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Bringing Accuracy in Your Dental Insurance Verification Services

MedBillingExperts has over a decade of experience in delivering comprehensive dental insurance verification services to dental practices of all sizes. Our services are aimed to reduce claim rejections and increase revenue for your dental practice. The scope of our dental insurance verification outsourcing services includes identifying patient eligibility, understanding the benefits made available under the plan, and confirming coverage with the insurance carrier or company. As an experienced dental insurance verification company, we lay emphasis on benefits verification for patients prior to their appointment date. We obtain prior authorizations for specific dentistry codes for implants, crowns, scaling and root canal treatment, and others. Our team makes a detailed report of the benefits and eligibility coverage for patients and upgrades your practice management system with the same.

We are among the best dental insurance verification companies with a team of industry experts. They work round the clock to take care of all the back-office operations to execute dental insurance verification services. This takes away the burden of performing administrative tasks so that you get to focus more on your core objective of providing quality care to your patients.

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Our Streamlined Dental Insurance Verification Services Process Flow Helps Prevent Claim Denials. Here's How:

  • Proactive verification of patient’s insurance eligibility through calls to the insurer or online checks
  • Check policy status, claim mailing address, plan exclusions, deductibles, pre-authorization number, among others
  • We conduct a simultaneous tallying of information gathered by us and the data provided by insurers to confirm information accuracy
  • We check and recheck to ensure that we have gathered all the required information and that all are accurate
  • Post validation of patients’ insurance coverage, we promptly send you the report to help you provide services aligned with the coverage scopes

Our Complete Dental Insurance Verification Services Workflow

Coverage eligibility assessment

After we receive patient details, we use advanced software like MISYS, MediTouch, Kareo, among others to determine patients’ eligibility to get coverage and the extent of it

Verify with the insurer

Our team of experts persistently cross-check all the information derived from the patients with insurers. This is to ensure that all the obligations on patients’ part are met prior to and post the dental treatment


Follow-up with patients

Our team of insurance commission experts follows up with patients to retrieve any missing piece of information or to fulfill any obligation due from the dental caregiver. We provide an upfront cost estimation to be paid by patients after the insurance coverage

Final report submission

We use FTP/SFTP servers to send the final report that is automatically updated into the dental caregiver’s practice management system



Dental Insurance Verification Services We Specialize Include

Our dental insurance verification process helps you to make your dental insurance claim more streamlined and better managed:

Document Verification

We are considered among the best dental insurance verification companies because we take a checklist-based approach to execute the complete task of patients’ document verification process. Westart with collecting all the information required to write an invoice. The documents received are then tallied against a list of all the necessary documents. This ensures a proper authentication of all the documents based on the requirements specific to a dental insurance company. Our team of experts maintains utmost accuracy during the entire process of document collection and verification to avoid process re-run and ultimately a delayed reimbursement for the dental care company.

dental insurance document verification
dental insurance coverage verification

Patient's Dental Insurance Coverage Verification

We take special care to validate all the dental insurance coverage details in the documents produced by the patients. We tally the details with that of the insurers’ current coverage scopes. We get all the required details by either communicating with the dental services insurer directly or checking their website. We ensure checking critical information such as effective dental insurance coverage date, date of coverage termination, co-payment benefits, and co-insurance amount, among others. We make note of critical details such as diagnosis and services covered by the dental insurers and policy limitations. Such information efficacy reduces the chances of dental insurance claim denials.

Patient Communication

Our dental insurance verification services leverage different types of communication modes for proactive communication with patients about their out-of-pocket expenses. This is to reduce the chances of surprise fees that can ultimately result in a dissatisfied customer. Our team educates dental caregivers on various dental insurance concepts such as deductible, co-insurance, co-payments, and the maximum out-of-pocket expenses. This knowledge helps them to understand the deductibles that are applicable on a patient’s first visit. We contact patients on a prompt basis to collect any missing piece of information or an information that does not tally with the coverage details provided by the insurer.

dental insurance patient communication
dental insurance claim denial appeal

Claim Denial Appeal

As a trusted dental insurance verification company, we first ensure collating all the necessary and detailed information in the claim. Such include a clear diagnosis and service narrative and intraoral images in the claim to lessen the chance of denials. Our claim appeals are based on the different appeal formats used by different insurers. We also check all the co-pay details and diagnostic data to understand the medical necessity of the procedure and format our claim denial appeal accordingly.

Final Report Submission

Our final report is a complete breakdown of all the patient benefits and other necessary information pertaining to the dental insurance coverage member’s ID, group ID, validity, and expiry dates of the insurance coverage. This final report will essentially feature any pre-authorizations that may be needed to ensure that dental insurance coverage can fulfill a dental caregiver’s claim reimbursements.

dental insurance final report submission
dental insurance business process improvisation

Business Process Improvisations

As a progressive dental insurance verification company, our objective is to streamline and smoothen the entire dental care billing and verification process. Our technology and expertise help dental caregivers get real-time information about a patient’s eligibility for dental insurance coverage before any prebooked, walk-ins, or same-day appointments. Our team of experts ensures code-specific verification to provide prior information not only on deductibles, and co-payments but also on benefit limitations and code-specific benefits.

Our Specialties

Why We are an Industry Authority in Dental Insurance Verification Services?

Guaranteed Compliance

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified dental insurance verification company, we strictly adhere to critical HIPAA compliance standards and follow all HL7, CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-11 guidelines and regulations.

Cutting Edge Technology

We leverage advanced technology that gets the dental insurance verification process done with complete accuracy and within minimum TAT.

Improved Scalability

We bank on strategic planning, adequate backup resources, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver services when volumes scale up.

Reduced Turnaround Times

We complete the process in the shortest possible time which gives you a free hand to start the treatment process at the earliest.

High Quality Service Standards

We conduct regular training programs, have well-defined SOPs, and rely on tight quality assurance checks to ensure that only the highest quality of services is offered at all times.

How We Help You Streamline Dental Insurance Verification

Expedited eligibility verification

We complete all verifications within a short span of time before patients’ appointments to allow buffer time for caregivers to estimate the total service cost

Derive pre-authorization

We ensure carrying out pre-authorization to ensure proper processing of dental insurance claim files

Proactive patient communication

We proactively communicate with patients to gather any essential information required to process the claim application.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Chief Financial Officer a leading dental and surgical company, Florida

"We are extremely satisfied with MBE’s dental insurance verification services. Their on-time and meticulous services freed up our resources and time which we have successfully invested in diversifying our service portfolio. It took them a very short time to perfectly understand our pain points and provide service that directly addressed our process challenges. Our entire process is perfectly in order, and we know where to look in case there’s any glitch. We look forward toa long-term partnership with MBE."



Medical practitioner a leading dental diagnostic center, Boston

"We have known MBE as an efficient dental insurance verification service provider who has consistently placed the correct information on the table. This helped us accurate file claims and have a prior hint about the total service cost. Previously, we were uninitiated about patient benefits which often led to surprise fees in our invoices that ultimately resulted in an unsatisfied customer walking out of our clinic. MBE’s services have helped us maintain a fulfilled claims history and a surge of patient referrals. We can't thank MBE enough for the services they have rendered."


Dental Insurance Verification Services Through Our Lens

Dental Insurance Verification Process

Our Process

Our Dental Insurance Verification Process

Our well-defined process flow helps dental practitioners with a detailed report of a patient’s benefits and insurance coverage eligibility. Take a peek into our comprehensive dental insurance verification services

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Case Studies

Our Customized Dental Insurance Verification Services Helped Our Client Reduce Claim Denial Rate

A leading multispecialty clinic was losing out on revenue opportunities because of an increase in unpaid dental service claims. Our customized dental insurance eligibility services helped our client to reduce the number of unpaid claims.


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