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Outsource Healthcare BPO Services and Witness Your Profit Margins Take an Upward Surge. Our Healthcare BPO Support Services Care of Your End-to-end Administrative Tasks with 100% Accuracy to Help You Focus on Patient Care

MedBillingExperts is among the leading healthcare BPO companiesand is a division of the Flatworld Solutions group. We offer an extensive range of healthcare services to medical practitioners, billing companies, and healthcare enterprises across the globe. Our decade long experience in this field have helped us imbibe all the necessary expertise and foresight to keep our healthcare BPO services strictly aligned with the dynamic regulatory framework and the changing consumer perceptions. We strive to make our healthcare BPO support services more efficient, streamlines, responsive, and cost efficient.To do so, we equip our technology arsenal with newer innovation, focus on upskilling out team of experts, and follow a well-structured process to cater to over 200 medical care providers from India and 7 other global delivery centers.

Our Healthcare BPO Support Services

Medical Billing Services

We have earned the reputation of being among the top healthcare BPO providers dedicated to deliver an end-to-end medical billing solutions framework. Our range of solutions include registration of patients' registration, verification of insurance eligibility, charge entry, auditing, medical coding, claims transmission, payment posting, clearing house rejections, AR recovery, denial management, patient statement, and collections. All our services are strictly compliant with the pertinent regulations and are personalized to meet your requirements to drive an expedited reimbursement. We tap into modern day medical billing technologies such as MediToucheClinical works, Nextgento accelerate cash flow.

Medical Coding Services

We strive to maintain 100% accuracy in our medical coding services as these have a direct impact on revenue cycle management. Our AAPC certified coders are adept with the global standard applicable for all billing and coding services and follow a well-defined process while dealing with high-risk MS-DRGs, expensive procedures, RAC initiatives, and others. Our comprehensive medical coding services cover patient information retrieval, assigning diagnostic codes, pre-coding services, quality audits, customer feedback and a proactive implementation of the same.

Insurance Eligibility & benefits Verification

We time the insurance eligibility and verification before the day of patients’ scheduled appointment. This process entails capturing details such as copay, co-insurance, deductible, in and out of network benefits, PCP name matching and update the same in the patient notes. We provide follow up services with patients in case there is any information missing and aid them in addressing the same. In addition, we provide service procedure check and need of authorization.

Payment Posting Services

We schedule reviews of payments, track the payment patterns to identify any discrepancies in payments. We do it on a periodic basis. We write off the difference between the claim received and the actual claim submitted. Our services include identification of service denials for medical emergency, denial of services authorization, non-covered service, among others and we undertake all the necessary measures to prevent their re-occurrence.

Account Receivable Management Services

Our account receivable (AR) services are aimed to boost revenue generation, curb operational expenses and delinquencies. We provide customized solutions to increase salvaged revenues and minimize operating costs and delinquencies. Our comprehensive AR management services cover identification of outstanding accounts follow up on those, track denial claims, and initiate actions to collect unpaid claims. We offer a wide range of service models that enable our clients to choose the best that aligns with their requirements and budget.

Medical Records Indexing

We maintain utmost accuracy and security in medical document indexing to aid you to better streamline your healthcare record management. Our scopes of services cover review and analysis of all types of medical documents ranging from hospital and emergency discharge note, admission notification, to transition care summary, radiology and lab results, physician diagnosis notes, insurance process authorization request, medical records from other physicians, medication prior authorization, and patient’s referral request to consult with a physician. These documents are fed into software, indexed with appropriate labels, and are attached to patients’ medical charts.

Patient liaison

We maintain a team of professionals who have a robust medical background with nurse degree. This bolsters their efficiency to review the prescription drug requests received through online portal, as incoming faxes, from patient or from a pharmacy. They take a call on the necessity of drugs to be administered by the patient and accordingly convey the request to doctors for their approval. We contact pharmacies to seek clarification and communicate to patient for any further action on direction or medicine dosage.

Teleradiology Services

We utilize the most advanced tools such as power BI for an automated verification and validation of checks. This aids us to ensure consistency in data. We have designed and execute a well-structured workflow solution network that enable the tracking of the entire procedure starting from image reception to safe reports submission. Our end-to-end teleradiology services cover image uploading, diagnostic tests, three layers of review, preliminary and final reports, and final report distribution.

Patient Care Coordinator

We constantly communicate with multiple departments to execute tasks including appointment reminders, booking and cancellation of the same. We have the necessary bandwidth to process both global and procedure referrals which we do by submitting requests through insurance portal or contacting the insurers to process the request. The specialist office is duly notified after getting the approval. Upon requests from insurance, we submit the medical records or lab results for the former to approve the authorization number. We thoroughly review patient charts to spot any quality gap and address the same on a proactive basis. We send timely reminders to patients for their yearly pathological tests and follow-up with patients in case they have dues to clear, for medication refill, DME request, and patent billing clarification.


Our team of experts include doctors with all the necessary credentials. They handle the electronic medical chart in EHR to analyze the reason for patients’ visit to the clinic, review their medical history, the current and old medicines they are administering, diagnose conditions, and advise lab tests upon if it is needed or if the patient is mortally ill. Doctors assess and analyze the pre-charted notes when the patient arrive and modify the assessment section based on their discussion with the patient and sign the record in the HER.

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Why Outsource Healthcare BPO Services to Us?

Outsourcing healthcare BPO services is not only about saving costs. Our robust process workflow, team of experts, extensive utilization of cutting-edge technologies can bring a lot more on your table. Here's a look at the benefits you can get by outsourcing healthcare BPO support services to us.

Better Patient Experience: Healthcare BPO services outsourcing takes away the burden of executing complex administrative tasks and let you to focus on patient care. In the process, it aids in enhancing your patients' experience and boost the goodwill of your organization.

Better Quality: Our team of certified coders works and executes all your coding requirements as our dedicated quality auditing team applies multiple layers of review to ensure that the final output is at par with the required global standard.

Minimize Operational Costs: Outsourcing to healthcare BPO providers opens access to experts who can readily initiate services without the need to be trained on the process. This unburdens hospitals from a recurring operational cost that an in-house team would have entailed.

Augmented Data Security: We are an ISO 27001: 2013 ISMS certified company and maintain strict adherence to HIPAA regulations. We engage robust security measures such as accessing patient charts through VPN, or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), to prevent the exposure of confidential information to unauthorized users. We ink a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with all clients which further guarantees our protection of patient information.

Service scalability: We scale our medical billing services as and when is needed. We have reserve staff as resources and technologies that can be ramped up as per clients' needs.

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