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From preparing for EHR and ICD-10 implementation to running a competitive organization without rising healthcare costs, healthcare practices are facing myriad of administrative challenges that is often weighing them down. In such a situation the only way that they can stay afloat and provide a quality service is by opting for superior healthcare BPO services provided by us.

Medical Billing Services

HIPPA compliant billing services provided by AAPC certified coders with more than 40% reduction in operating costs

Medical Coding Services

HIPPA compliant coding services that are 99.99% accurate and works across multi-specialty domains


High quality, clinically relevant teleradiology services that adheres to strict turnaround timelines

Pharmacy Business Services

End-to-end pharmacy business services that are cost-effective and professionally rendered to provide you with service excellence

Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services

Low-cost medical claims adjudication services ideal to help you grow your business, turning fixed costs into variables, and improving profits at the same time

EMR Software

Comprehensive EMR software that integrates medical practice workflows, processes and documentation into an easy-to-navigate package, which is accessible to multiple users

Healthcare Analytics

Integrated healthcare analytics services helping providers drive quality patient care at reduced costs

Medical Animation Services

Full script-to-screen services for the planning and production of custom medical animations for healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

Medical Transciption

Highly-customized clinical services that enhances healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes

Who we are


MedBillingExperts, a Flatworld Solutions company, is a leading medical billing company providing a spectrum of billing, coding and claims processing services to medical practitioners and healthcare organizations worldwide. Our primary focus is to provide most cost-effective solutions for the medical sector that escalate cash flow, increase reimbursements, reduce rejected claims and let your personnel focus on their medical practice

  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Guaranteed Quality and Turnaround time
  • High Project Visibility
  • Experienced Workflow
  • Sustainable Cost Savings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIPAA?
In 1996, the US Congress legislated HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to define a necessary national standard for heightened privacy and security of confidential health information. This act mandates all health plans, healthcare services and healthcare providers operating anywhere in the United States to adhere to the minimum standards defined therein.

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What are the types of medical coding that you can handle?
Our medical coding experts have tremendous coding experience in both diagnostic (ICD codes allotted to physician’s diagnosis) and procedural (CPC and HCPCS codes allotted to medical procedures, devices and modifiers) medical coding. At MedBillingExperts we deliver superior medical coding services in the shortest turnaround time.

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What medical billing services does MedBillingExperts provide?
  • Pre-certification and verifying insurance
  • Capturing patient demographics
  • CPT and ICD-9 coding
  • Recording charges
  • Submitting claims
  • Posting payments
  • Follow-up on accounts receivables
  • Handling denials

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Why do outstanding medical claims require follow-up?
Besides collecting claims, identifying uncollected claims and transforming them into cash is an important responsibility of the accounts receivables team. If problem accounts are not dealt with adequate resolution measures, their status will slide to uncollectable.

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