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Our comprehensive Emergency Medicine Billing Services are designed to simplify your ER practice and maximize your revenue inflow

MedBillingExperts has 10 years of experience in the maintenance and management of a denial free claims process for Emergency Medicine practices and hospitals. We specialize in assigning accurate medical coding protocols and substantiating them with proper documentation for emergency care providers. Our services are built to reduce claims rejection rates by assisting emergency medicine practitioners to identify emergency services that a patient is eligible for, according to the terms of their insurance.

As a global emergency medicine billing services company, we are made up of a team of medical billers and coders who possess the knowledge and expertise to understand the complexities of ER billing. Our services conform to the guidelines of EMTALA mandates, which govern emergency services in the United States. Outsource emergency medicine billing services to us to empower your emergency medical care practice with the efficiency of accurate coding and quality billing services.

Our All Inclusive Emergency Medicine Billing Services

EMS Billing Services

As a premium emergency medicine billing services company, our services are guided by a systematic approach to the creation and the documentation of treatment plans and billing. We handle all claims with consistent efficiency, irrespective of their complexity. We adopt a no-compromise approach to quality and accuracy in the documentation of treatment codes.

Services Include:

  • Coding Process According to ICD and CPT conventions
  • Checklist based billing process with a comprehensive understanding of ER procedures
  • Use of the latest billing software suites with process automation features
  • Integrated denial avoidance features to improve probability of approved claims

Claims Recovery Services

Our comprehensive approach to claims recovery ensures that there are no filed claims that escape through the minute cracks in the claims processing system. We rely on accountability and transparency to account for every detail in insurance claims including patient treatment procedures, medication details, patient eligibility. We also carry out regular audits of your receivables history to uncover areas of improvements that lead to faster receipts of claims.

Service Include

  • Custom workflows that reduce the communication gaps between frontend and backend staff facilitating the filing of accurate and thoroughly verified claims
  • A team of experts with diverse exposure to a wide variety of emergency medical practices to dela with challenging claims
  • A wide array of industry best practices including claims repricing, overpayment analysis and payment posting services
  • Audit of claims to identify scope for improvements leading to better claims recovery

Debt Collection

We take charge of your responsibility to follow up with insurance carriers and patients to recover the costs incurred in the delivery of ER services within a stipulated period of time. Our services as a premium emergency medicine billing services company ensure that your practice does not suffer from a backlog of outstanding debts

Services Include:

  • Effective bad debt management by systematic tracking of outstanding payments
  • Debt revival using an empathetic and compassionate approach to debt recovery
  • Bespoke services suited to handle the complex procedures involved in an emergency medical practice
  • Target based approach to ensure maximum recovery of debt in case of debts closing write offs

Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM)

We provide vital assistance for your emergency medicine practice with our RCA services. Our services help you improve cash flow and the overall revenue of your diagnostics services.

Services Include

  • Self-pay collection services using convenient avenues like web portals to increase liquidity
  • Practice management services that identify flaws in medical coding to avoid denied claims through reporting and analytics
  • Underpayments, denial management and appeals services to ensure recovery of all outstanding payments
  • Electronic insurance claim submission and follow up systems to track status of claims and appeals

Our Emergency Medicine Billing Services Process:

Eligibility Verification : We validate the eligibility of the patient to receive the treatment based on a detailed comparison of their insurance coverage plan. All findings are duly documented into the patient profile

Billing and Coding : All the details of the patient’s treatment procedures are duly documented by mentioning the appropriate codes. The bill of the treatment is generated according to the coding convention and patient eligibility.

Documentation and Claims Submission : After the creation of supporting documents such as billing reports and completed claims form, the bill is dispatched to the insurance carrier. The bill is submitted after an in-depth review of all the information included in the claims package

Routine Claims Follow Up : We communicate with the insurance carrier to follow up on the status of the claims. We ensure that the insurer meets their SLAs by keeping a track of the status of every claim submitted

Patient Requests and Denial Management : We handle all patient requests regarding the status of the claim and questions related to treatment. We categorize denials and address them effectively with RCA protocols and submit them for fresh claims after corrections.

Why Outsource Emergency Medicine Billing Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • Access to a team of 1000+ professional medical billers and coders
  • Robust services crafted to deliver high levels of quality, accuracy and security
  • Customized reporting process that provides clients with productivity metrics, financial reports and personalized reports documenting the performance of the emergency medical practice
  • Integration of cloud computing architecture to provide on demand access for clients to medical records and accounts
  • Periodic training sessions to keep your in house staff informed on the changes in regulations and compliance guidelines in the medical industry
  • Close liaisons and follow up with insurance carriers and patients to monitor accounts receivables and receive outstanding payments
  • Increase in productivity of coding and billing process by up to 30%
  • Up to 40% savings in operational costs

Looking for an expert emergency medicine billing services company to take charge of your ER coding and billing services? Outsource emergency medicine billing services to us to leverage the efficiency of a world class service

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