From smart devices that connect to our bodies and help us keep a track of blood pressure and glucose level, to the “smart pills” that keep doctors informed about our conditions, IoT is revolutionizing healthcare in a way which defies imagination and logic. The immediacy of this technology has brought some unthinkable benefits within the realms of possibility. Some of these include:

Reduce Healthcare Costs: As per recent reports, the average daily cost for patients in the US is over $1800. This cost can be brought down significantly by optimizing hospital infrastructure and human resources with the usage of connected devices. Also connected devices open up new communication and treatment channels so that unnecessary hospital trips and capital expenditure are prevented.

Scale Expertise: Healthcare delivery for a long time was constrained to the location. For instance, a doctor who’s an expert in a particular procedure was only able to be in one place and with one patient at a time. But with Internet of Things, they are able to treat patients and perform procedures from anywhere in the world.

Ongoing Monitoring: Internet-connected devices are helping healthcare professionals to monitor their patients on the go and in case of emergencies, trigger an alert which notifies the doctors to take preventive action. All these capabilities are helping healthcare delivery to transform from a reaction-based process into an ongoing one.

Improve Outcomes of Treatment: Internet connected devices helps you to move to evidence based treatment and make informed healthcare decisions, which increase the success rate of the treatment.

Improve Disease Management: By keeping a tab on everything that is happening on a real-time basis, healthcare providers can keep ailments and diseases at bay and make sure that they do not get out of control.

Reduce Errors: Real-time data and automated workflows augmented with data driven decisions are a prefect recipe to cut down on errors.

These benefits are just the tip of ice burg. With more advances in IoT technology, these devices are bound to change the way in which healthcare is delivered to masses.


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