.

A comprehensive 3D illustration gave them a clear idea of how it would benefit the patient and left them in no doubts about agreeing for the operation. In the end, the nerve-racking surgery was carried out with pin-point accuracy and she was back to work within three weeks of the operation.

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