Outsource Medical Claims Management Software Services

Our claims management services are designed to augment the performance of your claims process and reduce the probability of denied claims

Med Billing Experts has 10 years of experience in the design, development, and deployment of medical claims management software suites for medical practices. Our solution for the healthcare industry comprises ideal mix of bespoke software development and process management services. As a premium medical claims management software services company, we provide support and tools designed specifically to give your medical practice greater flexibility and scalability.

Our claims processing software services enable you to cope with new market demands, changes in the insurance industry and a HIPAA compliant claims process. Fast turnaround times, increased success rates of submitted claims and robust management of customer data in the form of electronic documents are three of the biggest benefits that you get from our services. Outsource medical claims management software services to us for a well-rounded and guaranteed solution for your requirements

Our Comprehensive Medical Claims Management Software Services

Digitization of Information and Validation

As a premium medical claims management software services company, the accurate on boarding of patient information such as demographics, treatment details and insurance eligibility is paramount to us, We use an efficient eco system of billing software tools connected with healthcare CRM systems to digitize patient information.

Service Includes:

  • In depth review of CPT and ICD codes to ensure accuracy of patient treatment information
  • Design of bespoke application templates to suit the specific requirements of client
  • Assurance of 100% accuracy in patient information

Document Scanning and Indexing

We adopt a no compromise approach to client data confidentiality and full adherence to HIPAA regulations with the scan and upload of supporting documents such as patient medical history, diagnosis records etc. We organize the digitized information according to the patient profile and classify them accordingly.

Service Includes:

  • Scan of all vital patient ailment, diagnosis and treatment documents
  • Seamless access to patient records from any geographical location using cloud services
  • Classification of patient records in a linear and systematic manner to facilitate 100% information recall upon demand

Claims Creation and Submission

As a global medical claims management software services company we provide claims process assistance along with software support for your claims management process. We create the claims document on our billing tool and ensure that it contains accurate details such as treatment codes, patient insurance eligibility details and treatment history. We bear the responsibility of submitting these payment claims to the insurer and follow up with them regularly to seek reimbursement

Service Includes:

  • Checklist based review of claims to ensure maximum success rate of claims approval
  • Claims submission and follow up with the insurance company
  • Archival of patient information on the claims management tool for remote access by designated users

Our Medical Claims Management process

Data Entry : All details like patient demographics and treatment codes are updated and digitized into the billing and claims management software. The documents are thoroughly scanned for information and billing errors and corrected for errors or misrepresentations

Data Processing and Indexing : The digitized data is indexed and organized according to patient profile. The indexing of patient data makes data storage and administration effective and systematic.

Data Validation : All the data entered onto the billing system is thoroughly validated using document management systems with advanced automation features. All inconsistencies in data are corrected

Claim Submission : In this stage he documentation for claims submission is generated. We use a checklist-based approach to ensure completeness of the claims and reduce denial

Denial Management : Denied claims are segregated and RCA processes is deployed to understand the cause behind the denied claim. These claims are then corrected and prepared for resubmission

Why Outsource Medical Claims Management Software Services to Med Billing Experts?

Some of the other benefits of choosing our services are as follows:

  • A team of 1000+ medical billing and coding experts with comprehensive knowledge of claims management
  • Use of contemporary software suites with advanced document management and automated data validation technology
  • Customization of software packages to suit the bespoke operational needs and scale of operation of the client
  • Iterative process of claims management with a track record of reducing denied claims by up to 30%
  • Strict compliance with HIPAA regulations and guidelines
  • Reduced claims processing times with increase in the accuracy of submitted claims
  • 24/7/365 customer support and assistance

Contact us today for medical claims management software services to us and avail the best of third-party services.

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