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Outsource Patient Demographics Entry Services

Our patient demographics entry services leverage cutting edge software suites and a team of medical experts to facilitate the accurate digitized entry of patient information

Med Billing experts have 10 years of experience in the recording and maintenance of patient information for healthcare providers. Our services comprising entering family medical history, personal and treatment details, enable you to successfully counter the loss of revenue that your medical practice sustains due to the inaccurate recording of vital information of the patient. Our error-free patient demographic entry process for clients facilitates quick and successful processing of insurance claims by the carrier.

As a global patient demographics entry service company, our services aim to enable your physicians to understand a patient’s medical history accurately. Our services leverage medical billing software suites and a team of highly trained data entry experts to deliver a high-quality system of recording patient demographics. Outsource patient demographics entry services to us to enrich your claims process with 100% accuracy

Our All Inclusive Patient Demographics Entry Services

Information Validation

Our team of medical billing and coding experts are proficient with accurate data entry. As a global patient demographics entry services company, we perform in-depth review of patient information and the supporting documents supplied by the patient. By using advanced software suites that are capable of automating the charge entry procedure, we are able to assure the complete accuracy of the information that is digitized onto your billing system

Services Include:

  • Use of secure FTP servers to complete the upload process
  • Checklist based approach to identify any missing patient information
  • QA parameters to keep patient demographics audit ready at all times
  • Workflows based on the internal billing guidelines as per agreement with the client

Patient Demographic Entry

We prepare for all the patient information received by us from your in-house team to be uploaded onto the medical billing system. We adopt a second set of information verification steps where we scrutinize the patient account for the accuracy of information such as patient insurance provider, major diagnosis, critical health conditions and blood type.

Service Include

  • Customized workflows to flag errors in patient information
  • A detailed review of patient insurance policy to verify eligibility of patient for a particular treatment
  • Multi-Specialty charge entry process
  • Follow up on various denied and unpaid claims
  • Use of robust high performance medical billing systems such as Medisoft, Medical Manager, Misys, Ortivus etc

Medical History File Creation

Our services as a specialist patient demographics entry services company, encompasses the creation of patient medical history files. Our services will ensure that all your submitted claims are substantiated with the appropriate supporting information.

Services Include:

  • Collection, validation and review of patient medical history information
  • Compilation of the supplied information in the right format for maintenance, review and audit purposes
  • Medical record indexing and electronic health record maintenance

Patient Insurance Validation

We perform an in-depth scrutiny of the patient's health insurance policy to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s eligibility to received specific treatments. Our insurance validation service has been designed to drastically bring down the rate of claims denials in your medical practice.

Services Include

  • Review of patient insurance clauses
  • Documentation of eligible medical procedures
  • Creation of files containing substantive information about patient treatment for the claims process

Our Patient Demographics Entry Process:

Receipt of Patient Data : We receive files containing all the vital information of the patient such as name, gender, contact information and social security number from the client. We use secure FTP servers to ensure complete data privacy

Creation of Patient Account : We categorize the demographics by creating individual patient accounts. All of this information can be accessed by doctors seamlessly by keying in their login credentials

Validation of Information : We adopt a multi-tier information validation system and software suites with process automation capabilities. We adopt a no compromise approach to information validation to ensure 100% accuracy

Upload of Patient Information onto Billing System : We route the digitized patient information onto the billing systems to furnish them alongside the details of the treatment with the CPT codes. The complete profile of the patient is recorded and prepared for claims submission

Insurance Information Entry : The insurance information of the patient including the amount and medical procedures they are eligible for, are uploaded onto the patient account. With this we compete the demographics data entry process.

Why Outsource Patient Demographics Entry Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • An experienced team of 1000+ medical billing and coding experts with extensive experience in HIPAA compliant billing process
  • 100% patient information accuracy and security with data backup
  • Use of the latest medical billing software suites such as Compulink, Medisoft, CureMD, DrChrono and more to suit the needs of the client
  • 8 global delivery centers to deliver our bespoke patient demographics entry services
  • Highly scalable services with flexibility to suit the needs and the workload of our client
  • 100% accuracy in the entry and maintenance of patient information
  • 24/7 support model with QA parameters to deliver high quality service
  • Close to 40% reduction in operational costs compared to handling data entry with an in house model

Looking for a world class patient demographics entry services company to take charge of your patient information digitization process? Outsource patent demographics entry services to us a robust solution

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