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MedBillingExperts is a leading provider of high quality and cost-effective hospice billing services. Led by a team of 500+ skilled and experienced hospice billing experts, we take the complexity out of hospice billing and help you submit clean, accurate, and timely claims day-in and day-out.

MedBillingExperts’ dedicated team of hospice billing experts will:

  • Create and implement a claims submission schedule that streamlines cash inflow, evades write-offs and meets Medicare requirements
  • Provide routine support and consultations on billing and related compliance matters
  • Assist the filing of quarterly Medicare credit balance reports
  • Provide monthly reports on billings, cash performance, revenue and receivables
  • Report and manage payment denials
  • Follow up with collection actions from third-party payors
  • Monitor and manage accounts receivable and collections

We Provide a Range of Offshore Hospice Billing Services

MedBillingExperts’ outsourced hospice billing services include:

Patient Demographic Entry

We understand the importance of capturing accurate patient demographic and insurance information during the patient visit. Hence, we have put together a full-proof process wherein our experienced team of billers will thoroughly review patient intake forms and accurately transfer every minute detail into Electronic Healthcare Records or Practice Management Software. This systematic entry process eliminates reductions and reduces denials.

Insurance Verification

Our insurance eligibility and benefits verification services insulate you from the spiral of costly write-offs and denials by:

  • Ensuring benefits for all patients prior to submitting to the insurance company for approval
  • Verifying patient information with the insurance carrier
  • Verifying patients’ insurance coverage on all primary and secondary payers
  • Completing appropriate criteria sheets and authorization forms
  • Contacting the insurance companies via phone, facsimile or online portal to obtain approval for your authorization request
  • Contacting insurance agencies for appeals, missing information to ensure accurate billing

Claims Submission

Our experienced team of medical billing experts can hand hold you through every step of medical claims submission process, including:

  • Collecting receipts
  • Filling claim forms
  • Reviewing and submitting claims

Medical Coding

MedBillingExperts specializes in helping hospice agencies to code services, procedures and diagnosis which our billing experts will finally turn into revenue. We bring to the proven expertise of a large network of 500+ qualified coders with substantial exposure to the coding requirements across hospice agencies across the US.

Billing and Reconciling of Accounts

Our billing and reconciliation services helps you to submit accurate claims and receive detailed reconciliation reports of billing data and payments from various payers. These reports provide a detailed break of the payments received, denied charges and outstanding bills.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up and Collections

We keep AR days of every claim to the minimum by rigorously pursuing every unpaid, denied and underpaid insurance claim and ensuring precise steps are being taken for timely collection of the difference.

Denial Management

We keep a tab on every claim that is denied and meticulously analyse them to get to the root cause of the issue. Once we accomplish this objective, necessary steps will be taken to iron out the issue. For instance, if the claim is denied due to issues such as lack of adequate information, then the gaps are filled promptly; and if the claim is denied due to shortcomings on the patient side, then the claim is billed to patient.

We follow a Meticulous Hospice Billing Process

Our hospice billing process can be outlined as follows:

  • We receive the patient medical records from the hospice agency
  • The documents are received electronically or by logging into the client's server
  • The source documents, such as charge sheets, insurance verification data, and other information regarding the patient are scanned and arranged
  • We then generate and submit accurate claims using client's medical billing software or with our own software. Real time reports are sent to the clients
  • All our hospice billing processes strictly comply with HIPAA rules and guidelines, thus ensuring privacy and security of patient data

Why Outsource Hospice Billing Services to MedBillingExperts

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll gain when you outsource hospice billing services to an expert hospice billing company such MedBillingExperts:

  • Access to 500+ hospice billing experts with at least 6+ years of billing experience
  • Guaranteed accuracy of 98+%
  • Turnaround time of less than 24 hours with payments posted within three days of receipt
  • Significant cost saving up to 40% on operating costs per FTE
  • Ongoing program evaluation with regular communication between our team and your agency
  • Timely access to web-based intelligence which includes payer-specific analysis, revenue performance, and more
  • Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTRs) and Medicare Notice of Elections (NOEs) are submitted daily on your behalf
  • Ability to generate hospice claims for a variety of payers, including Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance

When you outsource hospice billing services to MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with a hospice billing company that is extremely skilled in providing easy, pain-free hospice billing and help you focus on what matters most — patient care.

Contact us today and experience the advantage of outsourcing hospice billing services to MedBillingExperts.

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