Has inefficiencies crept into your coding practice and as a result of this, are you dealing with coding-related backlogs? Well, these are signs that it is time to revamp your coding practice. In case you are wondering where to start, here are some tips that you need to implement to take your medical coding operations to the next level.

1. Limit Your Coders’ Non-Coding Tasks

Are you one of those organizations that is assigning coders to non-coding tasks such as phone answering and appointment setting? Then you are making a big mistake. Make sure that you rectify this mistake by limiting your coders’ non-coding tasks and helping them focus on what they do best, i.e., coding.

2. Provide EMR Training

Often, owing to time and budgetary constraints, organizations make the mistake of ignoring training and as a result their coders never acquire the skills needed to seamlessly process digital information. Avoid this mistake by training your coders on your EMR system, thereby ensuring that the, ‘left arm knows what the right arm is doing.’

3. Conduct Coding Compliance Audits Regularly

Conducting regular coding audit helps you identify quality issues and take corrective actions in a timely manner. That is not it! When done with the right style, frequency and intention, these audits can improve coding accuracy by creating a loop of information between providers and coders. However make sure that you don’t tip over by alienating your coders and making them believe that the audits are a negative (or worse, punitive) practice. Ensure that you make it clear to your staff that the audits are conducted with the goal of continuous professional growth, so that positive outcomes flow in all the directions of your revenue cycle.

4. Keep Up With Regulatory Changes

Rules governing medical coding, be it be CPT, health common procedure coding system (HCPCS) or ICD-10, are in an constant state of motion. Hence make sure that your coders are well aware of all coding related updates. Also make it a point that they are mindful of the impact of value based care and how latest reporting guidelines will affect cost of patient care.

Use these tips as launching pads to take your coding department to new heights. In case you need any other assistance with regards to medical coding don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the leading medical coding service providers in the industry with a decade long experience in providing customized coding solutions to clients of every size and type. Leveraging a 6-tier coding model, we make sure that what you get in the end is a wholly optimized coding process that can push up reimbursements in compliance with regulations.

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