An alarming 30% of all medical documents are transcribed incorrectly. This is affecting 50,000 individuals and causing a loss of approximately $17 billion to $29 billion to healthcare practices every year. And as per experts, the best plausible way to check the menace of these transcription errors without burning a hole in your pocket is by opting for professional medical transcription services.

Why this is the best option?

In a field where speed and accuracy are the two most essential requisites, medical transcription service providers use their experience and expertise to ensure that your documents are exactly as you need them, when you need them. Leveraging latest monitoring tools, dictation software and other industry best practices, they offer comprehensive transcription process with special attention to detail, which is essential to eliminate even the smallest errors and their hefty costs.

How do they eliminate transcription errors?

Medical transcription companies use a multi-layered approach to eliminate transcription errors. And as no price for guessing; the first line of defense is the expert team of medical transcriptionists.

Leveraging their experience and training, the in-house medical transcriptionists make precise decree on information that needs to be included and excluded in the reports. They use their intuition along with a range of resources — from dictionaries to drug references to differentiate homonyms — to detect discrepancies and complete the transcription. Once these transcriptionists are done with the job, the document is passed on for proofreading. Here an expert team comprising of experienced proofreaders and editors review the document. They ensure that the information, steps, processes and course of action are detailed and accurate. Leveraging their training, they ensure that there are no capitalization errors, spelling mistakes, or transposed numbers or letters, along with checking for consistency in usage of abbreviations and plural forms for medical terms.

Finally, they take into consideration the nature of the diagnosis and review of document for common transcription errors cased due to confusion between similar-sounding words and misinterpretation of homophones. All this ensures that the transcribed document is of the highest standard and offers utmost level of specificity.

The Bottom-line

In a cutthroat market, abstaining from opting from professional help may seem like a perfect way to cut corners. But having to pay for it with the lives of innocent people can prove to be much more costly. Unless you want to be the next big joke in the industry, it’s wise to opt for a specialized medical transcription service provider to handle your next medical translation requirements.


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