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The importance of maintaining an accurate medical record of a patient, as mandated by HIPAA, is a pre-requisite that every provider has to meet. Yet many are struggling to meet this because of resource crunch, bandwidth issues and costs involved. Consequently, the providers struggle to establish accurate ways to match and link health records continues unabated.

MedBillingExperts’ professional medical records scanning and indexing outsourcing services aims to organize your patient records to make it easy-to-use, while constantly updating and reinventing our indexing process to make it current and more efficient. Our advanced and process-driven services have helped our clients identify an individual and their health records quickly and reduce risk of error due to misinformation. We assign a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to ensure undivided attention to all your needs and guarantees a faster turnaround time. At the same time, we generate real-time reports to give you a visibility on the actual time spent in scanning and indexing documents. This helps our customers discover ways to tailor our work models to their needs and bring about additional efficiency to healthcare records indexing services.

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Derive maximum value out of your investment in medical records outsourcing services. Here’s how:

  • We leverage robust tools such as MediTouch, NEXTGEN, among others that allows us to deliver the projects within time and budget.
  • We ensure thorough information security as our indexing team accesses documents through secure VPN connection.
  • Using six sigma methods, errors are tracked for correction or preventive action. Each batch is checked for indexing accuracy by QA staffs.
  • Our team accesses the batches based on required criteria and indexes each batch as per the client requirement and placed it in folders.
  • Indexed into relevant digital records and arestored in a client-defined central location. The team can also upload the electronic data into EHR directly.

Our End-to-End Medical Records Scanning and Indexing Process


Patient files are reviewed to assess their logical boundaries and are accordingly grouped for review purposes



Patient files are reviewed for duplication. Non-essential documents are separated or deleted as per client’s directive



Every file minute details are scrutinized, and a summary is prepared to provide a comprehensive overview of a patient’s file


Coding and Indexing

Key information pertaining to the file are captured for keyword searches use and customized indexing fields are developed to meet client needs


Key information captured during indexing is used to organize individual documents into categories and subcategories, denied by clients for streamlined access


Records within each category are chronologically sorted in client specified order




Sorted and organized records are converted into PDF with bookmarks essential for quick access using per client defined criterions


Finally, OCR software is used to make every record text-searchable



Our Medical Records Scanning Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

Insurance claims

EHR data can be linked with insurance claims databases to offer better range of information pertaining to the series of preventive and primary care services received by a patient. This assists in doing proactive follow-ups for insurance claims done by patients. We have professionals with a deep acumen in medical terminologies and medical records scanning services to thoroughly check and categorize each scanned document pertaining to insurance claims. These documents are then moved into the appropriate folders and sub-folders. This renders the task of retrieving the documents easy and quick.

EHR Insurance Claims
Medical Records Indexing Services

Medical Insurance ID cards

Patient identification through a medical insurance ID card has a deep impact on many functions of a healthcare organization including registration, care for patients, and other financial services. We help you in executing a robust patient identification program that will assist people to quickly register for a medical insurance ID which goes a long way in ensuring accuracy in billing and assist your employees in effectively documenting patient care. We employ tools such as magnetic strips, bar codes, and smart chips to automate the process to enhance accuracy and acceleration.

Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is the initial communication that takes place between customers and their health insurance providers. It provides a detailed account of the recent healthcare bills and benefit plan payments. We deploy a team of experts that offers a clear communication of all the relevant information in an easy-to-read format on the front page. This will help to easily identify the claim that was submitted, the amount that was paid, and the exact amount owed by customers. The information that we provide covers how a customer's healthcare plan is working toward a claim, factoring in the discounts and amounts paid by the medical plan.

Insurance Explanation of Benefits
Patient Demographic Sheets

Patient Demographic Sheets

Patient demographic sheets, also known as face sheets, contain data that must be carefully entered, as even a trivial mistake results in a claims denial. We have a team of medical billing experts that is aimed to ensure the entry of all the important details in an appropriate format with utmost accuracy. We utilize advanced medical billing software to deliver top-notch services within a quick turnaround time. Our team has the flexibility to work with tools that our clients are familiar with.

Clinical History Records

Our world-class medical records outsourcing services ensure a robust management of clinical history records to facilitate rapid capturing, harboring, and accessing patients’ medical records as and when needed. For a patient, the records include information about a healthcare facility that is critical during emergencies. Our goal is to promote visibility on information that can facilitate an accelerated diagnosis and a simultaneous treatment, thereby improving patient safety.

Clinical History Records
Medical Records

Medical Records

Medical reports comprise of lab test results undergone by a patient, medical images, a summary of all the treatment stages, the nature of response of a patient to the treatment procedures in all the stages, among others. This data is critical in not only guiding the diagnostic path but also accelerates the medical care process. Our team of professionals has adopted digital advancements to promote agility and accuracy in the process of scanning medical records. This helps in streamlining the entire process and easing the access to the data.

Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Medical Records Indexing Process?

High Accuracy

We implement advanced missing and misfiling document detection mechanism to eliminate the chances of documents being electronically filed into incorrect patient chart.

Centralize Quality Control

Our real-time reports offer you a visibility on the actual time spent in scanning and indexing documents.

Full compliance

We provide HIPAA-compliant services that are handled by experts with extensive experience in managing medical bills and related documents.

Eliminating Form Redesign Process

Want to reassign form names? You can do it electronically in a single click with our medical records indexing outsourcing services.

Easy to import

You can electronically import documents from external sources such as USB drive, CD, email, fax queue or other media.

Superior Technology usage

We leverage six sigma techniques for an error-free workflow. Our EMR software ensures short turnaround time for indexing and uploading documents.

Read What Our Clients have to Say About Us

Director Diagnostic Department, GovtHospital, Texas

We had prior experience with medical records indexing companies. While they catered to our basic needs, we missed getting extra value that could help us boost our capabilities and our general administrative functions. This lacuna was filled by the outsourcing medical records indexing services provided by medbillingexperts that had effectively helped us avoid critical patient record filing errors and accelerated our access to documents. Their service was reliable, proactive. They responded to our definite ask of our organization and aligned to our operation ecosystem within no time. It gave us the leeway to add more to our patient care and do what we are actually good at.

Surgeon Cardiac Care Center, North Carolina

Our initial plan was to install an EHR software to convert and index the volumes of medical records. Upon our initial plan falling flat, we explored the option of appointing experts on a permanent basis to unburden us from the job. A careful evaluation of this proposition indicated at a skyrocketing expenditure which convinced us to outsource medical records indexing services to medbillingexperts. I recall them converting over 20,000 charts that contained well above 3.5 million images. It was like a mass conversion that they did with such accuracy and within the deadline that they had promised. We are now a loyal client of medbillingexperts and would highly recommend their services.


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