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Medical Billing for Small Practices Made Simple and Effective

Specialized Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

MedbillingExperts, has over 10 years of experience in dealing with common medical billing issues for small practices. Our experts have wide experience in handling issues such as complexity in documentation, reduced fee reimbursement, delayed payment etc. all of which come in the way of hassle-free claims processing for small practices.

Our profound understanding of the nuances of medical billing has helped us devise simple and effective solutions for small medical practices. We specialize in a wide spectrum of services such as credentialing, claims submission and tracking, claims denial management, payment posting, patient balance follow-up, among others and customize each of these to accelerate the claims process for small practices.

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We Take Out the Struggle in Medical Billing for Small Practices. Here's How

  • Register patient details and conduct a thorough check of diagnosis and surgical data to ensure all the required information are obtained and are accurate.
  • Bring accuracy in claims by ensuring spotless coding prior to releasing the same for payment, thereby reducing rejection chances.
  • Seamless integration of our billing software platform with your EMR product takes away the necessity to invest on additional infrastructure.
  • Process claims to third party payers on the same day of service and ensure that they are reimbursed on first day of submission.
  • Our medical billing software platform will provide a continued access to your accounts receivable and billing data.

Our Complete Cycle of Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Insurance Eligibility Assessment

Obtain prior authorizations with proper follow-ups and verify policy status.


Patient registration

Collection and authentication of patient demographic details to facilitate error-free documentation and billing.


Medical Coding

Delegate industry experts for an absolute error-free coding, scrutinize surgical and diagnostic codes for errors, thereby prevent denials.


Quality Check

Conduct a thorough and systematic auditing to identify any inconsistencies and send them for review.


Charge Entry

Charge patient accounts accurately to simplify and accelerate reimbursements.


Claims Transmission

Detailed verification of documents received and rechecking to ascertain highest levels of accuracy before claims transmission.


Denial Management

Dexterous identification of root cause of denials and ascertain the mitigation of the same in the future.


Payment Posting

Posting of all payments that are received into the medical billing system.


Account Receivables Recovery

Follow-up on unpaid claims and furnish aging reports on a monthly basis for reimbursements.


Patient Statement

Furnishing bills with accurate charges that patients will have to cover for their treatment.


Our Solutions for Medical Practices to Cater the End-to-End Needs of Small Businesses

Insurance Attestation

We follow a streamlined process-flow to bring consistency in the insurance attestation process. We cover functions including primary and secondary coverages, co-insurance and deductible information, and out-of-network benefits. We obtain information such as the patient list, demographic details, and a copy of the insurance card via email/fax or secure FTP. We conduct pre-certification for specific lab and diagnostic tests, and surgeries.

insurance attestation
patient registration

Patient Registration

We aid in managing patient flow by streamlining steps which are setting appointment schedules and pre-register your patients before their first visit. This expedites the process of delivering medical care and increases the chances of covering more patients that is critical for small practices as patient information is collected before-hand.

Medical Coding

Our team of experts who specialize in DRG and procedural coding, data entry, and ICD-10 are compliant with the HAAD adjudication rules and follow the standard HAAD coding manual. Their coding expertise cover specialties and sub-specialties such as radiology, surgery, emergency department, anesthesiology, among others.

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AR Management

AR Management

We set up an active communication channel insurance companies and healthcare providers to keep a tab on pending claims, monitor accounts receivables balances, probe into claims denials, and process collections. This is critical for small business practices as it accelerates cash flow and reduces AR days.

Claims Management

We follow a well-defined process to prepare and submit claims. It includes patient information collection, ICD and CPT codes verification,identifying billing and coding errors, furnish EOB's and conduct a final and thorough review of claims prior to their resubmission.

claims management
denials management

Denials Management

We take extreme precautions to ensure that there are no non-covered charges, duplicity in claims, and coding mistakes. We ensure an immediate registration of appeal for every denied claim backed up with updated information that is necessary to obtain a full reimbursement.

Our Specialties

Why are we a trusted provider of medical billing services for small business?

Absolute Compliance

We are a HIPAA compliant medical billing firm, and we leverage advanced technology to stay compliant with all regulatory requirements

Stringent Data Security

We utilize firewalls VPNs, SSLs and encryption techniques, and secure wireless networks systems to provide uncompromised data security

Extensive Training

We regularly train our team to help them stay abreast of all the rules and regulations pertaining to billing and third-party payments

Superior Technology Capabilities

We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Nextgen, MediToucheClinical works and more that are aimed to accelerate cash flow for small businesses.

Better Accuracy

We strive to maintain the highest levels of accuracy with the help of multi-level quality checks

How do we aid to streamline medical billing for small practices?

Patient Eligibility Verification

We conduct a thorough verification of the status of patients` policy, claims address, and patient demographic information

Getting Prior-authorization

We execute the insurance verification process by obtaining all the required insurance details and benefits information

Reducing Coding Errors

We strive to reduce coding errors by ensuring compliance with ICD-10 and CPT coding requirements

Know What Our Clients Have to Say about Us

Oncologist, West Virginia, The US

We owe our highly efficient and streamlined medical billing process to MedBillingExperts. As an individual practitioner, it was difficult to focus on the quality if medical care for patients and develop an all-encompassing billing solution that was also compliant with the pertinent regulatory standards. The experts developed a solution that covered all the necessary processes such as maintaining information on co-pay, claims generation in the accepted NUCC format, quality review of bills, electronic claims transmission, among others. I would highly recommend MedBillingExperts as a provider of medical billing for practices.

A medical billing and consulting service provider, Minnesota, the US

MedBillingExperts helped us to develop a well-defined insurance eligibility verification process. Having started in the widely medical business, their process helped us to ensure an accurate claim processing without causing any major payment delays. Till date we have never regretted putting our trust on MedBillingExperts as a provider of medical billing services for small business.

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