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Building Accuracy into the Process ofClaims Submissionto the Insurance Service Provider

Error-free Charge Entry in Medical Billing Process for a Seamless Claims and Reimbursement Management

Lack of coordination between the medical coding and the charge entry team has posed as the perennial problem for healthcare authorities resulting in erroneous charge entry in medical billing process. Such erroneous entries derail the claims management that results in frequent denial of claims, thereby adding to the count of irate customers.

MedBillingExperts professional medical billing charge entry services with an in-depth knowledge of implementing workflows deliver an error-free charge entry processing. Our services are designed from the ground up to help healthcare organizations improve and sustain continuous cash flow, eliminate payment delays and vastly reduce instances of claims rejection. We help you establish an error-free service delivery model which enables you to receive payments for your claims in a timely manner. With over a decade-long experience in providing premium medical billing charge entry services, our clients outsource charge entry services to us for world-class support with claims and reimbursement management. Our charge entry services provide you with the levels of support that you need to finalize the amount of reimbursement to be received from the insurance company for patient treatments.

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How we Minimize Errors and Optimize our Medical Billing Charge Entry Services

  • We submit charges within a day to prevent undue delays in a patients’ account receivables.
  • Track performance indicators regularly to analyze practice management software-generated error reports, identify coding errors, and more.
  • We customize our charge entry services for different medical specialties to bring efficiency in the process a well minimize errors.
  • We deploy specialists who are pre-trained on the on-site operational framework that enable them to execute their tasks with renewed accuracy.
  • We roll out forms to new patients prior to their visit and assist your staff with end-to-end insurance verification needs in advance.

Our Complete Charge Entry Services Process

Receiving Files

Document receipt through encrypted channels from our clients that contains the benefit details that a patient is eligible for.


Download of Files

After the file receipt, we download them on to the CRM system to review them. Post the review, we dispatch them to the payments processing team.

Patient Details Entry

We thoroughly review the patient details entries which include the medical provider’s name, service administered, the billed amount, patient visit dates and more.


Follow up

We adopt a streamlined follow up process to track all instances of payments which are not complete and resolve all the partial payments issues.

Denial Management

We analyze the root cause behind denials and work to resolve it effectively. We implement streamlined steps to successfully resolve the dues.

Feedback Management

We gather feedback from your customers and use it to improve efficiency and accuracy in the operations.


Our Medical Billing Charge Entry Services Cater to All your Needs

Billing Information Entry

We digitize client information onto the CRM systems for the initiation of the charge entry process. We review and enter all vital patient information securely into the medical billing application. We deploy a team of domain experts to execute services that include procedures to validate data quality check, QA procedures to ensure the accuracy of patient information such as social security number, ailment details, and medical history, and linear procedures to record all the comprehensive details of patient treatment and costs incurred.

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patient demographics entry

Patient Demographics Entry

As a global charge entry services company, we perform an in-depth review of patient information and the supporting documents provided by them such as insurance coverage details. We use advanced software tools to ensure the accuracy of this information before entering it onto your CRM system. We use secure servers and FTP to initiate and complete information entry, our workflows are designed specifically to preserve the accuracy of patient information, and we have robust procedures in place to flag and report missing information.

Data Quality Check

We adopt a no compromise approach in preserving the quality of your business data as global charge entry services company. We have a quality assurance team that scrutinizes business data at various junctures. We use the most advanced software tools and process automation procedures to monitor the quality of data that are being onboarded. Our review system ensures that all charges being entered onto CRM and billing systems are 100% accurate. We have data backup systems in place to ensure seamless access to patient billing information at any given point of time.

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charge assignment

Charge Assignment

From the creation of patient accounts to the initiation of medical billing charge entry services, our charge assignment process is detailed and precise. Our charge entry process preserves the quality of the information included in the coded documents that we receive from our clients. Our team of experts conduct a meticulous review of medical codes and other information such as treatment details to ensure that both details match. We conduct data validation and review of the personal information of the patient including eligibility to receive treatment.

Charge Submission

We adopt a customized approach to the review of patient billing information in the charge submission process. Our team of experts are trained on CPT and HCPCS compliant coding regulations which enables them to ensure that the charges that are prepared for submission are accurate and comprehensive in terms of quality. We use document management tools with advanced features to ensure accuracy of all information at the time of charge entry. The final information undergoes a thorough review before charges are submitted. We ensure absolute adherence to CPT,ICD, and HCPCS regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Our Specialties

Why we are an Industry Authority in Providing Charge Entry Services?

Data Security

We pledge ourselves towards protecting your confidential information as per a non-disclosure agreement. We transact data through VPN or SFTP for maximum data protection.

Service Accuracy

We keep a strict eye on every entry to ensure accuracy. We ensure maximum accuracy during charge entry to avoid overlooking any factor that can contribute to claim denials.

Minimum Turnaround Time

We have a track record of completing the entire process of charge entries, data verification, and claims dispatch before the agreed timeline.


We offer you to pay as per the hours we invest into rendering our charge entry services. We scale our solutions in accordance with your need of the hours.

Minimum Point of Contact

We commission a single person who will be dedicated towards updating you on our services. You can get all your queries answered from a single POC.

24/7 Availability

We have team of experts at different time zones who would cater to your needs at any time during the day through your preferred contact medium.

Know What Our Clients Think About Us

CFO, Medical Billing Firm, North Carolina, USA

Our main ask was to achieve somewhere over 90% accuracy in processing close to 1200 claims in a month. Based on our prior experience with MedBillingExperts who assisted us in a thorough overhaul of our medical billing process, we decided to switch to their expertise in charge entry in medical billing process. We are thoroughly impressed with their streamlined and a practical approach to help us achieve over 95% accuracy in clearing a massive backlog of pending claims within an impressive timeline. We were provided with a team of personnel who offered a smooth execution of over 1200 claims processing within the timeline of a month. All we can say is we are greatly relieved witnessing our expectations being met, and we know who to approach in case we have demands akin to this in the coming years. Good job team!!

Co-Founder, Medical Billing Start-Up Enterprise, California, USA.

We started as an upcoming medical billing company which is why speed and accuracy were something that we prioritized while exploring options to outsource charge entry services. Upon recommendations we finalized our partnership with MedBillingExperts and we can totally say with conviction that we celebrate our decision. Right from the beginning it was an uphill task for the team to process over 15000 claims on a monthly basis with an uncompromised quality. The team had leveraged the most updated software that we knew were creating ripples in the market to execute the operations. Post a brief training session to the offshore team, there was little to no handholding from our side for them to carry out their tasks. We owe an improved cash flow to their efficient and proactive services that ensure no delay and error-free claims management.


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