Outsource After Hours Teleradiology Services

Our After Hours Teleradiology services enable you to improve the quality of patient care with the help of accurate and timely report findings

Medbillinexperts has over 13 years of experience in providing specialized medical services to practitioners across the world. Our specialized teleradiology services have enriched the quality, accuracy and the efficacy of several US-based healthcare service providers and radiology practices. After hours teleradiology services including Nighthawk Teleradiology, is an extension of our services. We bank on a panel of expert radiologists with numerous certifications such as ABR, ARRT, FRCR etc. to deliver a truly world-class solution to our clients.

Our advanced service is designed to provide medical practices with instant reading of patient reports round-the-clock. As a global after hours teleradiology services company our clients have leveraged our service to get accurate readings, balance your workflows and maintain control over expenses. Outsource after hours teleradiology services to us and bank on a practice that if founded on reliability.

Our Comprehensive Afterhours Teleradiology Services

Specialized Afterhours Services

We specialize in providing complete afterhours Teleradiology services which is delivered by a highly trained team of subspecialty physicians. Some of these specialized areas include orthopedic, neurological, cardiological and full body MRI scan interpretations and review. Our team of radiologists have numerous years of experience in providing advanced interpretations in musculoskeletal radiology which also includes complex cases involving small body parts like ankles, elbows, hands and fingers. We leverage complex body imaging techniques like cardiac MR, hepatobiliary MR and breast MR to deliver timely consultation for hospitals and medical practices.

Nighthawk Services

We leverage our expansive network of tele radiologists to provide reports, consultation and medical advice when the world around you is asleep. Our services comprise of round the clock interpretations and delivery of reports from complex radiological techniques including neuro radiological and nuclear medicine based diagnostics. We provide advanced interpretations in MR Angiography and SPECT(Tomographic Imaging). Our services are customizable, and you can tailor it according to your needs. You can leverage our meticulous service to address issues like attrition or radiologists being on vacation schedules and weekend holidays.

Reporting Services

Certified reporting services is an integral part of our after-hours teleradiology solutions. Our multiphase process involves a preliminary verification process to validate the information present in the report followed by a sign off by a senior radiologist, authenticating the quality of the report.

Audit and Review Services

We undertake the causal analysis of radiology reports and monitor their accuracy to help healthcare enterprises establish QA parameters in the generation of radiology reports. We perform causal analysis, examine MRI scans, Mammography reports, Ultrasound Scans for accuracy in information within agreed upon timeliness. We report discrepancies identified in the reports as part of our risk mitigation protocols.

Preliminary Review Services

Our team of expert radiologists provide professional opinions on niche subject matters as a prelim or initial information service. This can be particularly helpful in overflow situation. Each review goes through a series of re-reviews to before they are signed off.

Our Afterhours Teleradiology Process

Digitization of Diagnostics Tests Reports : The diagnostics reports of the tests conducted at the hospital are uploaded on to the PAC system. The test reports contain radiology images as well.

Access and Verification of Reports and Images : The reports and images are verified by a team of junior radiologists. They perform an in depth review of the report.

Review by Senior Radiologists : The files are reviewed by senior radiologists. Their expert opinion is recorded and substantiated in the PAC system

Sign Off : The senior radiologist signs off on the interpreted document. This report is considered to be final and ready for use by the physician

Submission of Final Report to Hospitals : Once the file is finalized, it is submitted to hospitals. Physicians use the interpretation to proceed with their treatment plan.

Why Outsource After Hours Teleradiology Services to Med Billing Experts?

  • Over 13 years of experience in delivering expert teleradiology services to major US-based healthcare centers
  • Access to an elite network of highly qualified radiology experts who ensure the best attention and care for patients
  • Delivery of high-quality reports which are scrutinized in detail at multiple levels for accuracy and consistency
  • Complete coverage for a wide range of modalities which benefit medical practices with cost effective service
  • 24/7/365 service model with 100% guaranteed coverage
  • Up to 40% reduction in costs of Radiology service management
  • Services compliant with HIPAA regulations and guidelines

Contact us today and discover the advantage of Afterhours Teleradiology services to MedBillingExperts.

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