Outsource Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing service adds immense value to your orthopedic practice by ensuring sharp and timely payments

MedBilling Experts has over 10 years of experience in the customization and implementation of bespoke orthopedic medical billing services for hospitals and medical practices. Driven by a knowledgeable team that understands the complex rules of, insurance companies we strive to ensure timely billing and account reimbursement for orthopedic practices

A key aspect of collecting outstanding money is appealing for denied claims. This requires answering specific questions about diagnoses and procedures. As a premium orthopedic medical services company, we have the requisite orthopedic billing experience to provide answers to all such queries and help you avoid claims being denied. Outsource orthopedic medical billing services to us to empower your business with the efficiency of a world-class back office support system.

Our Comprehensive Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Billing and Coding

Our team of billing and coding experts are AAPC certified with years of experience in management of Orthopedic procedures. We accurately classify and document treatment procedures with the appropriate codes and proceed to create bills for the treatment.

Services Include:

  • Coding of orthopedic treatment procedures using ICD and CPT coding conventions
  • Review of codes using document management software with automation features
  • Digitization of patient treatment portfolio onto CRM systems
  • Preparation of Itemized bills based on thorough review of patient eligibility
  • Performing Chart Audit and Code Review


As an expert orthopedic medical billing services company, we take charge of your collections process and create a collection strategy that will increase the revenue of your practice. Our optimized collections service will reduce the costs involved in the recovery of orthopedic procedural costs submitted to the insurer by your medical practice.

Service Include

  • In depth review of all information submitted in the claims
  • Establishment of liaisons with patients to recover the costs owed for you medical practice

Client Reporting

From Accounts receivables aging reports to insurance payer mix report, CPT code analysis report and variance report, we keep you updated on the real time economic status of your practice. At the same time, our reporting service give you insights into the productivity, profitability and efficiency of your orthopedic practice.

Services Include:

  • Periodic generation of reports
  • Customized financial reports package
  • Generation of CPT code accuracy analysis report
  • Accounts receivables reporting

Receivables Management

As a global orthopedic medical billing services company we follow up your pending claims and track outstanding receivable balances based on due dates. Our service will ensure an increase in the cash flow of your orthopedic practice. We effectively research outstanding accounts receivable balances and provide you with routine reports with detail collection progress, including payments and recommending adjustments.

Services Include

  • Insurance verification steps
  • Liaisons with third party payers
  • Creation of reimbursement policy and procedures
  • Creation of schedule for collections

Our Orthopedic Medical Billing Process

Scheduling and Verification : We schedule patient visits for Orthopedic treatment and record the details of the procedure comprehensively. We verify the eligibility of the patient to avail specific procedures by comparing them with the clauses of the insurance

Document Creation and Maintenance : We aggregate all vital documentation such as clinical records, details of charges incurred and patient scan records/X-rays. This information is digitized onto CRM systems and patient profiles are created

Coding and Bill Generation : The details of the treatment administered to the patient are recorded and accurate codes are assigned. The total itemized bill of the treatment is generated and prepared for claims

Submission of Claims : After completing an in depth review of patient and treatment information, the claim is submitted to the insurance carrier. We follow up with the insurer to keep the patient updated on the status

Denial Management : We route all denied claims to the denial management queue. Denial management procedures like investigation and root cause analysis are initiated

Why Outsource Orthopedic Medical Billing Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • An experienced team of 1000+ medical billing with expertise in orthopedic medical coding and patient information validation
  • Complete knowledge of insurance billing and patient billing procedures
  • HIPAA compliant billing process
  • Up to 40% improvement in collections
  • Specialty medical billing services customized to the specific needs of client
  • Robust 24/7 support and services
  • Up to 40% savings in operational costs
  • Seamless access to medical reports and invoices at any time through our CRM and document management systems

Looking for an expert orthopedic medical billing services company to provide you with specialized medical billing services? Outsource orthopedic medical billing services to us to leverage the efficiency of a world back office partner

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