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Our charge entry service is designed to assist you in submitting accurate and error free claims to the insurance service provider

Med Billing Experts has 10 years of experience in providing premium medical billing charge entry services, along with a host of other medical billing and coding services to global clients. Our service provides you with the levels of support that you need to finalize the amount of reimbursement to be received from the insurance company for patient treatments. We are a global charge entry services company with an in-depth knowledge of implementing workflows that lead to an error-free charge entry processing.

Our services are designed from the ground up to help healthcare organizations improve and sustain continuous cash flow, eliminate payment delays and vastly reduce instances of claims rejection. Our charge entry services help you establish an error-free service delivery model which enables you to receive payments for your claims in a timely manner. Outsource charge entry services to us for world-class support with claims and reimbursement management.

Our End-to-End Charge Entry Services

Billing Information Entry

We digitize client information onto the CRM systems for the initiation of the charge entry process. We review and enter all vital patient information securely into the billing application

Services Include:

  • Validation procedures for data quality check
  • QA procedures to ensure the accuracy of patient information such as Social Security number, ailment details and medical history
  • Linear procedures to record all the comprehensive details of patient treatment and costs incurred

Patient Demographics Entry

As a global charge entry services company, we perform an in depth review of patient information and the supporting documents provided by them such as insurance coverage details. We use advanced software tools to ensure the accuracy of this information before entering it onto your CRM system.

Service Include

  • Use of secure servers and FTP to initiate and complete information entry
  • Workflows developed specifically to preserve the accuracy of patient information
  • Procedures to flag and report missing information

Data Quality Check

We adopt a no compromise approach in preserving the quality of your business data as global charge entry services company. We have a quality assurance team that scrutinizes business data at various junctures.

Services Include:

  • Use of advanced software tools and process automation procedures to monitor the quality of data being onboarded
  • Review System to ensure that all charges being entered onto CRM and billing systems are 100% accurate
  • Robust data backup systems to ensure seamless access to patient billing information at any given point of time

Charge Assignment

From the creation of patient accounts to the initiation of medical billing charge entry process, our charge assignment process is detailed and precise. Our charge entry process preserves the quality of the information included in the coded documents that we receive from our clients.

Services Include

  • Detailed review of medical codes and other information such as treatment details to ensure that both details match
  • Data validation and review of the personal information of the patient including eligibility to receive treatment

Charge Submission

We adopt a customized approach to the review of patient billing information in the charge submission process. Our team of experts are trained on CPT and HCPCS compliant coding regulations which enables them to ensure that the charges that are prepared for submission are accurate and comprehensive in terms of quality.

  • Use of document management tools with advanced features to ensure accuracy of all information at the time of charge entry
  • Adherence to CPT,ICD and HCPCS regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Final information review step before charges are submitted

Our Charge Entry Process:

Receiving Files : We receive documents containing the details of the benefits that the patient is eligible for through secure and encrypted channels from our clients. We create a patient profile and file records accordingly

Download of Files : Once we have received the files, we download them on to the CRM system to review them. Once the review process is complete, we dispatch them to the payments processing team

Patient Details Entry : We oversee the entry of patient details which include the medical provider’s name, service administered, the billed amount, patient visit dates and more. We review these details thoroughly to avoid all errors in the patient details

Follow up : We adopt a streamlined follow up process to track all instances of payments which are not complete. All corrective actions that have led to partial payments are resolved

Denial Management : We analyze the root cause behind denials and work to resolve it effectively. We implement streamlined steps to successfully resolve the dues

Feedback Management : We gather feedback from your customers and use it to improve efficiency of the operations. This helps you streamline the entire process to provide accurate and reliable services

Why Outsource Charge Entry Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • A highly experienced team of 1000+ medical billing experts who specialize in the charge entry process
  • Use of the latest suites of billing software which include QRS, Kareo, Altapoint, Medical Manager and more to handle the entry of charge with minimal quality and content based errors
  • Robust Data security policies that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all patient data
  • Stringent quality checks and QA procedures that ensure the accuracy of the charge entry process
  • Up to 40% reduction in operational costs
  • Faster turnaround times and reduced rejection rates
  • Robust follow up procedures to ensure the timely reimbursement of claims

Looking for a global charge entry services company to take charge of finalizing reimbursements? Outsource charge entry services to med billing experts for world class support

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