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The healthcare landscape is undergoing rapid changes because of changing regulatory requirements. In their bid to improve outcomes, healthcare providers are struggling to balance quality care with proper revenue management. Issues like shortage of skilled resources, attrition, burnouts, etc. have stacked the odds heavily against them. It is in the face of this struggle that providers are turning to healthcare BPO services to stay afloat.

MedBillingExperts is a healthcare BPO company with over 10 years of experience in providing back-office support services to medical practitioners, billing companies, and healthcare enterprises in the US. Our decade-long experience in managing the demanding back-office needs of medical billing, coding, revenue cycle management, etc have helped us acquire an inside-out understanding of meeting the day-to-day needs of providers in keeping with regulatory guidelines.

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Streamline your
Healthcare Services
for Operational

  • Trained and certified professionals to handle your complex operational needs. From billing to coding and from claims denial to revenue cycle management we handle all your needs
  • Expertise in a range of advanced healthcare service software to handle high volumes of billing, coding, and verification requirements with complete efficiency
  • A robust quality control process conducted by a team consisting of experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience in specialized healthcare services
  • A dedicated team to understand changing regulatory requirements and ensuring service delivery in accordance with the latest requirements
  • Robust physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data

Healthcare BPO Support Services to Cover Your End-to-End Needs

Our all-encompassing BPO back-office support services help you handle the spadework associated with core healthcare services:

Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing solutions include patient registrations, verification of insurance eligibility, charge entry, auditing, medical coding, claims transmission, payment posting, clearinghouse rejections, AR recovery, denial management, etc. Our services are compliant with the pertinent regulations and are personalized to meet your requirements to drive an expedited reimbursement.

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healthcare bpo medical coding service

Medical Coding Services

We ensure 100% accurate medical coding for a positive impact on your revenue cycle management. Our coders follow global standards of billing and coding and a well-defined process while dealing with high-risk MS-DRGs, expensive procedures, RAC initiatives, etc. Our medical coding services cover patient information retrieval, assigning diagnostic codes, pre-coding services, quality audits, and proactive implementation of the same.

Teleradiology Services

We utilize advanced tools for automated verification and validation of checks. We have designed and executed a well-structured workflow solution network that enables the tracking of the entire procedure starting from image reception to safe reports submission. Our end-to-end teleradiology services cover image uploading, diagnostic tests, three layers of review, preliminary and final reports, and final report distribution.

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healthcare bpo revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management

We oversee the complete management of your revenue health to ensure profitability. When a patient books an appointment, our team assists you with patient scheduling, insurance verification, and patient account establishment tasks. We help your staff with the most accurate information upfront pertaining to preregistration, registration, charge capture, claims, remittance, insurance follow-ups, and patient collections. We carry out end-to-end groundwork for enabling claims to be billed and collected in an effective manner.

Claims Denial Services

We cover the entire array of denial management services, including correction of invalid/ incorrect medical codes, clinical documentation, appealing prior authorization denials, passing genuine denials to patients, and following up effectively. We use proven, custom workflows to analyze denials, prepare appeal letters, and refile claims. The secret to our efficient denial services is the use of custom software solutions that spot, isolate, quantify, and categorize denials, hence lowering denial rates and spotting revenue leakage just as they occur.

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A/R Management

Our A/R processes is tailored to expedite collections and ensure effective follow-through for each claim. We follow timely and accurate billing with custom-planned A/R follow-up, AR clean-up, and collections to yield desired outcomes. Our certified medical billers and A/R staff meticulously pursue and track each claim until you receive the payment. Our debt recovery services offer you with full range of billing options and collections on medical bills, including denials and appeals processing, 5010 and 837/835 handling, and 24/7 account status availability.

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Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Healthcare BPO Services

Better Patient Experience

We take away your burden of administrative tasks and let you focus on patient care. Also, with more staff to handle a higher volume of cases, the on-hold time for patients goes down.

Better Operational Quality

We execute your coding requirements for higher process efficiency and superior customer service. Our QA team undertakes stringent reviews to ensure outputs of global standards.

Minimize Operational Costs

Our experts can readily initiate services without any process training. This unburdens you from a recurring operational cost that an in-house team entails.

Augmented Data Security

As an ISO 27001: 2013 ISMS certified company, we maintain adherence to HIPAA regulations. Our robust security measures prevent unauthorized exposure of your confidential information.

Service Scalability

Our BPO services are designed to support frictionless scalability to match your changing requirements. We have reserve staff as resources and technologies that can be ramped up as per clients' needs.

Single Point of Contact

We keep it simple by assigning a dedicated project manager who is responsible for keeping you updated on the project status and for resolving all your operational issues.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Our BPO Healthcare Services

Founder & CEOMedical Practicing Company, Chicago

"When MedBillingExperts took over our in-house billing, we were not doing as well in mopping up revenue as we should. Thankfully, within 3 months of delegating our billing tasks to MBE, we noticed significant improvements in our billing output and revenue. They decreased our receivables by more than25% and enabled us to capture unbilled revenue due to missing codes, which further boosted our revenue by 13% in the first year. Today, with most of our financial and admin tasks delegated to the MBE team, we are working majorly on creating experiences to drive patient loyalty and agent satisfaction. The time and money we saved remain the highlights of our partnership."



MD Medical Imaging Company, California

"As a fast-growing medical imaging business, we were struggling with the real-time interpretation of radiology reports, particularly during evening hours due to the high inflow of patients and reports. This led us to explore the services of healthcare bpo providers and picked MedBillingExperts as our partner. We set our expectations at the onset –to focus on our core activities. The team started with accurate reporting on modalities such as Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Oncology and provided us with specialists to handle our requirements. They aligned their services with the requirements of our physicians while maintaining a high level of accuracy."


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