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We provide bespoke occupational health billing services that improve the turnaround times of payment approvals

Med Billing Experts has over 10 years of experience in handling the varied requirements of occupational health billing services. Over the years, we have strived to give occupational healthcare practitioners a well-rounded solution for all their billing management needs. As an expert occupational health billing services company, our familiarity with the procedures and the terminologies and our depth and breadth of expertise has helped practices leave worries about billing behind and focus on their core duty.

We provide a comprehensive service package that includes charge capture, procedure coding, patient billing and denial management protocols. Aside from this, we have the expertise needed to effectively appeal denied claims or answer questions raised by the insurance companies. It is precisely because of these broad range of service capabilities that our clients have chosen us as a preferred partner to Outsource occupational health billing services.

Our End-to-End Occupational Health Billing Services

Charge Entry

As a global occupational health billing services company, we adopt a well-structured charge entry process. From the receipt of files to the entry of patient demographics and download of files, we focus on the accuracy of the treatment codes. We validate the eligibility of the patient to avail an occupational health care treatment when creating charge entries.

Services Include:

  • Detailed analysis of EOB claims
  • Customized workflows that document and verify CPT codes and modifiers accurately
  • Use of denial avoidance procedures such as a multi-tier document review system to improve the rate of claim approval
  • Follow up procedures with patient to avoid disputes after claims filing

Payment Posting

We use software suites like Misys, Medisoft, NextGen, IDX, etc to record payments originating from the patients. The details on the EOB (Explanation of benefits) are digitized and a thorough analysis is conducted to verify the authenticity of details like the occupational health care services tendered to the patient with respect to their CPT codes.

Service Include

  • End to end review of EOB details
  • Process automation to increase the chances of faster revenues
  • Checklist based approach to ensure high levels of quality in patient information and treatment plans
  • Follow up systems with the insurer to ensure faster claims processing

Accounts Receivables

As an experienced occupational health billing services company, we maintain detailed reports of claims status. We liaise with the insurer and the patient to receive all outstanding payments that are in your accounts receivables queue. Our well-defined accounts receivables procedures ensure that you incur no losses resulting from denied claims and payment defaults.

Services Include:

  • Generation of periodic reports to keep track of payment receivables
  • Development of schedule for collections
  • Follow up protocols that enhance liquidity of your occupational healthcare practice
  • Review and verification of patient insurance clauses

Productivity Reporting

We generate and furnish your occupational healthcare practice with periodic reports that give you a detailed analysis of the productivity of your billing process. We include performance metric and bank on data visualization techniques to identify flaws and areas of improvement in order to streamline the entire process for optimum efficiency.

Services Include

  • Insurance productivity reporting
  • Reports containing the productivity metrics of your practice
  • User of data analytics and visualization techniques to make the billing process more streamlined and quality centric
  • Periodic audits that validate the gaps in productivity of your billing and coding process

Denial Management and Appeals

We adopt a strategic denial management process that ventures into the root cause of denied claims. Our key services include the identification of the reasons behind the denial, categorization of denial for preventive measures and a system of filing for appeals based on an investigative approach to denial management

  • Analysis of denial information to isolate trends and to determine the categories that need to be addressed first
  • Monitoring of internal controls against effectiveness in management of denials
  • Classification of denials in order to route them to the appropriate department for remediation
  • An appeals process to contest denied claims with fresh informaiton extracted from denials investigation

Our Occupational Health Billing Process

Patient Scheduling and Verification : Based on the type of occupational health treatment required, we verify and validate the entire plan. The details of the treatment are accurately coded and recorded

Documentation : The treatment profile of the patient is compiled. All supporting documents such as reports, X-rays and scan reports are documented and kept ready for claims

Bill Generation : We create an itemized bill that consists of all the details of the treatment. All supporting documents and the details of the treatment are verified thoroughly for accuracy of coding convention

Claims Submission : The claim documents are prepared along with the signature of the patient in required sections. The claims are submitted and tracked for progress

Denial Management : We use denial management protocols to understand the cause behind the denied claims. We file for appeals and fresh claims to ensure that your occupational health practice gets remuneration

Why Outsource Occupational Health Billing Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • A team of medical billing experts certified by AAPC(American Association of Professional Coders)
  • Continuous monitoring of regulatory and compliance updates to understand the impact of their business
  • High levels of quality in documentation of medical necessity, plan of care, certifications, progress report and treatment notes to ensure all treatment details are billed effectively
  • Use of standard CPT and ICD-CM diagnosis coding
  • HIPAA compliant medical reporting
  • Use of the latest billing software such as EncoderPro, FLashcode, NextGen, IDX and CodeLink for billing management
  • High levels of accuracy in maintaining codes and treatment plans to reduce the frequency of claims denial
  • 24/7 accessibility to patient data and financial information

Looking for an occupational health billing services company to handle your medical coding and billing needs? Outsource occupational health billing services to us to take advantage of a world class solution

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