Not all medical billing companies are the same. The best ones utilize latest technology and industry best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve in the industry, while the bad ones just submit claims, send few patient statements, and hope for the best.

In case you are having difficulties in selecting the best, here are a few traits that you have to look for before making your choice-

1. Up-to-date Data Security

A medical billing company should give utmost importance to keeping your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe at all times. And if it doesn’t manage to do so, it is a serious red flag against the company.

Also make sure that you dig deep to know how the billing company is ensuring the safety of your PHI. Talk to them about how they are storing system passwords, the details of their processes for destroying PHI and email encryption policies, and get a clear understanding of how securely your data is being handled.

2. Easy Access to Claims Data

A medical billing company should never restrict you from accessing your own data. Also they should allow you to run reports and measure the effectiveness of the billing services. In case you are unable to do any of these than it is better to look for an alternative.

3. Timely Reporting

A medical billing company should provide continuous reports that will enable you to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of billing process. These reports will help you identify the areas that are performing well and those that need improvements either on your end or by your billing service provider.

Once you have the reports in hand you can opt to review past performance data and patterns, set realistic expectations and develop effective ways to meet them.

4. Technology and Service Updates

A good medical billing company will provide the minimum services required. Whereas a great medical billing service provider will strive to incorporate latest technology and best practices so that they can upgrade their offerings and help you keep up with the ever-increasing challenges of your industry. They make sure that they provide latest offerings such as online patient payment portal and self-service knowledge hub that will help you manage the volumes of high deductible health plans and provide answers to common questions on the go respectively.

5. Ongoing Training

Make sure that your medical billing company keeps you updated about the latest codes and services that you can use, as well as provide training materials regarding how to improve operational efficiency of your staff.

Also ensure that your billing company carries out a number of training sessions during the initial implementation process as well as provide ongoing training to your staff on things such as the best practices for eligibility checking, front desk collection, documentation, coding and so on.

The Bottom-line

There are more than five things to examine before you zero-in on your medical billing service provider. Yes, the above mentioned points are important, but equal weightage should be given to the commitment to deliver exceptional service, open two-way communication, and willingness to work tirelessly with the client to ensure that the claims are submitted accurately to each and every payer, every time. MedBillingExperts provides you all this more. Along the way we also ensure high average rate of collections, software compatibility, up-to-date privacy and security policies, and 100% regulatory compliance.

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