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Enhanced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Greater Returns

Is the business side of your practice performing as well as the clinical side? If getting a clear picture of your accounts continues to be a struggle, there must be something amiss. It has got something to do with improper medical billing, incorrect transcription services, untimely claims submission, absence of insights, or a mix of these. Squaring up the figures willnever be an easy game till you know where to begin. To set things right,your RCM process must be waiting to leverage the experience of the right revenue cycle management company.

We at MBE realign revenue cycle management process to plug the gaps that play with the figures. We bank on appropriate authorization, highest level of coding, continuous monitoring of key performance metrics, established payment plans, periodical auditing of aging account receivables, daily payment posting, and up-to-date appeals process, to make inter-dependent revenue processes work in syncand ensure figuresmatch up at the closing hours of the day.

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How Our RCM Outsourcing Services Help Your Practice
Get a Clear Picture Every Day

At the end-of-day, we help you have a closer look at these figures to know where your finances stand:

Clinical Collections

Amount generated in total clinical collections

Net Collection Ratio

Money collected against the amount that is legally due

Denial Management

Denied & resubmitted claim count & claims in resubmission process


Billing Management

Bills pending correction, edits and re-verification

Payment Posting

Updated EOB/ERA towards claims payment

Insurance Verification

Count of network & out-of-network patients and uncovered procedures



Day’s insurance adjustments and justified write-offs

Days Sales Outstanding

Time left to collect outstanding money

Aged A/R Analysis

Loan percentage collected within 0-60 days. CLR balance

RCM Services We Can Partner with You On

Billing and Corrections

Our billing process management includes charge entry with patient demographic data, pre-billing edits, hard copy claims filings, electronic claims generation, charge master review and following up with patients for co-pays.

Medical Billing Solutions
medical billing services
medical coding services

Medical Coding

Our experienced coding teams are experts in handling all data entry, ICD-10, procedural and DRG coding, as well as a range of coding specialties, including radiology, emergency department, anesthesiology, surgery, and more.

CPT Medical Coding

Claim Processing

This service involves collecting patient demographic information, identifying CPT and ICD codes, scanning for billing and coding errors, generating an EOB, evaluating claims for accuracy, and processing denied claims for resubmission.

Accurate Medical Claims
claims processing services
denial management services

Denial Management and Appeals

We manage your entire appeals process, from analysis of root causes of denials to following up with payers to rebilling with any necessary appeals correspondence. We bank on analytics to analyze denial trends and develop strategies to nip them.

Denial Management

Insurance Verification

Our experts can help with the verification of primary and secondary coverage, out-of-network benefits, and co-insurance and deductible information. They also evaluate prior authorization requirements to ensure the submission of clean claims.

Medical Insurance Verification
insurance verification services
Payment Posting in Medical Billing

Payment Posting

Our experts ensure that data from both ERAs and EOBs match payments made, report denials and non-covered services, resubmit denials, process write-offs and adjustments, and identify issues with collecting co-payments and deductibles.

Payment Posting in Medical Billing

How We Are Disrupting the Practices of Other Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Intensive Claims

Benchmarks to ensure work-queue configurations are optimized


KPI data to get actionable insights into the root cause of RCM problems

Dynamic Process

Deep knowledge of the unique aspects of your business to help identify detailed integration points and provide workflow guidance

Access to Data

Integrated billing to effectively upload, transfer, and share data between systems seamlessly

Powerful Automation

Time-saving support by automating administrative tasks and ensuring clean claims are submitted the first time around

In-Depth KPI Assessments

Dedicated account managers to assess KPIs and serve as a single point of contact

Read Our Clients Latest Reviews

Kavita CEO, CHPPS (CA)

"We used MedBillingExperts’ healthcare RCM outsourcing services to ensure that our claims were paid within 7 days of a claims submission. We have noticed an increase in revenue by 34%, which we attribute to gaining insight into what we were actually collecting and what was left on the table."

Medical Director Chiropractic Practice (MA)

"We have used a lot of EMRs over the years because we had a problem with our practice not having any money coming in despite claims being submitted. We wanted to use one program to handle all our needs, from medical billing and coding to scheduling and collections. The RCM solution they provided was user-friendlyand helped reduce our administrative costs by 54%."

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Through Our Lens

Revenue Cycle Management Steps

Our RMC Process

Our Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solution Exposed

Discover how our complete RCM solution operates starting with setting a patient’s appointment through to effective denials management and collections.

How it Works
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FAQ's on Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Process

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process by which healthcare care practices track patient care from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment made for availing a treatment. It primarily involves charge capture, claims submission, coding, patient collection, pre-registration, registration, remittance processing, and third-party follow-up.

There are many reasons for outsource revenue cycle management business to a third-party vendor. However, the most imp reasons for outsourcing include:

  • Get more control over claims denial and AR aging caused due to inefficient registration and administration process.
  • Acquire economies of scale through a cost-sharing model that enables you avail best of breed staff and cutting-edge technology for collections.
  • Acquire first-hand knowledge of latest payer rules, changes in legislation, and evolving industry practices.

Revenue cycle management is important because it ensures uninterrupted cash flow for the medical service provider. It simplifies the billing and collection cycles, by registering, appointing, scheduling and processing the payment.

The process is also responsible for reducing the amount of denied claims by revising and resubmitting denied claims and following up with patients on receivables.

We offer a range of pricing models. These include the general pricing model, full time pricing model, transaction-based pricing model, percentage-based collection model, and tailor-made pricing models. These pricing models are customizable.

The RCM requirements of different practices and specialties are different and hence these is no one particular way to improve RCM. However, a few proven ways to improve the process are:

  • Establish payer-payment alignment by moving away from paper-based processes, embracing electronic submission, obtaining prior authorization etc.
  • Accelerate momentum of patient pay with a patient centric RCM drive and well-defined follow up process.
  • Embrace technology such as automation to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and predictive analytics to understand evolving trends.

You can contact MedBillingExperts 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can contact us by:

Email: info@medbillingexperts.com
Call : 1866 344 1936

We bank on a scalable cloud-based EHR platform to deliver our support services. So, we can scale-up or scale-down to your need with remarkable flexibility.

We can start supporting your requirements within a time period of 2 weeks. It takes us just a couple of weeks to understand your medical practice and its requirements and get acquainted with the software you use, workflow, KPIs etc.

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