Case Studies

End-to-End Coding Assistance for ICD-10 Implementation

Our team of 500+ coders were able to design and implement a comprehensive phase-by-phase transition approach to move to the new coding system. This included creation of General Equivalence Mapping (GEM) that covered examples of how several ICD-9-CM codes can be mapped to only one ICD-10 code.


Optimizing AR Management Process for a Renowned Billing Company

In this case, the client was losing out a major portion of its revenue to denials, which were impacting its balance sheet severely. Leveraging our years of experience in the industry, we helped them improve AR collections and created a strategy to avoid a recurrence in future.

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EHR Transcription

Our team of highly experienced medical transcriptionists was able to seamlessly process 3000 rehabilitation reports, deliver high quality transcriptions and sync them in accordance with the EHR software requirements in quick time. This helped the client to move to the new EHR software without any fuss.

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AR Management

We started the project by understanding the root cause of the denials. For this we analyzed three months of denial data through a root cause analysis method. Our AR experts then studied, compared and analyzed denial and error occurrences, including the type and frequency. Based on the study, we recommended the corrective actions.

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Streamlining Demographic and Charge Entry Process

Managing patient demographic proved to be a complex task for a growing number of reasons. With the help of our services the client could simplify the demographic entry workflow, reduce returned claims with accurate processing of insurance information and improve collections and payments.

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A Comprehensive Solution to Overcome Challenges in ACR & Medical Billing Process

Having built many solutions for hospital and clinic billing needs, we believed there was an urgent need to have a dedicated team for the project. The team redesigned the existing billing and AR processes which made it easy to spot coding and documentation errors.

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Clear Backlogs by Improving Claims Processing Efficiency

Our team designed a comprehensive phase-by-phase transition approach to clear the backlogs which included creation of a more efficient document management system and implementation of an automated system to quickly capture multi-page claim forms.

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Reduce Claim Rejection Rates for a Leading Family Practice

Drawing on our experiences from the past, we knew for an effective solution we needed to cleanse the data first. So, our team first evaluated the data for quality, accuracy and usability. This helped us identify and eliminate data that was responsible for inaccurate results.

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Optimizing Full Service Billing by using Medisoft Software

In this case, we found that the client’s billing system was too time consuming, which severely impacted its efficiency. To overcome this problem, we used the Medisoft software to integrate the client’s EMR and billing systems so that uploaded patient data could be seamlessly transferred between systems.

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