EHR was rolled out amid much fan-fare in the US. It was seen as a magic-wand that would tackle core issues that were hampering patient care and streamline the entire healthcare delivery process. But unfortunately, EHR has fallen short of its expectations and, in fact, as per a recent survey, nearly 40 percent of the respondents are very unhappy with their current EHR. What’s more, 30 percent of the respondents have confessed that they are planning to replace the existing EHR system. So what are the reasons for this wide-spread dissatisfaction with the system? This blog highlights some of the reasons that are forcing providers look for an alternative.

1. Interfering With Patient Care

EHR was introduced to streamline patient care by providing more time for the doctor to interact with patients rather than spending time on paperwork. But if your EHR system doesn’t meet this criteria and you are ending up spending more time clicking around, then you’ve got a problem.

2. Poor Team Communication

EHR systems are intended to simplify the communication between administrators, physicians, billing department, support staff and other concerned parties. But if your EHR system is not giving you this advantage and you are forced to spend too much time getting everyone up to speed, then it’s time to find an alternative EHR that removes this unnecessary complications.

3. Lack of Care Coordination

Are you spending too much time tracking down and referring physician notes, lab results, prescription renewals and refills? Then it is time that you opt for a different EHR system that gives you coordinated access and retrieval of important clinical information.

4. Adding to the Workload

As per a recent report, a staggering 72% of practices are witnessing productivity slump after implementing EHR system. And the major reason for this is that their EHR is hindering rather than boosting the workflow. If you are one of those practices which is facing similar issue, than consider it as the right time to make a switch.

5. No Customization Options

EHR should never be a one size fits all solution. To reap in maximum benefits, your EHR system should allow customization from forms to workflow. If not, be ready to make a switch.

6. Unwieldy Data

Are you finding it hard to collect, maintain, and retrieve data from your EHR system? Do you have to maintain expensive in-house technical and backup facilities? Also do you have to worry about security breaches and data loss scenarios due to natural disasters and other emergencies? If your answer is a ‘yes’ to all these questions, then it is time to look for an alternative EHR system.

7. No Mobile Options

In today’s competitive world, having the ability to access your data and patient information from anywhere and at any time using a hand-held mobile device is vital. And if your EHR system is not giving you this ability to practice on the go, than don’t hesitate to ditch it and opt for a better alternative.

8. No Product Reviews or Feedback

Make sure that your EHR vendor is proactive and allow you to provide product feedback or make enhancements as per the request. If not, be ready to give a kick on the back.

No sooner than any of these issues crop up, ditch your current EHR system and opt for better alternative like our fully-integrated EHR system. This system streamlines the communication between all the concerned parties and allows you to concentrate on providing better care. It removes the unnecessary hurdles in the process of collecting, maintaining and retrieving data, and in the process improves your clinical accuracy by miles. What’s more, our EHR system offers mobile option and also eliminates the need to maintain separate in-house backup and security features that can burn a whole in your pocket.


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