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Leverage Health Analytics for Accurate Business Insights & Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Advanced Analytics Services for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

MedBillingExperts offers end-to-end healthcare analytics outsourcing services to help clients optimize their processes for improved risk management, better clinical outcomes and enhanced operational efficiency. Additionally, our outsourced healthcare analytics services can be deployed across strategic business functions such as potential fraud/abuse detection, marketing/customer analytics, product design and pricing, and more.

As an Expert Healthcare Analytics Company, We Offer a Diverse Range of Outsourced Healthcare Analytics Services

Being a premium healthcare analytics company, we combine latest statistical techniques with state-of-the-art information management technologies to deliver highly sophisticated offshore healthcare analytic services including:

Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Using our advanced predictive analytics services, we can empower you with actionable insights regarding the future such as spikes in demand. This will allow you to scale your inventory of equipment and medication to cater to the rise or fall in demand, much ahead of time.

Business Intelligence

We help our clients in taking their business to another level by offering precise healthcare data analytics. Our healthcare analysts are experts of the subject matter and can act as your professional consultants in helping you recognize new business opportunities for expansion, augment service levels to gain competitive edge and enhance resource utilization to make operations budget and deadline friendly. With our comprehensive analysis, you would be able to assess your resources with an objective viewpoint, evaluate their performance, appraise your medical facilities and operational forte, and improve your overall business. Unlike other healthcare analytics companies, we can also track your key performance indicators to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, allowing you to incorporate improvement plans into your growth strategy.

Modelling and Optimization

Our comprehensive offshore healthcare analytics services are designed to help you identify problem areas. Many in the business use our services for flawless execution of their processes and inculcate positive change in their medical facility. We take immense pride in our systems that help our clients optimize their workflows, allowing them to execute claim processing accurately and in timely manner.

Real-time Medical Data Analytics

Analytics provided to our clients on real-time basis has proven monumental in their success. Most valuable and updated information is available on the go that helps you act quickly and provide evidence-based care to your patients. At the same time, this information is also helpful in staying on top of patient data that helps in making better calls of judgment, when required.

Our Advanced Healthcare Analytics Capabilities Gives Your Business an Edge

You can use our advanced healthcare analytics services for:


  • Fraud detection
  • Forecasting and resource management
  • Rework evaluation and reduction strategies
  • Litigation propensity
  • Claims overpayment identification and recovery


  • Rating support, benefit indexing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Actuarial and underwriting tools development
  • Reserving support
  • Pricing support, durational analysis


  • Data warehouse & BI reporting
  • Custom informatics
  • Provider performance management
  • Program evaluation
  • Plan sponsor information and consulting

Operational Effectiveness

  • Root cause analysis
  • First call resolution
  • Process optimization
  • Service center management
  • Capacity planning
  • Forecasting

Medical Cost and Care Management Analytics

  • Care management reporting
  • Network management support
  • Evaluating effectiveness of wellness and DM programs
  • Reduce preventable services
  • Predicting length of stay
  • Forecasting cases for hospitalization
  • Risk assessment on members

CRM and Marketing Analytics

  • Health data management
  • Assessing effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Acquisition, up-sell, cross-sell and retention campaigns
  • Developing and maintaining comprehensive data asset
Our capabilities can be used by doctors, pharma companies, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers and other healthcare practices for the following needs:
  • We comprehensively analyse the patient data along with results to get a better idea about the effectiveness of different interventions. This outcome-based research, also known as optimal treatment pathways, helps in determining the treatments that will work perfectly for specific patients.
  • Healthcare analytics work wonders for medical institutions who need intelligence based insights to predict outcomes, require support to optimize clinical decision-making process or recommend other possible treatment options to patients and doctors at the point of care.
  • Analytics and predictive mining of data is the way forward for healthcare institutions to provide real-time personalized care and identify ideal treatment options for patients. With the help of these solutions, the medical practitioner will be able to detect and diagnose the symptoms of their patients, long before it develops into a disease.
  • BDA solutions are geared towards helping doctors and epidemiologists to perform analyses throughout patient community and healthcare institutions to spot disease trends. At the same time, overall public health can benefit from web-based and social media data mining to predict outbreaks of flu based on consumer search and query activity.
  • It is common for clinical operations to mine large size of unstructured and historical data to identify patterns and reproduce multiple scenarios to anticipate future events that have the capability of impacting wait times before their occurrence.
  • Key performance indicators are used for integration and data analysis to help decision makers make policy, administrative and financial decisions.

Here’s Why You Should Outsource Healthcare Analytics Services to MedBillingExperts?

When companies outsource medical analytics services to us, then can bank on us for the following:

  • Deliver faster and better patient care
  • Assist in faster research
  • Monitor processes with great efficiency
  • Provide medicines at the right time
  • Get strategic business insights
  • Develop seamless clinical processes
  • Build smart applications
  • Identify and segment risk in patient populations
  • Gain operational efficiency

When you choose MedBillingExperts, you’ll partner with a healthcare analytics company that is essentially focused on standardizing and integrating data from a wide array of sources to glean actionable insights that will give you an edge in the industry.

Contact us today to discover the advantages of outsourcing healthcare analytics services to MedBillingExperts.

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