• Medical Billing Services
    End-To-End Medical Billing Solutions to Ensure
    97% Claims on First Submission
    25% Increase in Collections
    Significant Reductions in A/R Days
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  • Claims Adjudication Services
    Comprehensive Claims Adjudication Services for:
    40% Cost Savings
    Assured Turnaround Time
    Reduction in Administrative Overheads
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  • Medical Transcription Services
    Complete Transcription Solution for:
    98% Accuracy
    40% Reduction in Costs
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  • Medical Indexing Services
    Streamlined Indexing Services to Ensure:
    Highly Organized Record Archiving System
    25% Improvement in Document Retrieval Time
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MedBillingExperts, a division of the Flatworld Solutions group, is a professional billing services organization offering an extensive portfolio of medical billing services to healthcare providers in the US. With over 8 years of expertise in the billing industry we are committed to making medical billing services better, faster and cheaper than before. Today, we leverage state of the art technology, experienced workforce, and well-defined processes to serve more than 100 health providers from 8 global delivery centers.

Our Services

Medical Billing

HIPPA compliant billing services provided by AAPC certified coders. Customized solutions for faster and better reimbursement.

Medical Transcription

Transcription solutions built around your workflow, preferences, and specialty. Adapting to your needs to guarantee success.


Accurate and precise teleradiology services with real-time communication tools and collaborative workflow reporting.

Medical Indexing

A wide array of indexing services spanning a range of patient-related information to make record clutter-free.

Claims Adjudication

Comprehensive knowledge of US healthcare reimbursement models and experience in handling multiple adjudication platforms.

Pharmacy Business

Timely, accurate and reliable pharmacy services with eye on policies, procedures and detailed regulations.


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