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Effective Medical Billing Services to Accelerate Cash Flow

Is medical billing proving to be a major pain point of your RCM process? If so, you are not alone. Keeping up with present due accounts and pursuing past due accounts hand-in-hand has rendered medical billing into a heavy and scattered work that entails a continuous tight rope walk. And resigning yourself to a balancing act is just not a sustainable way to grow. To set things in order, your medical billing process needs a partner who will assist you identify where you are wasting your time and discover opportunities to improve your workflow and optimize your cash flow.

We at MBE have wide experience in assisting healthcare providers make their billing practices more accurate, consistent and reliable. Over the years, we have gathered comprehensive understanding of the stages in the process where errors can arise and have accordingly developed ways to avoid them. From setting standard procedure to collect and verify insurance information to minimizing the likelihood of incomplete claims from double checking diagnosis and surgical codes for errors to ensuring highest level of coding specificity, we assist you plug pervasive medical billing mistakes.

We Help You Reduce Medical Billing Mistakes. Here’s How

  • Verifying and re-verifying critical eligibility information from the insurance provider prior to rendering services
  • Having multi-tier reviewing of claim information to ensure all required fields are completed accurately
  • Coding bills with attention to details and second level reviewing to ensure appropriate codes are entered for the exact services
  • Billing claims to the highest level of specificity so that there is enough detail to warrant full reimbursements
  • Ensuring up-to-date awareness of the different windows needed by different third-party payers to file insurance claims

We Follow a Step-by-Step Process to File and Claim Bills

Patient Registration

Collect pertinent patient information to aid medical treatment

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Ensure patient has the appropriate insurance coverage in place

Medical Coding

Assign medical diagnosis and procedures to a set of common codes for easier billing


Charge Entry

Assign appropriate charges to patient accounts for simpler reimbursements

Auditing/Quality Check

Check for errors and inconsistencies in claims prior to submission

Claims Transmission

Transmit claims to insurance company for processing and payment


Clearing House Rejections

Address any claims rejections and fix claims errors that were identified

Payment Posting

Post all payments received into the medical billing system

Denial Management

Determine the causes of denials and mitigate the risk of future denials


AR Recovery

Follow-up on unpaid claims and generate monthly aging reports for reimbursements

Patient Statement

Generate bills for patients with charges they have to cover for their treatment


Follow-up on delinquent patient accounts to receive reimbursements in part or in full


Our Medical Billing Support Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

Patient Scheduling and Registration

We can help you manage the flow of patients through your practice, schedule appointments, and pre-register your patients prior to their first visit. This will ensure that medical care is delivered without delays as all critical patient information is collected upfront.

Patient Scheduling and Registration
medical coding services

Medical Coding

Our highly trained coding teams are proficient in handling ICD-10 coding, compliance, patient demographic data entry, DRG coding, and quality checking to ensure the right modifiers, procedural, and diagnosis codes are used to eliminate claims denials.

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Claims Preparation and Submissions

We collect patient demographic information, adjudicate claims for accuracy, prepare an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), identify ICD and CPT codes, scan claims for billing and coding errors, and process denied claims for resubmission for our clients.

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medical claims processing services
denial management services

AR Management

Our medical billing experts will constantly communicate with patients, healthcare providers, and insurance firms to follow-up on pending claims, track receivables balances, investigate claims denials, and initiate collections to increase cash flow and reduce the number of AR days.

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Insurance Verification

Our experts can help with determining patient eligibility to provide a clear view into their insurance coverage, out-of-network benefits, and co-insurance and deductible responsibilities. They also establish prior authorization requirements to guarantee only clean claims submissions.

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insurance verification services
denial management services

Denial Management and Appeals

Our team of professionals conduct AR follow-up with payers, check claims statuses, prepare appeals letters, and analyze root causes of denials. We also rely on analytics to spot denial trends that we can develop strategies around to prevent repetitive revenue leakage.

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How We Raise the Bar

Full Compliance

Rigid documentation protocols to meet HIPAA and Office of Inspector General compliance Benchmark-based process across end-to-end billing procedures

Meticulous Claims Audits

Regular and detailed audit of denied claims to analyze the kind of errors or mistakes made in submitting the claim

In-Depth Training

Regular staff training to ensure thorough and up-to-date knowledge of rules adopted by different third-party payers

Read Our Clients Latest Reviews

Alex Bell CFO, Hospital and Healthcare Facility, Washington

"We were finding it difficult to keep a check on rising AR days which led to an accumulation of claims. After MedBillingExperts came on board, they set up a team to review those accounts, their status, and the root cause for the delays. Based on their expert understanding, they setup a reporting system, which helped us reduce AR days by half. In a short span of 3 months, they cut our outstanding AR to less than 10%. We could not be more impressed."

Rex Dargan Vice President, Public Sector Medical Billing Organization, California

"Our claims submission process was riddled with errors, because of which claims denials were piling up. We turned to MedBillingExperts for a solution. They devised a claims recovery strategy and put together a team to implement it with success. They also identified the core reasons for under payments or no payments. We could not have recovered from our impending losses without their help!"

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Our Complete Medical Billing Process Exposed

Explore how our comprehensive medical billing solutions can help you collect payments starting from insurance verification through to denial management and appeals.

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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Services

Get a better understanding of the costs and benefits related to outsourcing your medical billing services to gain insight into how critical an investment it could be.

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We helped a Medical Practice Optimize Their Medical Billing Process to Improve Bottom Line

Case Study

We helped a Medical Practice Optimize Their Medical Billing Process to Improve Bottom Line

By using our services, a leading US healthcare provider was able to reduce their AR days by 50% and cut their outstanding AR to less than 10%.

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FAQ's on Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services are payment practices that are employed by healthcare providers to ensure maximum reimbursements are obtained from either the insurer or the patient to cover medical expenses for procedures, treatments, and testing. From overcoming the continual decline in reimbursements to streamlining complex collections processes and meeting HIPAA requirements, medical billing services can ensure the successful closing of a claim and the subsequent generation of revenue if handled correctly.

We charge according to the number of full-time medical billing experts you need to handle your claims and superbills volumes. Our standard rates can range from $20/hour to $50/hour depending on the level of expertise required and the complexity of the claims involved.

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Yes, MedBillingExperts looks at the billing structures and the RCM processes that are in place to identify potential revenue streams that stem from the correcting of wrongful application of HMO rates or by auditing physician assistant reimbursements and billing. Through this analysis we can create a revenue recovery plan that fits your organization. We also provide a detailed analysis of charge practices to evaluate your deficiencies and then recommend modifications to your billing process to ensure that prompt payments are made.

MedBillingExperts employs certified medical billing experts that are highly proficient in the capturing of thorough and accurate patient demographics for data entry purposes from the very beginning. This sets us apart from all the other medical billing service providers out there, as they do not pay quite as much attention to the first and most critical step of the medical billing process like we do.

We continue to operate 365 days of the year on a 24/7 basis with zero downtime to ensure that our services are always available to our clients, whether it be on an urgent basis or otherwise.

Email: info@medbillingexperts.com
Call : 1866 344 1936

We usually require that prospective clients commit to a 3-month period before we can take them on as clients. After this initial contract period, you are free to cancel at the beginning of any month with a minimum of 30 days’ notice. We charge based on the number of full-time experts you will need to handle your requirements. However, the fees will vary according to the size, specialty, industry, and volume of claims. Please note that we do not get paid unless you get paid first.

We can start processing your superbills the moment the initial contract is signed. We will need you to complete some registration forms and provide details about your practice and all the insurance companies you have tied up with to process your claims.

We will provide you with an accurate picture of your practice’s billings and collections by generating weekly/monthly/quarterly reports. We will even provide you with the 120-day AR benchmark so that you can compare our performance and results with the national average of your specialty.

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